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FAIR WARNING: This is my first ever book and it is based off of a mobile game HP: Hogwarts Mystery which is based off of the Harry Potter Universe. Some of the story is inaccurate to the game, but it will be based on the game, just my version of my character. There will be a lot of errors and maybe small plot holes but again, this is my first ever book. So sorry if it sucks lol. I am very open to suggestions and criticism as long as it is put nicely! (i’m very sensitive 😭) ALSO if by chance you have played the game, don’t spoil it for anyone! There will be “love intrests” but it won’t be very dived into until Savannahs 6th year because I feel like that is what is appropriate. It will be mentioned before that though slightly. Savannah Jarvis’s brother Jacob Jarvis goes missing after looking for the cursed vaults. Come on Savannahs journey as she goes through her 7 years at hogwarts (and beyond) with her friends, family and possible love interests as they all help her look for her brother and open the cursed vaults. The cursed vaults have a lot more than her brother in them though. Savannah Jarvis description: H/C: Raven Black (straight hair) E/C: Dark Blue House: Hufflepuff

Fanfiction Jeux Tout public. © All rights go to the game creators of HP: Hogwarts Mystery & JK Rowling

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New Beginings

I knew that I was different ever since I was little, as cliche as it sounds. My older brother Jacob started showing signs of magical abilities at a very early age, as did I. Our mother was muggle, we didn’t know who our dad was. I always looked up to my brother Jacob, and I was very excited to attend hogwarts with him when I was younger. That is until he went missing. My older brother, my partner in crime, my mentor & my everything went missing the same year I was suppose to attend hogwarts. Shortly after, my mother went crazy and took her own life. I stayed with my aunt Mable after that, however she was not supportive of my “lifestyle” aka magic. I am now 10 years old & I will be attending hogwarts, first I need to go to a place called diagon ally to get my supplies for school, a man named Hagrid will be accompanying me I believe, since my aunt wants no part in this. I’m very nervous but very excited to attend hogwarts, maybe I will find my brother, or at least find out what happened to hi-

Before I could finish my thought, I heard a sound high pitched screem come from my aunt Mable, it sounded like a goat if i’m going to be completly honest with you-

When I went downstairs to see what my dramatic aunt was screaming about so early in the morning, I saw a man, but not just any man. This man was giant, and i’m not trying to be rude! he was just bigger than any man i’ve ever seen before!

“ ‘Ello Savanner Jarvis, I’m Hagrid- and this sweet boy here is Fang!”

I smiled & looked down at fang who was eagerly wagging his tail and wanting to be pet. I bent down to pet the cute puppy after I said my hellos and introduced myself to Hagrid.

Hagrid explained to me that he would be taking me to diagon ally to get my supplies, just as I thought. I don’t remeber anything else besides feeling very dizzy and nauseous, and then appearing in a town that I would assume is diagon ally. Hagrid apologized for the sudden change of locations & said something about “apparition” - whatever that is.

I looked around in awe, this place just felt so welcoming and was just truly adorable. As I was looking around, I bumped into someone. “i’m so sorry!” I said, “I should be looking where I am going, again i’m so-“

“it’s okay, please don’t worry about it! my names Rowan!” the girl told me nicely. She seemed very nervous and awkward, but she seemed very sweet. “sorry again Rowan, I’m Savannah! it’s nice to meet you.” Rowan looked like she was my age, I assumed by how nervous she was that she was also a first year, but I had to ask just in case. “is this your first year at hogwarts too?” I asked politely, “yes, my parents are busy on our tree farm.. i’m not really sure where I am going” she said softly “well may-“ just as I was about to ask Rowan to come with me, Hagrid interrupted and said that he would take Rowan along with us, by the look on Rowan’s face, she was very thankful & Hagrid was very happy to help her.

Once we both retrieved our books, Rowan and I stood outside and she said that she wanted to get a new accessory to show off at hogwarts for our first day. I gave her a small smile & asked what the options were. She showed me a beautiful smart scarf, it had all different types of colors that somehow all went together well, the next option was a cute serious sweater, and the last option was a cool hat. “The smart scarf, obviously” I stated, she seemed pleased with my answer and immediately put the smart scarf on that completed her look “Thank Merlin you chose the scarf, it was my favorite too!” she said excitedly. I laughed at her excitement, “if it was your favorite why did you ask me?” she looked at me like it was the most obvious thing in the world, “because you’re my new friend sav! friends give each other advice”. I hadn’t even noticed the nickname Rowan gave me. Friend. She already saw me as a friend, I was so happy to hear that, I couldn’t do anything but smile at my new friend. I knew from that moment that we would be friends forever- no matter what house we were sorted into.

Once we got our wands, Hagrid took us to the Hogwarts Express, he said that he would meet us at Hogwarts, and to be safe and stick with each other. We gave the friendly giant a big hug and made our way to our seats. As we were sitting, and talking about nonsense and what we thought hogwarts would be like, I noticed a boy who looked absolutly petrified. He seemed like he didn’t have anywhere to sit and it seemed like Rowan noticed too, so she asked him if he wanted to sit with us. He seemed to not know that Rowan was talking to him because he looked around and when he noticed that nobody else was there, he nodded quickly and sat down just as quickly-if not quicker.

It was awkward for a good five minutes but the boy finally got more comfortable it seems like. Rowan and I introduced ourselves and he shook our hands “My name is Ben” he said nervously, Ben explained to us that he was a muggle, I knew what the term muggle was because my brother said that muggles are wizards with non magical parents, he always taught me that just because they have non magical parents dosent mean that they are any less of a wizard than pure bloods, or half bloods. I am a halfblood, and so is Rowan. “Don’t worry Ben! just because you are muggle, does not mean we will treat you any differently, right Rowan?” I looked to my friend “that’s right sav!” she said happily, Ben looked a lot more relaxed when we told him this. I wanted to make him feel better, so I told Ben and Rowan about my brother Jacob, I told them that I was also nervous because I didn’t know what the other kids would think of me, I wasn’t naive. I knew the entire school had been saying my brother went mad looking for “the cursed vaults”. I had no idea what these vaults were, but in the back of my mind I knew that if I found these vaults there was a possibility of me finding my brother. “I’m so sorry to hear about your brother sav, we will help you look for the vaults if you need us.. please don’t get into danger yourself” Rowan said nervously, “I may not be much help- but I will still try my best, i’m sorry about your brother Savannah”

Just as I was about to respond the train came to a hault. We have arrived at Hogwarts.

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