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11:11- In hope of expressing my feelings for you, I wrote this.

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Gone Away

It was a Wednesday evening when I realized that you’re already gone.
I finally took the moment and realized of what you have done.

My world starts to crumble and thought it was the end.

I just want to erase every memories of the time that we have spend.

My heavy eyes can’t handle the tears that I’m trying to hide,
But I’m still lost in this world and aching inside.

Will I ever accept the fact that you’re already gone?

Will I ever find the silver linings in everything that you have done?
Will I ever find the peace in this life that you left behind?
I know I’ll be fine but it’s too hard for me to find,
The happiness of my life when you’re still on my mind. 

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fatima zambrano fatima zambrano
like it
February 02, 2019, 19:44
Allie Waters Allie Waters
I'm looking forward to your next poem! Keep up doing such a great job! Allie Waters
June 01, 2018, 20:37


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