After the chaos between the humans and the supernatural, she found herself with the most dangerous beings.. The vampire!!. She got stuck with the most dangerous of them all, Damon the vampire prince!!. All she wants is to reunite with her family, but she turned his possession immediately, he set his eyes on her, she entertains him every night with her blood and he can't do without her blood even for a day.. Everything changed when his brother returned from a journey. He fell for her at first sight, but Damon isn't ready to let go, she has to choose between the two, BLOOD ENTERTAINER OR LOVE?. What happens when she finds out there is more to the two brothers and there is more to her? Will she ever find her family again? Find out✍️ You won't wanna miss this fantasy romance, hope on this ride with me Dearie😘😘

Paranormal Vampires Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans.

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Chapter: One


“Where is Ashley?“ Mrs Ashton asked.

“She went into the woods again” Brynn answered as she made drawings of different creatures she hallucinated.

"Gosh, that stubborn sister of yours, I have told her countless times to stay away from the woods, haven't I?“ Mr Ashton cried tiredly as he repaired the wheels of his cartwheel.

“I guess that's what she loves, just like I love drawing a lot,” Brynn shrugged as she focused on her drawing.

“The woods have different mysterious creatures, I asked her to stay away, though it's rumored they are vampires, werewolves and other supernatural beings around in the woods looking for what to consume. Our village is protected, yet she won't listen” Mrs Ashton said almost in tears.

They are tired of warning Ashley, she is just too stubborn, they have warned her countless times but she wouldn't listen, only God knows what she loves doing in the woods.

“I will go check her myself” Mr Ashton said and take his hat from the table nearby.

He walks inside to pick his bow and arrows for self defense only for him to find it missing.

“Jeez, Ashely!!“ He cried knowing fully well, she left with it.

Just when he stepped out to head for the woods, they heard the villagers screaming in horror as they saw a big creature flying in the sky.

Mist covering everywhere immediately.

“Laveah, quick. Hide, hide with Brynn” he screamed alerting his wife.

“You should come with us, or those mystical creatures will hurt you” Mrs Ashton cried.

“Woah,mom, I think that's a dragon” Brynn grinned happily trying to go out to see for herself but Mrs Ashton dragged her back.

“No, I must go after Ashely, she might be in trouble” Mr Ashton cried as he proceeded.

Mrs Ashton couldn't see him anymore because of the mist but the next she heard shocked her, she heard him suddenly scream in horror too.

“Brynn, Ashton” she called when she couldn't find Brynn beside her either.

“Brynn” she called walking out into the mist to look for her daughter.

She felt something beside her and she stopped.

She slowly turned to see what it was but she couldn't find anything.

Something suddenly grabbed her from the mist and she let out a horror scream.


Ashley smiled as she walked deeper into the woods exploring nature, the sound of the birds, the natural cool air.

She let out a chuckle as she stared at the long tree.

She felt a gaze on her and she turned to see who but she saw nothing.

The eyes watched her from the tree top, he could perceive her blood from there, its scent just like strawberries.

He had always perceived this scent everyday lusting for the blood since he discovered her existence, he had watched her many times like this lusting over her blood but yet he didn't know what stopped her from having her blood till his satisfaction and then threw her lifeless body away.

But with the way he is lusting over this blood, he did be foolish to finish it once.

A smirk appeared on his lips as he licked his lips gently wondering whether to attack her or not but an Idéa suddenly hit him.

He just vanished from there.

She could hear scary noises and she turned around at alert immediately.

She could see mist surrounding the woods immediately and she began to breathe fast in fright.

During her days of sneaking into the woods, this didn't usually happen, so what is happening now?

“Home,” she suddenly said as it dawned on her that the mist is generating from the path to the village

She quickly picked up her heels running as fast as her leg could carry her.

She heard the howling of a wolf and her eyes widened.

Though there are no wolves in the woods, what's that sound?.

She increased her speed, running as fast as her small human legs could carry.

She stretches to carry an arrow, setting it on the bow for self defense.

Her eyes widened as her fear increased, when she heard multiple howls.

She could feel them running behind her.

She turned around and fired the arrow and she heard one cry, maybe it hit it, who knows, cause right now she is still on full speed.

One kept running fast, getting close to her, fear grip her when she saw it eyes, its were pure black,

“Wtf, werewolves are supposed to have green or orange colored eyes.

she suddenly heard the wolves crying in pain, she turned around to see what was happening but she couldn't see cause it seemed the mist there was too much making everywhere so white.

She finally succeed and pass the boundaries between the woods and the village and she stopped breathing so hard,

“Mom, dad,” Ashley cried out as her eyes landed on the horror scene before her.

She steps into the village gently to avoid matching some bodies on the floor.

Mist everywhere, her eyes danced round the area and she couldn't find any living things moving.

Is this a dream again?, she has dreamt about this a lot and whenever she tells her mom, she will say, it's just a dream.

Now is this real?

“Moooomm!” she screamed as loud as she could.

