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Kassidy is a sweet preacher's daughter that has to keep who she is a complete secret. See in the Bible it is a bad idea to be attracted to the same-sex. When you go to an all girls school that causes issues. A new girl comes to town when her world is shaken with her first love interest, can she keep Arianna a secret from everyone? Arianna isn't familiar with the whole moving thing especially since her whole life is upside down. That is until she met the preacher's daughter who has more secrets than anyone she has ever seen. What happens when her whole world changes, falling for someone that is all about the Bible? Can Arianna keep herself from Kassidy? Follow me on this journey of a new biracial relationship between two new friends in a whole new world with secrets.

LGBT+ Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans.

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Chapter 1

It is a typical Sunday morning meaning it is time to prepare for church. Kassidy isn't ashamed of loving the man in the sky and accepts her path that is to move forward. Kassidy grabbed her favorite white turtleneck, tight blue jeans, her fluffy white socks (thick for snow days), and her black boots. She wanted to look good as she got her hair situated into a bun, placed on light makeup and her studded earrings that her dad gave her in remembrance of her mom. Kassidy grabbed her heavy purple jacket then headed downstairs to see her dad all ready to go with his bible in hand and smiling.

"Ready to head down to church? I can't wait to share today's lesson." Jamal said excitedly.

"Yes, though I am missing mom today. I wish she was still here and with us." Kassidy replied sadly.

"It will all be okay, we have new neighbors coming in today so hopefully you and the new girl will get along." Jamal responded confidently.

Kassidy sighed and rolled her eyes as her father assumed that she is always going to be friends with girls that come into town. It is bad enough that he doesn't know her sexuality that she has kept hidden because of her Catholic School that is for all girls only. Not that it is a bad thing going into all girls school but hookups happen so easily and she wasn't one for that. Kassidy and her dad Jamal lived right next door to their church, walking to the church wasn't that big a deal. Walking in the few feet of snow was enough to make her want to go back to the house and go back to bed. Arriving in the church it felt so cold that Kassidy wanted to just leave right then and there because she sees no reason being in church on the coldest day of winter of all days.

"I am going to turn on the heat and then head to my study to prepare for today's sermon. I will see you in a couple hours, be on your best behavior, and be sure to study for classes today." Jamal said as he waved her away then went to his office.

Kassidy was thankful that she carried her art supplies with her and drew her a new character for a story she was working on in the digital form. She already had it over half way done, it was a beautiful Caucasian girl with long curly blonde hair, dark blue eyes, and slim, she didn't know who she was but she would stare at her for hours. Being African American, Kassidy wasn't fond of those with the same skin color though her heart desired a girl that is Caucasian instead. Kassidy found a pew in the middle row and began working on multiple drawings as she just didn't bother with her surroundings until about an hour or so in, she heard someone clear their throat.

"That is a beautiful picture. It looks just like me." The girl's voice said.

Kassidy looked up from her drawing and her jaw dropped seeing this girl who looked like her drawing that made her stop everything.

"My name is Arianna Kirkland, me and my mom just moved here, we live next door to you, I am assuming. Are you and the pastor able to help us get moved in?" Arianna asked.

Kassidy nodded with a small smile.

"I am Kassidy Robertson, my dad is the pastor, his name is Jamal Robertson, and I am sure I can help that we won't want to take my dad away from his sermon today." Kassidy replied bubbly.

"Excellent, I will let my mom know. See you in a bit." Arianna responded smiling ear to ear.

Kassidy packed up all her stuff in her backpack as she gathered the courage to tell her dad that she is helping a new friend bright and early this morning. Her mind couldn't help but feel surprised that Arianna looked exactly like the picture minus her big fluffy pink jacket that stood out. Arianna made it to the other side of the church to see her dad working hard in the office as she lightly knocked on the wall.

"Hey princess, what do you need?" Jamal said in a casual voice.

"Our new neighbors have arrived and they need help. Is it okay if I go over to get them moved in?" Kassidy asked sweetly.

"You are going to miss my sermon today but alright, I will see you back at home." Jamal replied.

Kassidy stepped out of the office with excitement now to see if Arianna comes back to the church and they can head over. Kassidy couldn't wait to know Arianna more and find out who she is exactly. Kassidy saw Arianna in the hallway waiting for her with a full smile while having her arms wrapped around her jacket tightly.

"Ready to go help?" Arianna asked with a shiver.

"Definitely. Let's head on out of here." Kassidy replied, grabbing Arianna's hand and they rushed out into the snow together with smiles. It was a light dusting but it wasn't a blizzard.

Kassidy and Arianna made their way to Arianna's mom as she pulled a box out of the car. Arianna introduced her mom Lisa then they all three gathered stuff to take inside just as the U-Haul truck arrived with everything else. Kassidy couldn't believe how much stuff they had between them for just two people who are moving to a new location.

"Arianna, what made you two move out here?" Kassidy asked curiously.

"My parents are divorced and mom wanted a new place to live away from my dad." Arianna explained as she placed the box on her bedroom floor.

"Oh, my mom passed away. It is just me and my dad." Kassidy tried not to let her emotions get the best of her.

"I am sorry for the loss of your mom. Let's get the rest of my stuff and see if your Dad would mind you staying the night for school tomorrow, I am excited to go to a new school." Arianna replied with a bright smile.

Kassidy gave her head a light nod then followed Arianna back outside to get everything else brought inside and she knew that it would be a task to finish before dark.

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