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These are the stories of Krohn Thamuz and Seraphine Cruorem. Based off of Dungeons and Dragons, the adventures of this duo are full of danger and comedy as they explore the world together. Krohn is a young Tiefling Druid Shapeshifter who knows nothing of the world but what his adoptive Mother, Owlyn Rosewynn, has showed him. Losing his parents and twin brother to Clerics, he is determined to show the world that not all Tieflings are bad. Seraphine is a Drow Vampire Warlock that wants nothing more than to live her life in peace. It wasn't until the night when she saved Krohns life did all of that change. Forcing him into an agreement of servitude in exchange for his life, Seraphine never imagined she would grow to care for this 'Dog'. She had always been able to keep to herself and stay away from the dramas of the outside world. Over time their relationship grew into a close friendship. Though their personalities and views on the world were vastly different, they became the best of friends. Will this unlikely due stand the tests of time and stay friends or will the world tear them apart?

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Krohn Thamuz~Rosewynn

Krohn was born into a family of merchants in a small Tiefling village on the banks of a large river. He was born during a blood moon along with his twin brother Rourke. A few weeks after their birth, a group of Clerics raided the village claiming to want to rid the world of all of Asmodues’ demon spawn. One by the Clerics threw the villagers into a pit of Holy Fire; their screams echoing in the wind.

A young Wood Elf named Owlyn had just finished picking some herbs and berries and was on her way home when she heard the screams. Curious about where the noise came from, she snuck her way through the streets of the village to come upon the sight of the Clerics killing the villagers. She was horrified, stumbling backward into a pile of hay that seemed to be crying.

She dug around to find Krohn hidden deep under the hay; The sounds of the dying villagers covering the small cry of the infant. She gently picked him up to comfort him when the sound of approaching Clerics came from behind her. Owlyn threw her cloak around him before carefully making her way out of the village.

She ran back to her small shack deep in the woods, making sure no one followed her before bringing Krohn inside. She placed him softly onto her small cot before backing away. She had no idea what possessed her to bring this child home. Panic set in as she paced up and down the length of the shack. What was she going to do now? She had no idea how to care for a baby. Hell she barely knew how to care for herself!

Krohn began to wiggle in his sleep before crying. Owlyn instinctively ran over to him to comfort him, holding him close and rocking him in her arms. He soon fell back asleep, cuddling up against her chest. Her heart melted as she held him. Letting out a heavy sigh, she sat on the cot. “I guess I have no choice but to keep you.” She whispered to him, smiling. From that day, Owlyn raised Krohn as her son, never telling him otherwise.

For 18 years, Owlyn raised Krohn in her shack. Because of his appearance, she prohibited him from going out. If his bright blue skin, dark gray horns and long tail weren’t enough to bring unwanted attention, he was also 6 feet tall and very large. His stocky muscular body barely fit through the doorway of their home. Owlyn loved to say “I need to stop feeding you! Soon you won’t even fit in the house, then what are we going to do?” Krohn would always laugh and respond with “Then I guess I’ll have to build us a bigger house.”

On his 12th birthday, they discovered Krohn had the abilities of a Druid Shapeshifter. His small white wolf form appearing after an argument over not being able to go with Owlyn to pick herbs for the healing potions she sold in the nearby village market. Owlyn was ecstatic at his new form whereas Krohn panicked, knocking over some furniture and several glass jars before curling into a corner.

He stayed in his newly discovered form until he fell asleep next to Owlyn in her cot. She woke up to Krohns large body wrapped around hers. She quietly chuckled as she brushed a strand of hair out of his face. As a child, Krohn had a tendency to crawl into her bed when he was scared and hold her until the next morning. Even as he grew too big to share her small cot, he would still sneak into her bed for comfort.

A few days later, Owlyn came home with a few books on Druids to help Krohn learn some basics on his abilities.She made sure one of the books explained how to control his shifts since it happened every time he had a strong emotion. Krohn being an emotional kid, would shift a lot without being able to shift back until he fell asleep. Owlyns cot had finally buckled under both of their weight, causing him to craft them both sturdier bed frames.

Once Krohn had mastered his shifts, Owlyn allowed him to accompany her to the village with the promise he would stay close to her. Since many people could tell Druids from a glance, they had to be extra cautious when they went to the market. Since he was still a kid, his small pup form was easy to conceal whenever the Clerics passed through the village.

