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Lettie never understood why she felt different from other women. Why did she love fighting and training? Why could she feel the strength of the people around her? And, above all, what was the point of it all? What was she fighting for? Her life changes completely when she is kidnapped, discovers that she has two older brothers called Goku and Raditz, a little nephew called Gohan, and that she is part of an almost extinct alien race known as the Saiyans. Among all that, she finds herself in the presence of Piccolo, a grumpy and impatient Namekian who will train Gohan to become an excellent fighter to defend the Earth against a terrible threat, and finds there the opportunity to also be trained and regain her long-lost heritage of a Saiyan warrior. However, as time passes, Piccolo begins to suspect that everything he knows about his past is wrong when that strange Saiyan woman and child awaken a side in him that he never imagined he could have. Will Piccolo be able to leave everything behind when he sees that his differences with Lettie are minimal compared to the connection they feel, and that the worst thing he can do is hide a subtle but powerful feeling that has grown between them? Or will he let his fear overcome his desire to fulfill the dream he secretly has with her?

Fanfiction Anime/Manga Interdit aux moins de 18 ans.

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Important notes (please, read)

— This is a retelling/adaptation of the Dragon Ball Z story, focused on my OC — Lettie. It will begin in the Saiyan Saga and end in the Majin Buu Saga. To contribute to the plot, some events and explanations will be different from the original story.

— I originally wrote this story in my mother tongue, Brazilian Portuguese (also available here). This is the translation to English. And, since English is not my first language, I'd like to apologize if I made any grammar or spelling mistakes. Also, I’m not familiar with English literary formatting, so please, feel free to correct me in the comments about anything that needs to be fixed (please, be kind!).

— Although present in this story, the fights will not be the primary focus, but rather Lettie's development in her relationship with the canon characters and, especially, with Piccolo. Here, you'll find more romance and family drama.

— As you could read in the Summary, this story will focus on the romance between Lettie and Piccolo. There are many discussions about Piccolo's biology, but I think it's nice to point out that in this specific fanfiction, he is a man (or male being). I’d also like to comment that, in general, Piccolo has many interesting attributes and powers, however, unfortunately, the canon story itself seems to get a bit lost in his abilities. Therefore, during the plot, I will adapt or limit some of his skills to facilitate the development of the story. Topics such as his diet, powers, etc. will gradually be addressed in an easier and simpler way to understand.

— It's also worth mentioning that the matter concerning the characters’ ages are a bit confusing in the original story, because they don't look their age, they barely get older, anyways… Therefore, for this fanfiction, we'll consider that both Lettie and Piccolo are the same age (or close ages), in the sense of aspects of physical appearance, and also mentally.

— This is a story that has been kept in my heart for years, ever since, one day, I decided to start watching Dragon Ball to please my husband LOL and I fell in love with this universe! However, I only had the opportunity to stop and write it now, after getting some experience in my writing. I've never read any other Dragon Ball fanfiction, so I believe it will be an interesting experience to venture into this world through literature.

— “Dragon Ball Z” and its original characters belong to Akira Toriyama. The character Lettie and the others OCs created for this particular fanfiction belong to me. Don't copy/steal my OCs. Please don't copy/steal my story! Plagiarism is a crime! Unleash your imagination and create your own story/adaptation/characters. If you use something as inspiration from this fanfiction, don't forget to give credits and let me know so I can read it, I'll be super happy!

— All arts used in this fanfiction are either from the original anime itself (with some edits made by me) or made in Artificial Intelligence websites, such Leonardo AI, Hotpot AI, Bing Images. Cover by Bing Images (edited with Canva).

Warning: the story contains mentions and scenes of light adult content (nothing explicit or spicy), as well as themes about violence, torture, death, grief, psychological pressure, anxiety and depressive behaviors. Recommended for people over 18 years old.

— Thank you for giving a chance to my story! Happy reading!

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