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My poetry is of different topics. I will post probably before the 30 days as I am editing and more writing poetry.

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My Dream

My Dream
I feel like flying for the very first time.
Everyone is so sad but, I am overjoyed
that I could even touch the moon.

I feel like everything is going all right.
For the first time in a long time I am
Seeing what it is like to have all my dreamsCome true.

This is the first time for
me to be truly free! I am unstoppable!
Everyone is crying like I am going to
Die but, I feel wonderful.

All my life they pushed me to be always
In their shadows! Never to be truly who
I was born to be. A person who stands
Different from them all! I am going to be

I was able to get out of their control.
They are the ones who did this to me.
I am free! I am finally free!

I am done being who they want me
To be! Not acting like a robot! I had
No free will with them! Until everything
Changed.... I left to be me!

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Aqua midnight Hello World, I am Aqua Midnight and if you read my book the burning phoniex you will see where I got my pen name from. Ok here's, what I write: poetry, erotic. And Fantasy. Really I will try any genera. I tried horror I am not very good with it.

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