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In the stillness of moonlit nights, "Raven's Soliloquy" invites you into a world cloaked in shadows. Through haunting verses, the poet's pen whispers secrets of darkness, echoing the melancholy of lost souls. Each stanza is a dance with despair, painting vivid images of sorrow and longing. With every turn of the page, you'll feel the weight of sorrow settle upon your shoulders, as the raven's mournful cry pierces the silence. "Raven's Soliloquy" is a journey through the depths of the human spirit, where pain and beauty intertwine in a delicate balance, leaving an indelible mark on the soul.

Poésie Romance Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans.

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Soul's Lament

In the dimly lit corner where shadows dance with secrets, there lies a broken mirror, its fractured surface a reflection of shattered dreams. A solitary candle flickers, casting elongated silhouettes upon the walls, each one a whispered reminder of the passing of time.

Beneath the cloak of night, whispers linger like ghosts, haunting the corridors of forgotten memories. The air is heavy with the weight of unspoken truths, suffocating in its embrace.

Through the veil of darkness, a figure emerges, its presence a silent lamentation against the backdrop of desolation. Eyes devoid of light, they betray a soul consumed by the abyss of despair.

In the hush of solitude, the echoes of lost love reverberate, a mournful symphony of heartache. Each note a dagger plunged deep into the tender flesh of longing, drawing forth crimson tears that stain the fabric of existence.

And so, the night unfolds its tapestry of sorrow, weaving threads of anguish into the fabric of reality. In this realm of shadows, where darkness reigns supreme, the soul finds solace in the embrace of oblivion.

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Oluremi Zainab 🇬🇭 Oluremi Zainab 🇬🇭
I feel the pain and passion behind the words. Very well crafted. Love it!
February 08, 2024, 23:39


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