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Anastasia is a vampire that has lived hundred years as a free spirited nomad, until she finds herself forced to stay with a couple of vegetarian vampires, due to life changing events that shaken her nomadic coven and traditional vampire lifestyle. Isolated in the south of the African continent and far from her zone of comfort, she feels forced to finally confront her past and inner demons, as she embarks on a inner spiritual journey through the words of her own journal.

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Chapter 1: Black

We have finally arrived in South Africa. Amalia and Tomas are debating which area we should settle in.

"You know the continent better, Amalia," Tomas suggests to her.

"We'll only move around the southern part of Africa. We don't want conflict with the Egyptian coven," Amalia remarks.

"Anastasia," Amalia says, looking at me with her intense golden eyes.

"Yes?" I reply, returning her gaze.

"How long have you been abstaining from human blood? I imagine not very long."

"A couple of months," I say. I pause and add, "Well, I used to have a mixed diet, with a human preference, but since Gonzalo started hunting me, I gradually stopped feeding on humans, so I don't really know when."

"Okay," Amalia takes a sigh and smiles at me, "Don't worry Anastasia, we'll guide you in this new lifestyle. Believe me, when you free yourself completely from human blood, you'll start feeling better. Are you still thinking about Gonzalo?"

As she asks me that, I can't help but think of him, of how he spared my life after all the evil I did to him. I took his wife, daughter, his friends.. I was responsible for the death of his parents and the destruction of his hometown, and yet, he didn't kill me when he had the chance.

"Yes. Sometimes. I want.. I wish to atone for my mistakes. I must purge my soul after everything I did. I'll do it for him."

"Do it for yourself!" Amalia corrects me. "See this as an opportunity, a new beginning. You have to get over Gonzalo and think about yourself. You took the first step, which is precisely recognizing your mistakes and trying to change."

As we both nod, I can't stop thinking about that terrible massacre in the village of Santa Maria. Gonzalo and his friends did the impossible to combat my army of newborns, but within the village there were already many bitten people or others dead.

After all that destruction, Amalia and Tomas accepted me into their new coven and we left Chile, swimming from Argentina to the African continent.

"We'll cross north and settle in the Botswana region, there we can hunt in the savannah, there are many landscapes and green areas to hide in during the day," Amalia explains to us.

"We'll go unnoticed, except for the little blonde one," Tomas says with a smile while looking at me. "Anastasia, you'll have to wear tourist clothes."

"Stop joking, Tomas! Can't you see she doesn't feel good. We won't interact with people, that's the idea of why we came here."

"It's okay, Amalia. Jokes don't offend me," I tell her.

"Well, the landscape is greener than the Atacama desert, but I'm going to miss the sea. I can't wait to try a lion," Tomas says as he moves as if he were wrestling with an imaginary animal.

Tomas is a very kind-hearted boy, and very handsome. Amalia adores him and I feel very sorry that her feelings are not reciprocated. We, vampires, tend to be very selective about who we turn and who we don't, so we tend to choose young people, with good looks and the fewest possible flaws.

No one is going to choose just any filthy human for such a task, right? It would be a waste of venom to give immortality to an inferior human. Can you imagine being stuck with such an eyesore for all eternity! A complete burden for the rest of time!

As I let out a sigh with a certain tone of resignation, I think about how much things have changed in such a short time. I spent centuries practically leading my coven with Od and the "pet vampire" I had as a romantic partner from time to time, it was something that started as a way to fill the void of loneliness I had, but then after not being able to find the right one, I went from one to another and it became an inside joke I would tell myself, it's super stupid, but that's how I thought about it.

Od was my sire, my mentor and my first partner. I used to be very grateful that he saved me back when I was sold into slavery, and we shared moments together mostly because of that feeling of gratitude, but I realized how superficial and brute he was. Od was a savage who only thought about sex, eating and fighting.

Our conversations were monotonous and he didn't have the slightest sense of humor. At first everything was fine, because I was dazzled by my new abilities and my new appearance. I loved running and jumping through the mountains of Siberia, feeling the wind blow across my face, it was almost like I could fly.

I loved the smell of flowers, I used to pick them up and collect several to enjoy the particular perfume of each one, an activity I loved to do when I was human too, but as a vampire I could enjoy it even more.

But what impressed me the most was looking at the stars, and being able to see all those new constellations, colors and details that I didn't see when I was human, the night is much more colorful when you have the eyes of a vampire.

Anyway, when I got used to my new abilities I realized what Od really valued in me, my appearance, what a surprise right? When I tried to leave him I realized that he needed me more than I needed him, and I decided to stay with him more out of pity and protection, than real appreciation, on the condition that he would no longer touch me and look for another way to satisfy his needs. He wanted me as his work of art and I wanted him as a bodyguard.

We sit in the savannah at night and Tomas starts to build a bonfire.

"A bonfire? Do we really need to do that?" I ask him, smiling.

"Eh, Disney princess! There's nothing like a good chat sitting by the fire! Have you never done it before? Me and Nacho used to do ..."