Krohn, being naturally curious about the world, would sneak off when Owlyn wasn’t paying attention to the village academy to watch the Druids train. He found the perfect spot to hide where the Teachers and Students wouldn’t discover him, watching and listening to them carefully. Owlyn taught him how to read and write in Elvish and Common language after he begged her for weeks.

He told her he wanted to be able to understand what the books said without having her read it to him. She was reluctant at first only agreeing after he was almost caught sneaking around the academy's library. She also helped him set up a few obstacles around the woods near their house to practice the spells he learned from watching the other Druids. He practiced daily and was a quick learner; mastering the small amount of spells she was able to teach him within a short amount of time.

On his 16th birthday, Owlyn and Krohn had a loud argument over being able to go to the village to see their annual lantern festival. “You never let me go! I’ve mastered my wolf form, why can’t I go see the Lanterns this year? You never let me do anything!” Owlyn was furious. She stepped up to him to yell in his face. “You know why you can’t go! Why do you ask me every year when you know full well that if you’re discovered the Clerics would happily tear you to pieces just like they did to your parents!” Owlyn quickly covered her mouth as soon as the words left her mouth. Krohn froze, shock written all over his face. “My…parents?”

Owlyn hit herself in the mouth a few times before looking up at him. Without a word she gently pulled him to sit down on the small wooden chair before kneeling in front of him. She quietly explained how she had discovered the Tiefling village all those years ago and that she had decided to bring him home before they had a chance to discover him. She apologized to him saying that she always saw him as her son and nothing would change but Krohn didn’t take this news well.

After she finished speaking he stayed motionless, tears streaming down his face before running out of the shack into the night. Owlyn tried to chase after him but when he shifted, it was nearly impossible to keep up with him. She searched all night only to end up back at the shack. For two days and nights she searched for Krohn only to come back with a heavy heart. After the fifth day, she was sure he would never come back. She sobbed into her hands as Krohn opened the door, stepping up to her soundlessly.

He kneeled down in front of her, placing his hands on hers. She instantly looked up before crying out in joy. She wrapped her arms around his neck tightly, afraid to let go. “I thought I’d never see you again.” Krohn shed a few tears as he hugged her back. “I could never leave my Mother.” Those words made Owlyn cry louder into his shoulder. He petted her back gently. “Don’t ever run off like that again. I looked everywhere but I couldn’t find you. I was so scared you were hurt or worse!” “I’m sorry Mom. I just needed time to think. I promise I will never run off without telling you again.”

They cried together for a while before falling asleep. They made an agreement that Krohn could go explore but only at night and only in the forest that surrounded their home. If he was going to go out, he needed to tell her and be home before sunrise the next morning. If he broke his promise, she would never allow him to go out again. With the recent increase in Clerics due to a massacre of a nearby village, he had to be extra cautious. He was only allowed to go out in his wolf form, no exceptions.

Krohn happily agreed. He would go out every night, chasing fireflies and played with random small woodland creatures, coming home before sunrise just as he had promised. After a while, Owlyn didn’t require him to inform her of his excursions. She only asked that he continue to come home by sunrise the next day. She had followed him a few times to make sure he kept his word and knew exactly where he would play and fall asleep. She had been satisfied after the third time of following him past the small creak to a large oak tree where he would curl up and watch the stars before falling asleep against the trunk of the tree.

It had become his routine to do his chores during the day before hugging her goodbye at sunset to run off after a small rabbit he had befriended. Even though she knew he wouldn’t return until the next morning, she left a candle burning next to his bed in case he decided he wanted to come home. Owlyn would light it every night and Krohn would blow it out every morning. It made him happy to know that even if he didn’t return at night, his Mother would always leave a candle burning for him to welcome him back home.

A few years later, around Krohns 18th birthday, a strange woman and man came to visit Owlyn. The woman who Owlyn readily hugged introduced herself as Pandora and the man was her new husband, Caspian. She had said they had run away from her village due to her Father arranging her marriage to a childhood friend that she had no feelings for. Owlyn scoffed at the news of her engagement to the man they called Stephan. “What in the world would make your Father think you’d ever marry that asshole? Does he not realize all the nasty things he’s done over the years? Stupid.”

Krohn hid behind the rickety wooden door as he listened in on their conversation. Unfortunately, the door couldn’t hold his weight, falling forward off the hinges with a loud ‘THUD’. The trio jumped as Krohn moaned in pain. Pandora and Caspian were about to attack him when Owlyn stepped in front of him protectively with her hands out infront of her. “Wait wait! It’s ok, it’s just my son.” Pandoras mouth dropped open.

