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After the tragic events in "Penumbra," Gonzalo finds himself immersed in a dark journey through the world, battling against his own nature and seeking answers to the meaning of his existence. In his tireless quest for revenge, he plunges into an underground underworld of criminals and secrets, where he must make difficult decisions that will define the course of his destiny.

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Part 1: Dulce Bellum Inexpertis

It has been seven months since my transformation and three months since I ended Od's life. Today should be my birthday. Today, I should be with my wife and daughter, celebrating. But here I am, in the tundra, gazing at the flames of the third vampire I eliminated. My first encounter with a vampire since my duel with Od happened while I wandered through some alleyways near Bulgaria. I caught him off guard as he fed on a vagabond. It wasn't difficult to find him; the scent of vampires is quite peculiar, unlike that of humans. It becomes obvious when they are on the hunt.

I surprised him from behind using the dagger I crafted. I aimed straight for the head, and there was no need to fight since the vampire was too thirsty to detect me. I couldn't do much for the vagabond, as he was already more than dead when I found him. I have reflected a lot since I left Himmelsburg – on what I have become, on what I can do, on how to make sense of everything that changed during that fateful year of 2005. Only three things are clear to me now. One, my life will never be the same as before. Two, I must accept everything that has happened because there is no way to change it anymore. And three, my new existence has brought me great power.

After my third encounter with a vampire here in the tundra, I have realized that there is no known species capable of standing against them. There is no known species, as far as I am aware, so peculiar, as if defying all natural laws. Unfortunately, my existence will be tied to this species now that I am one of them. I am forced to adapt and survive by any means necessary. The third female vampire I have here, consumed by the flames, offered much more resistance. She was a territorial woman, and I realized that while my physical abilities may be slightly lower than those of an average vampire, the dagger has been crucial in staying alive, for now.

After these encounters, I consider the idea of starting to hunt those of my own kind. What more can I do to honor your death, Marie? What more can I do to honor our beloved Lucero, who had not even reached a month old and met such a cruel fate in the jaws of that demon? I am afraid of falling, of ending up like Od, like Anastasia, like the other two vampires I killed. There are things worse than death, and this is one of them. But wandering aimlessly through the world for eternity is equally torturous, and you would never forgive me for suicide. And because I love you, I will honor your will no matter what.

My ability to communicate with the digital world has also made me aware of how horrible and rotten the world is. In the end, Od was right, many humans are no better than vampires. They have even gone further in terms of destruction and how they treat their fellow beings. Political corruption, war, drug trafficking, crime, abuse towards all innocent people and animals, towards life and nature. Should I be the one to intervene? Can one person, or rather, one vampire, make a difference? Perhaps it is something that can give me a purpose, a reason for my eternal existence. If I am to live forever, let it be with a purpose.

I have hacked cameras and other communication devices in Himmelsburg, and it seems that since the recent events, there hasn't been any suspicious activity. I destroyed Mr. Bauer's bunker to leave no evidence of what I did there – my plans, weapons, evidence of the existence of vampires, Od, or Anastasia.

Anastasia, how you have ruined my life. Where could you be? You fled like a coward when your protector needed you the most and used me for your own interests in my most vulnerable moment. Since you left, I haven't been able to trace your hunting patterns or locate you via satellite. What are you plotting? I can barely trace your scent in some places, but since you abandoned Od, I can almost assure you haven't hunted. It sickens and angers me to think that I kissed the woman responsible for the death of my family, but I must focus on finding you before you cause more harm or find another unsuspecting victim to fall for your charms and suffer the same fate as I did. After all, you are responsible for my creation, and I will make sure you know it, one way or another.

I have also sensed suspicious signals from my hometown, Santa María, where Nacho, Sofía, and Tomás are. I still think about what Sofía told me regarding the suspicious behavior of Tomás and Nacho, and now that I am a vampire, everything makes sense. It is highly likely that they have turned, and the responsible party is someone named Amalia.

I carry the dagger with me, along with pepper gas and stun grenades. I have realized that having heightened senses also has its disadvantages, and by using these grenades, I can distract other vampires before delivering the final blow. However, I must be cautious when using them as they also affect me. Despite all I have, I need more information. I need to learn more about my species, their world, their hunting patterns, and their weaknesses. I need to enhance the weapons I possess. I must become more effective.

