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This story follows Max, a normal goth student who's on a field trip in his home town in the mountains. In the forest where the field trip is being taken place. Him and everybody in the forest is attacked by weird army men. Knocked out Levi his bully picks him up running along with his classmates. What happens next..Will they survive..Or will they die?

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Max. 1

I woke up one morning to the sun shining through my blinds as the sunlight shined and hit my amulet, which began to glow a light blue.

I felt myself become light, the lightness of a feather you could compare it to. I could feel the same feeling from last time this happened. Something even my parents could even give me, like they tried.

They always found ways to make my life miserable, miserable to the point where they forbid me to talk when I do something that is okay in my eyes but different in theirs.

I open my eyes to see my little brother through my ceiling going through some boxes in the attic.

That's new. I thought to myself, I had never been able to see through physical structure. As soon as I blinked I fell back on my bed which seemed to feel like two feet down.

My mother burst into my room with a look of a witch, I called her that but secretly. If I had said it to her face then my father would have had my behind.

She stared at me with a mean expression, “Get up and get ready for school.” She scowled. “Yes..Mother.” I said miserably.

I got out of bed and went into my bathroom to get ready for school, another place where my mom tries to control me. Yet they never work out, not for her anyway.


I walk outside, adjusting my oversized hoodie. I pulled over my hoodie so that it would cover my unusual dark blue hair. In this town, people really never have unusual hair like mine. More like brown, or dirty blond, or black hair. But not dark-blue hair.


At school we had another field trip, and my aunt signed my permission slip. She and my mom agreed that she would take care of my school stuff, while my mom took care of my home stuff.

I walk behind the rest as I’m just scrolling through Pintrest, finding cool heart skull phone wallpapers and cute little short comics.

We’re walking through the Great Genshin Forest which someone took off of Genshin Impact. I mean the forest did get changed by the mayor's son last year when he suddenly got into games. Honestly I think it’s stupid on how the Mayor let his own son, who was only sixteen choose the Great Crest name. It was fine the way it was, no need to change the forest that’s a part of our origin.

Well, their origin, I wasn’t born here. I was originally from some unknown place my aunt says, her and my mom were out on another adventure like they used to do. Before I was born, my Aunt or mother wouldn't talk about it. I wonder why.....Suddenly I heard a shot, a wave of some sort. Hearing people scream, and run. I laid on the vision was hazy. But I saw a man in a black cloak from what I could see, and then someone blocked my vision. Rushing to my aid the person came closer bending on my knee and sticking their hand out. I blinked again seeing Levi come to my aid, I reached for his hand surprisingly. Due to how he and some other people are my bullies and beat me up twenty-four-seven. But then I heard a shot, a strong pain struck my stomach as everything began getting blurry. As I heard the echoes of my name coming from Levi, as he got on both his knees. That was the last thing I saw before everything went.

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