“Your…son…When did you have a child and why does he look like a blueberry?” Owlyn laughed as Krohn slowly rose to his feet, towering over them. Pandora looked up at him wide eyed. “A giant blueberry.”Caspian and Owlyn laughed loudly as Krohn smiled shyly, rubbing his neck with embarrassment. Owlyn wrapped her arm around his waist. “Lily, this is Krohn. He is my adopted son.” “Obviously.” Caspian chuckled. Pandora hit him playfully before looking back up at Krohn with an extended hand.

“It’s nice to meet you Krohn. I’m Pandora and this hilarious jokester next to me is Caspian.” Krohn looked at Owlyn before slowly taking her hand to shake lightly. “Nice to meet you…” He said softly. Pandora smiled widely as she looked him up and down inquisitively. “You are quite large for a Tiefling. Of course I’ve never met one in person before.” She looked over at Owlyn. “Where in the world did you find him? I haven’t heard of any Tiefling villages in the area.”

Owlyns smile faltered before looking up at Krohn. “Why don’t you go finish your chores? It’s almost sunset and I know you want to go play with your friend tonight. Don’t forget to set out the herbs to dry on the racks before you go.” Krohn nodded before bending over to hug her with one arm. He bowed his head slightly to Pandora and Caspian before walking around to the back of the shack. Owlyn quietly explained the situation to her friends who gasped in horror.

“Why would the Clerics be so cruel?!” Pandora exclaimed. “It’s not that surprising. With the attacks on the villages over the recent years, I’m sure they assumed the Teiflings had something to do with it.” Caspian said, crossing his arms. “Unfortunately it’s only become worse since the massacre at the village on the other side of the woods. Clerics from all over have been called to investigate the situation. Even though it was so many years ago, they still haven’t found out who committed the crime. Their presence has increased so much that they’ve even made camps along the river banks. You need to be careful about where he goes. If they find him, more than likely he will be blamed and killed publicly.”

“I’m more worried about if they find out you’re hiding him here.” Pandora said gently. “Owl, are you sure it’s wise to keep him here with you? What if the Clerics find out you’ve been keeping him here all these years? They won’t let you go so easily.” Owlyn looked down sadly, smiling after a few moments. “It’s ok Lily. I’ve accepted my fate if they were to come here. You know me. After everything I went through when I lost Jasper and the kids, I don’t fear death anymore. Besides…”

She looked over her shoulder at Krohn placing two baskets of herbs on the ground before looking over at her with a smile. Her smile widened. “He’s like a son to me. Even if the thought crossed my mind to leave him, I could never do it.” Pandora placed a loving hand on Owlyns arm. “I understand it’s been hard over the years. Losing Jasper and the kids to those goblins almost destroyed you. But Owl, this is crazy. How long do you think you can hide him here before being discovered?”

Owlyn gazed into Pandoras eyes with a sweet look. “I know you’re worried but I know what I’m doing. If we are discovered, then I’ll figure out what to do but until then I’m happy here with him. I’ve taught him well. He’s very cautious when he goes out and has never broken his promise to conceal his true form. I’ve taken precautions and prepared a backup plan in case a person happens to wander by. Unless you are looking for us, it’s very difficult for anyone to come across our house. So please, don’t worry too much about me.”

Pandora sighed before stepping back. “Ok but I’m going to come by every once in a while to check in. I want to make sure that you’re safe. Even though you left the village and ventured out on your own, you will always be like a sister to me.” Owlyn smiled brightly. “And you’ll always be mine.” At sunset, Pandora and Caspian said their goodbyes and continued down the forest path. Krohn finished placing the herbs on the drying rack before walking over to her.

“Did your friends leave already?” Owlyn nodded. “They had to go home. They built a house not too far down the path and invited us to come visit them soon.” Krohn looked in the direction they two had left before looking down at Owlyn. “Do you know her well?” Owlyn smiled slightly. “Before you came into the world, she was like my sister. We did everything together as children. I never thought I would see her again. I’m surprised to see that she got married. Knowing her, she has always had a wild spirit. That man must’ve really been determined to tame her so readily.”

Owlyn looked up at Krohn with a worried expression. “Caspian said the Clerics have been making camps along the river. Make sure when you go out tonight you keep yourself hidden. I can only imagine what would happen if one came across you.” Krohn smiled at her as he pulled her into a hug. “Don’t worry Mom. I’ll never let anyone catch me.” Owlyn tightened her embrace as her eyes watered. “I don’t know what I would do if I lost you.” Krohn chuckled. “That’ll never happen. I promise.”

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