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A new Multiverse is about to be born in order for this one to have a guardian must be born. This new guardian must now travel out into the multiverse and live a life in order to know it's value.

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In the dark blackness of the void a woman in a black business suit with long black hair was formed in the darkness of that void. She began to look down at herself “What is this where am I”she asked “Welcome to being I have given you this life out love I have you for you in your heart”a voice said. She then looked into the depths of the void “But why why have you given me this life. Why have brought me into the existence of this empty black void”she asked. “Because the multiverse my own creation is about to come into existence as well. It needs care and watching over I ask this of you Maria Raguel”the voice said as the both began to see the multiverse coming into existence. She looked in amazement out into the light as she saw many worlds coming into existence. “You want me to watch over all of them?”she asked. “Yes,but before you can do so you must first live a life of your own so that you may value”the voice said. She began to smile “I will do so I shall watch over this entire existence”she said as she looked out into the newly created multiverse.

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