The only thing that replied to her scream was the sound of the vultures and other wild birds.

“Dad” she called weakly when it began to dawn on her this is not a dream anymore.

She has heard about the supernatural, she has read about them from the mysterious book she stole from the old library.

And from what she read, she has experienced a few mysteries that she hasn't revealed to anyone, not even her sister or mom.

She just got chased by what looks like a werewolf but the werewolf she has read about, has green and orange eyes.

And from what she read, they are only one dangerous being that won't make peace, that won't want peace, all they want is blood, they love bloody things, one being that other beings are scared of, they rule the human world and the supernatural world.

They are the vampires!.

Not just that, their prince is considered a multiple power prince but that is only said to be a rumor.

But could all these supernatural stories be real?

Could it be true that the vampires are real?.

She could see déad bodies on the floor, but where is that of her mom and dad, where is her kid sister?

Now it’s dawned on her she has a kid sister too.

She left them at home and left for the wood to have her dream adventure.

This is all her fault, maybe if she would have listened to her parents and always stayed at home, she would have also tried to protect them from whatever had attacked them.

She couldn't see clearly due to the mist everywhere.

No one needs to tell her, the vampire attacked her, because it is stated in those books that they are the one that has access to the dragons and also works with the mist to avoid the sun from touching their skin.

She has to find her way from this place, so she can find her family cause it seems her family have been captured, she can't find their body anywhere.

Her eyes widened when she heard the sound of arrows flying towards her.

But someone was fast enough to run to her like the speed of light and grip the arrow in the air.

He was blocking her, she couldn't see his face due to the mist

Before he could turn around to show himself, he flicked his finger and she find herself passing out.

Before she could get to the floor he caught her in his arms and all she could see was blur.

His sharp fangs sticking out cutely, his cute pouty lips…dang!!, she passed out.


“Do I have to tell you, what to do again?“ Viola said angrily as she sat up on the bed edge waiting for the maids to come accompany her to the bathroom.

She doesn't even know or care to know what the time is, it's afternoon 12:00 pm but who cares.

She is a princess and will be a queen soon, so she can do whatever she wants.

The maids walk to her and bow to her,

“Rise my servant, rise.” she smirked and they obeyed immediately.

“Now guide me to the bathroom and do the needful” she commanded and they nod immediately.

Walking her to the bathroom.

“Hmm, I am the blind one here, but it seems you are the one behaving like a blind lady. '' Gryta smirked, walking inside the room with her purple gown flowing behind her.

Viola grit her teeth together in anger as her fangs elongated.

“You, this blind bat” she gritted clutching her claws together.

“Yeah am a blind bat, but I definitely know my left and right, behind and front, but what about you?, even with your eyes, you are so helpless without your maids, so lazy like a tortoise” Gryta laughed as she face the window with her purples eyes shining like diamond.

“Wait, till I finally get married to your brother and you all will see what i'm capable of,” Viola half yelled and the maid shivered.

Gryta burst into a childish laughter, getting Viola more pissed.

“Good luck trying Viola” she laughed as she turned around and found her way outside while Viola watched in anger yet she couldn't do anything.

If not for the fact that she is her lover's sister, she did have hurt her.

She wondered how she still managed to run her mouth and do whatever she want despite she was born blind.

Guys still drool over her despite her different colored eye balls.

She is supposed to be a curse to the vampire creatures, cause no vampire has purple eye balls, it's either red or gray.

Red for a common vampire and gray for the royal blooded vampire also known as pure blooded vampire.

Yet she seems to be an elders and student favorite in the schools of the supernatural.

Or is it because she is a princess?

Well, they shall meet in school soon.

“Let see how you will escape me in school Gryta '' Viola suddenly smirked, easing her hand in the air while.the maids took her clothes off.


Ashley's eyes flung open and she quickly sat up.

She couldn't see clearly at first because the room was kind of dark.

She sat at the corner of the comfy bed, with may thought running through her head.

How did she get here?

Where is this?.

Or this is another dream land?

The door pulled open and a tall figure walked in.

She couldn't view his face well but she could already tell he is a no joke person from his aura.

She glued to the place she was sitting as she felt pea drop on her pants, his gray eyes shining in the dark room.

His eyes changed for a moment and she shivered on her spot.

"Are you scared?" He asked in his deep voice revealing his fangs. Ashley shifted backward but her back met with the wall.

"Please don't hurt me" she shut her eyes tightly not noticing Damon's gray eyes staring lustfully at her neck.

The blood running through her vein was visible to him.

He leans down and carefully rolls and his tongue at one side of her neck causing her to whimper.

"You smell so good Ashley" he whispered in a husky voice.

“Who the f**k is he and how the hell did he know her name?“ Her mind screamed in fright.

Grabbing her neck, he tilted it one side just to have a good access.

Ashley tried to get away from him but he was too strong.

The next thing she felt was his sharp fangs piercing through her neck and her eyes widened in horror.


Oh no this was her worst nightmare.

Don't tell her she is stuck with a vampire?

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