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Embark on a captivating journey of unexpected encounters and unexpressed emotions in 'Journey of Unspoken Hearts: A Bus Love Story.' Follow Kiran as he races against time to catch his bus, only to find himself captivated by the enchanting beauty of the bus conductor. As their paths intertwine, secrets are revealed, and feelings blossom amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life. Experience the highs of newfound love and the lows of unrequited feelings as Kiran navigates the complexities of his heart's desires. Will he find the courage to express his love, or will fate lead him down a different path? Join Kiran on this heartfelt journey filled with longing, hope, and the bittersweet beauty of unspoken words."

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Title: "Journey of Unspoken Hearts

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I'm running faster to the bus stand, I'm late for college. I can't believe it! One bus arrived at the stand, and I started running, the bus was moving, but I ran faster and caught it. There, I saw the very beautiful bus conductor. Her beauty was beyond words.

Conductor: "Where do you want to go? Please take the ticket."

Me: "Yes, I have a pass."

Conductor: "Oh, okay."

Me: (I couldn't stop my heartbeat, her beauty was so good. I couldn't imagine that she could be that beautiful. I wanted to tell her she's the most beautiful girl in the world.)

Next, I went to college. When I left college, I didn't know that God was giving me the chance to experience love again. I caught that same bus, and I was so happy that day.

Me: (I was very happy that day because the conductor was sitting in front of my seat. I was so lucky.)

Conductor: "Today, you caught the bus dangerously. Next time, don't do that again."

Me: "Oh, sorry."

Conductor: "It's okay. Bye. What grade are you studying?"

Me: "I'm in 2nd PUC."

Conductor: "Oh, that's nice." (She looked sad.)

Me: "Why are you sad? Which grade did you stop at?"

Conductor: "I was the 10th topper."

Me: "Oh, really? Why did you stop?"

Conductor: "Because of money problems." (Sad face)

Me: "Oh, I'm so sorry."

Conductor: "It's okay."

Me: "Do you come at this time every day, also in the morning?"

Conductor: "Yes."

Me: "That's great. Can you give me your number?"

Conductor: "Why?"

Me: "Because if you come, I'll call you. If you don't, I'll take another bus."

Conductor: "Oh, okay. Take 988******01."

Me: "Thanks."

Conductor: "It's okay." (My stop came, she said bye, and I felt very happy.)

In the same day, she called me to say she wouldn't be coming today because it's her holiday. I told her it's my holiday too, and we decided to go for a movie.

Friend: "Hello."

Me: "Hello, friend. Please book one more ticket."

Friend: "Who's coming?"

Me: "Anyone can come."

Friend: "Okay."

All my friends, including my friend's girlfriend, met us. She wore a red dress and looked very pretty.

Conductor: "Let's go for the movie."

Me: "Yes, let's go."

The conductor and I held hands. When I returned home, I started planning how to propose to her.

The next day, I called her to come to Taj Hotel at night, and she agreed.

(She came, and I was very nervous. She came in front of me.)

Me: "You're looking gorgeous."

Conductor: "Thanks."

Me: (I said thanks.)

Now I'm so sad. I'll tell you why.

(What happened was, I proposed to her, saying I love her.)

Conductor: "You have these feelings for me? I can't accept this."

Me: "What are you saying? Are you joking?"

Conductor: "No, I'm serious."

Me: "What kind of feelings do you have for me?"

Conductor: "I think of you like a brother."

(I really cried. I was so sad. That kind of rejection shattered me. I don't know what happened. All my feelings vanished like water in a river.)

I can't remember anything else. The story ends here. Goodbye, everyone.

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