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English Translation of "Revolución del Amor Propio" Sofía, devastated by a heartless rejection, spirals into the depths of bulimia. In the hospital, she crosses paths with Andrés, a fellow warrior in the battle against their inner demons. Together, they confront various hurdles, including the unexpected return of the person who caused Sofía so much pain. It's a tale of resilience, camaraderie, and love, illustrating that even in the bleakest moments, a glimmer of light can emerge. *This story deals with depictions of eating disorders, self-harm, and emotionally intense situations that may be disturbing for some readers. Reader discretion is advised.

Drame Interdit aux moins de 18 ans.

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Rising from Adversity

I couldn't believe it. Carlos' words were like a never-ending echo in my mind. He had rejected me in the most painful way possible, and that rejection planted the seed for a relentless internal struggle.

I stared at the computer screen, where flawless faces and perfectly sculpted bodies paraded before me. The desperate pursuit of perfection took over my thoughts like an unshakeable shadow. Fueled by the cutthroat competition of social media, I dove headfirst into a dark realm of extreme diets, obsessive imitation of online videos, and an insatiable desire to meet an impossible standard.

One morning, after grueling workouts and a merciless diet, I stood before the mirror unsatisfied with the reflection. Tears streamed down my face, but my mind insisted that it still wasn't enough. Self-imposed standards became a whip, lashing every part of my being, and I descended into a self-destructive abyss from which escape seemed impossible.

Changes in my behavior and appearance didn't go unnoticed by friends. Concerned whispers and uneasy glances surrounded me, a constant reminder that something was wrong. One day, María, my best friend, approached me with deep concern in her eyes.

—Sofía, what's going on? You've lost so much weight, and we're all worried —María said, mirroring the concern of others.

I tried to deflect the conversation, but the concern had already been voiced. My family joined the intervention.

—Daughter, we're worried about your health. Can you tell us what's happening? —my mother asked, anxiety etched on her face.

Their penetrating gazes made me feel cornered, and instead of opening up, I withdrew further into my self-destructive world.

—It's nothing, just trying to maintain my figure. There are standards I need to meet —I evaded, but my words didn't alleviate their fears.

After a series of extreme diets and binge-eating episodes, my body succumbed to the self-imposed pressure. I woke up in a hospital room, surrounded by monitors and the constant hum of machines.

My sister was by my side, eyes red from crying.

—Sofi, please, tell me this will change. I can't bear to see you suffer like this —she pleaded, squeezing my hand.

It was then that I grasped the gravity of my situation. It wasn't just about numbers on a scale or clothing sizes; I was losing more than I could gain with every lost pound.

Intense but necessary therapy followed in the hospital. It was during this time that I met Andrés, a guy my age facing a similar internal struggle. We built a silent bond, sharing experiences and fears in group sessions.

One day, Andrés and I, during a stroll through the hospital halls, encountered Carlos. Our eyes met, and I knew it was time to confront my past.

—Hello, Sofía. We need to talk —Carlos said seriously.

Andrés, always by my side, squeezed my hand in support.

—What do you want, Carlos? —I asked, feigning indifference.

—I'm sorry. I was wrong about you. I was cruel and selfish. I had no right to treat you like that —Carlos apologized, his eyes showing regret.

Andrés defended me.

—I don't think you have anything to say to her, buddy. Sofía has been through much more than you can understand.

Carlos sighed, acknowledging the severity of the situation.

—I just want to make amends. We can be friends, at least.

I looked at Andrés and took control.

—Actually, Carlos, this is my boyfriend, Andrés. And we don't need your friendship.

Andrés, playing his part, stood by me and wrapped his arm around me.

—Hello, Carlos. Sofía has told me a lot about you. How are you?

Carlos hesitated, bewildered by the situation.

—Oh, I... Well, I'm glad you're here to support her. Are you really a couple?

I smiled determinedly.

—Yes, we are.

Andrés nodded, playing his role perfectly.

—That's right. And we're helping each other in this stage of our lives.

Carlos seemed uncomfortable but didn't give up easily.

—Well, I'm glad you're finding the support you need, Sofía. See you around.

As Carlos left, I breathed a sigh of relief.

Andrés looked at me with admiration.

—So, are we a couple?

—Yes, Andrés. I want him to see that I'm not the same girl he rejected. I want everyone to know that now I value myself enough not to let someone else determine my happiness.

As we continued our journey to recovery, Andrés and I genuinely fell in love. Our fake relationship transformed into a real love story, built on trust, support, and mutual understanding. Adversity became our strength, and in the end, Carlos served as a reminder of how far we had come.

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Javiera Hidalgo 🇪🇸: Chilena, viviendo en Santiago, escritora novata (por ahora al menos 😊). Creo que, como escritora, todo lo que necesitan saber es que soy espontánea. También me gusta crear historias en las que le doy una perspectiva única a los personajes y situaciones. /// 🇬🇧: Chilean, living in Santiago, novice writer (for now at least 😊). I think, as a writer, all you need to understand is that I am spontaneous. I also like to create stories where I put a unique spin on characters and situations.

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