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Kimberly's life hasn't been easy. Both parents are drug addicts and never cared much for her. It was thanks to them that she started doing drugs, too, since they gave them to her. One day, after ending up passed out at her "boyfriend" house, she gets abused and finds it out after she goes to the doctor and finds that her sickness is, in fact, a pregnancy. If not for her best friend and parents, she wouldn’t be able to get clean and raise her children. And is also because of them that she finally discovered happiness and love. At least, that’s what she thought. …. Daryl Dixon didn't know what it felt like to love someone. No one ever showed him love. I mean, his mother, on the few days she was sober, did show him something akin to it. But it wasn’t enough for him to learn how to properly love someone. But that will soon change when he meets the family he never knew he needed.

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#the-walking-dead #pre-apocalypse #drug-addiction #romance #tattoos #near-death-experience #learning #daryl-dixon #merle-dixon
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Mila Kunis as Kimberly “Kim” Hill

25 Years Old (2001)

The Lovable Tattoo Artist

You know… my life hasn’t been great either. The only good thing I got was my children.”

Odeya Rush as Emma Hill

7 years old (2001)

The Chatterbox

I like books, and animals, and trees, and lakes, and-”

Emma, baby, I think Daryl has heard enough.”

Dylan Minnette as Ethan Hill

7 Years Old (2001)

The Shy One

I would like to be more like my mom. She’s a badass.”

Alexis Bledel as Charlotte Scotford

27 years old (2001)

The Crazy Best Friend

Oh, he likes you. And that bitch better keep her filthy paws away from him, or I’ll start throwing punches!”

Mary Steenburgen as Olivia Scotford

50 years old (2001)

The New Mother

Oh, my darling. Don’t let him slip away.”

Stephen Lang as Mac Scotford

56 years old (2001)

The Father Figure

Don’t close your heart when the right one comes along.”

Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon

31 Years Old (2001)

The Shy Redneck

You know, I never felt love before.”

What happened, then?”

You. You and those damned kids of yours.”

Michael Rooker as Merle Dixon

43 Years Old (2001)

The Loudmouthed Redneck

Damn, Sweetcheeks. You’re hot, you do tattoos, you know your way around a car, and can kick some ass? Are you trying to win my heart?”

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