Tomas stops suddenly. Amalia comes over and hugs him. Nacho, Gonzalo and Tomas were cousins. Nacho was part of Amalia's coven and they were both turned by her almost at the same time. They were like brothers, but Nacho had a very difficult character. It became very clear to me when he tried to kill me after the destruction of their village, Nacho finally decided to separate from Tomas and Amalia when the last two decided to adopt me, and Tomas still can't really get over his cousin leaving and the death of his family, the moment was very awkward.

"Why did they have to adopt me? What was Amalia thinking? Господи!" I think, frustrated while looking away. I feel quite out of place.

Tomas pats me on the head and tells me not to worry.

"Amalia, cleanse my bad spirits! Come on, cleanse me!" He says with a smile.

Amalia starts to cleanse him by moving her hands from top to bottom, like some kind of ritual, managing to make me smile. Their eyes instantly shine every time they smile or make me laugh.

As the fire starts to burn, we take turns telling our stories from when we were humans, and how we became vampires.

"Well, who's starting?" Amalia says.

"I'll start," I say, thinking of taking a step to break the ice a little and get closer to them.

"My story is a bit rough," I warn them.

"Bah. We're vampires, friend! We've seen almost everything..I think," Tomas replies.

"Okay." I clear my throat and begin to recount my story.

I lived in a village far from the main kingdoms. The village at that time was mainly dedicated to fishing and agriculture. My father was a peasant and we were three sisters, of which I was the oldest, we all helped with household and field chores, my mother had died after giving birth to my youngest sister.

We used to take our crops to Kiev to sell them at the market, where there were many people. The people who passed by were quite nice to me and my sisters, they always gave us gifts. But my father was very bothered when men came to ask for my hand in marriage.

"If you're not going to buy anything I ask you to leave!" My father would constantly repeat when the guys would stare at me and my sisters. He tried to be kind, but it wasn't easy at all.

"I remember a beautiful gemstone necklace a man who looked like a prince gave me!" I exclaim as I fondly recall it.

"And what happened to the necklace? Do you still have it? Show it! I love pearls," Tomas asks.

"My father sold it for a large sum of money," I tell him and continue with my story.

By the time I was nineteen, the gifts became more frequent, as did the visits. Some of them found out where our house was, which was near a creek.

As the marriage proposals intensified, my father took advantage of selling some gifts to get extra money and soon it started to become even more profitable than selling vegetables at the market, along with seriously thinking about a wealthy, prestigious suitor who could give us a better social status.

"What year are we talking about?" Tomas asks curiously. Amalia is already smiling in anticipation of the surprise.

"1260. I'm a medieval girl, friend," I tell him, smiling.

"Dios mio! That's like 800 years! You're way older than Amalia!" Tomas exclaims, almost falling backward.

From the moment my father started talking to some suitors about my possible marriage, I began to feel frustrated. "He's selling my gifts. My things!"

It all got worse when I saw the man my father had arranged the marriage with, a fat, old, drooling man. According to my father, it would be a good idea since he didn't look very healthy and when he died, we would inherit his fortune, fixing our lives forever.

"I wanted a prince...Боже мій!" I thought to myself. Just thinking I had to be intimate with and give children to that man made my stomach turn.

One day the man arrives in a hurry, sweaty, saying we have to leave soon and my father starts packing some things, I didn't understand what was happening but I knew I wasn't going to marry that old man.

"And what happened!" Tomas says, almost shouting. Amalia is very calm but attentive.

I took advantage of the chaos to escape through the window. I didn't know how or when to come back, but I wanted to buy some time before my father made the decision, I just needed time to think and convince him that that man was not for me.

I wandered through the woods for a bit until I decided to return to the village when I saw lights, heard screams and could only think of my sisters, I ran as fast as I could back home.

The village was completely in flames and they had massacred almost the entire population. They had taken our animals and killed others. My house was on fire, with my father inside, already dead.

"And your sisters?" Tomas asks sadly.

"I never heard from them again," I answered pensively.

The attackers had been Mongol horsemen scouts. The Mongols used to ravage villages and other towns, and committed atrocities on the people they encountered along the way. When I walked a little and could see the monument they made with the heads of the residents, I screamed and fell to my knees, it was an abominable spectacle.

"That was the moment I lost consciousness," I say while looking at the flames of the bonfire.

"We understand, Anastasia, you don't have to continue," Amalia tells me, taking my hand and looking at me sadly.

I sigh and then tell them both, "No, no. I have to get it out, this is really therapeutic for me. Only my mentor Od and Gonzalo know the story."

When I woke up, I was caged and chained up. I supposed the Mongols would sell me somewhere as a slave, who knows for what purpose. I barely received water and food during that time traveling. The worst were the perverted stares, in which I already prepared myself for the worst, the abuse and torment seemed endless, until Od arrived.

"The vampire who turned you," Amalia says.

"That's right," I affirm.

Od looked at me intently with his intense ruby eyes, I knew he wasn't just any Mongol, there was something different about him. Od massacred all my captors and decided to free me, to later turn me into a vampire. "You will be a unique specimen, like no vampire will have ever seen in their life," he said as I went through that whole process.

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