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Follow a story of intrigue, hacking, sex trafficking, extortion, gang violence, and even the torture of an entire family! Cedric has had enough of his relationship with his deranged girlfriend, Samanda, but she will do just about ANYTHING to have him! If she can't, she will destroy him and his ENTIRE family! The unproven and unbelievable world of gangstalking!

Thriller/Mystère Interdit aux moins de 18 ans.

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Believe Me

No matter how much he begged and pleaded, they would not listen! "Please don't do this, I hate needles!" Just before this, they described how they were going to shoot him up with two needles of ketamine, even though they already had him strapped to a gurney. He screamed, begged, and pleaded for her to help him! To say something to make this stop before they injected the needles, but she looked at him with the coldest and most unloving look he had ever seen from her. Over and over again he pleaded for her help as the needles entered his arms and everything went black. He heard his own voice fade to nothing as well. When he would awaken again, he would find himself in a hospital bed handcuffed and hearing his brother standing over him to get him to come to. It had been two days since the episode that he was betrayed!

His brother, Bobby wanted to know what happened for it to get to this point, and he asked him was he ready to hear something he would find completely unbelievable?

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