There is much to be done, and I don't know where to start. Tracking Anastasia has proven difficult thus far, so I continue to wander aimlessly. I stop, listen to the calmness of nature, and meditate. Perhaps my gift will help me detect some significant signal.

While meditating, I hear a faint satellite signal, a buzz that courses through my body. Now I focus and establish a connection. The satellite becomes my eyes and ears, and I begin to see and hear.

The first intriguing signal comes from Armenia; I detect truck movements and weapons. I see people coming and going between suspicious buildings, and I prepare to run. From the tundra, I move swiftly, sheathing my dagger, leaping over mountains and forests, getting closer with every step.

I venture into a small village, wandering unseen and detecting various buildings with Wi-Fi signals, well-equipped computers, weapons, and numerous trucks. I spend a couple of nights deciphering the signals and scanning their servers. "Hmm, the trucks transport people..."

After a few hours, I manage to remotely log into several Tor servers. It's a bad sign; they must be hiding something, like pages from the deep web. The cameras indicate human trafficking. "These guys traffic people." Now that I know what they do, I must uncover who their clients are, but first, I need to delve into the algorithms of the Tor network to find the first and last nodes of each online traffic route. I analyze each entry in their network along with its encryption. My head aches from deciphering, but I must persist. To decrypt the nodes, I have hijacked their own machines and others through the internet, implanting malware that assists me in decoding the information. Thus, with all these computers working together, we can track the information. Bingo... I have the client list.

Now I have the IP addresses of each individual, and with that, I can trace their geographical locations, see what they have on their machines, and pay them a visit. "Oh my God! The videos, the photos! They create and distribute prohibited content." And they don't discriminate against anyone... No, I cannot tolerate this; it's too much. I have seen too much; this must be stopped.

My heart sinks. Before, when I was just a forensic computer specialist, every time I discovered these things, I would hand them over to my boss, and they would arrest the culprits. But the websites didn't go down; they resurfaced in remote places where the laws didn't reach, where corruption thrived, and that filled me with helplessness. Now things are different, now... it's right here, just a few meters away from me.

I stand up and approach the location. They have armed guards at every entrance, but I'm tired of nothing being done in the past. This time, I won't let them die. The whispers have already devised a plan; I have everything calculated, how and where. I jump into the midst…

As it ends, I break down the door; several people come, and the shots continue...



I hear screams and groans, but I'm only concerned about one thing: ending this quickly. I hit the next door, and a couple more individuals appear, this time armed only with pistols.


The next one tries to reach for a phone... I swiftly move towards them…“*snap..”

I enter the last room where I perceive the sweet scent of a human and come across a grotesque spectacle. A man has a poor girl bound, while a video camera records live. I quickly connect to the network and end the session, gaining access to their bank accounts for additional information. The masked individual tries to attack me with a machete, but I quickly break their foot and then their neck, as I did with the others.

I end the session before they can record me and examine everything I find. I free the girl...

"Please, don't kill me, I beg you," she pleads. "Wait, wait..." I calmly tell her, "I've come to help... Where are the others? Calm down, calm down..."

"Just leave me alone! I don't want to die... I want to go home..."

I try to calm her, but she ends up running away. I observe that there is enough evidence to incriminate the police, but... for what? So they can be released? So all this filth simply moves to another country?

From the window, I see many people running. Probably, the woman freed the other trapped individuals, but her gaze towards me is not the same as that of the drug-addicted vagabond I rescued that night from his traffickers. No, this time, I am one of them, just like those men who had her captive.

I understood everything when I realized what I left behind. A pile of bodies scattered through the hallways and outside the place. It was an outburst of anger, a moment of frustration in which I let myself go. That, for a vampire, is a storm, but for humans, it's a massacre. What have I done? I don't remember feeling like this when I destroyed the base in Kazakhstan. It looked like a war zone, a slaughterhouse. Just a year ago, I didn't even know how to shoot a firearm, and now I must have killed about twenty people.

I kneel down and reflect on the situation, on what I am and how dangerous it can be if I don't control myself. I can't afford to let myself go, I mustn't do it.

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