Little Mischievous

In a world where vampires and werewolves don't get along, A supreme black force which introduce themselves as the Solid Rock where creatures with a powerful beam of energy plan on invading the land of vampires and werewolves. Therefore, The VWUS was created to train young vampires and werewolves to be strong and willing to sacrifice themselves to protect their people and families. Alistair, a vampire with great potential and a student of VWUS fights to get stronger and become the king of the Vampire empire and he always have an adventure waiting for him

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Chapter 1


The truth is that i'm always nervous when it comes to the pressure of fighting for my beloved empire. Though it's not the fact that i'm afraid, that's running through my mind, it's the fact of losing and disappointing my fellow citizens.

Before i began attending VWUS, i made a pledge to never ever back down from a fight and i'll do anything in my power to protect the nations of the Vampire empire and the Wolves Kingdom. The Solid Rock appears to get stronger and stronger every single day and create havoc in our nations and it's our job to protect our citizens and apprehend justice in the society.

Headmaster Dimitri always encouraged us to do our best and become the best that we can be, in order for peace and justice to reign in our society. Every single day he keeps pushing us and luckily at the ceremony i was transferred to Class Prism.

Classes determine the number of saves perfomed by students in the school or the number of missions that have been successful by the students and the highest class of them all is known as Class Alpha lead by the Alpha Wolf of VWUS Lycomedes Callisthenes.

VWUS became an inspiration to me at a young age, because both my mum and dad were students of this school, even my elder brother Vladimir also attended the school so it eventually began an inspiration to me.

Leandros, a werewolf and my best friend also has the same inspiration because his mother was also a student of VWUS and was a member of my Dad's team and she loves telling him stories which he found quite fascinating regardless of everything,we knew each other from our parents.

Just two more days and they'll be announcing the school's perennial squad segment whereby six people from any class are joined together to form a group/team. That team would be lead by one of the twenty-six Alphas.


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