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A touching story of a favorite dish that has fed countless numbers of people. A beloved traditional dish that brings to mind warm feelings of yesteryear

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The Dish That Binds

Every culture holds within it a treasure trove of flavors, a culinary heritage that tells the story of its people. My culture, nestled in the heart of the West Texas Panhandle, boasts a beloved dish that embodies the essence of our traditions - Red Beans and Cornbread. Passed down through generations for over a century and a half, this humble fare has nourished cowboys on the open plains, farmers tilling the fertile soil, and everyday folks seeking sustenance.

A fragrant harmony of red beans, ham hock, and the smoky notes of bacon or salt pork, it simmered patiently with a medley of savory spices, filling the air with a comforting aroma. Served alongside golden-brown shards of homemade cornbread, its taste lingers on the tongue, a tapestry of heartiness and warmth. To elevate the experience, a garnish of homemade chow chow adds a tangy touch, an invitation to savor every bite.

In times of scarcity, this cherished dish became a lifeline, stretching meager resources to feed countless families. It symbolizes resilience, an unwavering spirit that endures even in lean years. Red Beans and Cornbread is our shared thread, connecting us to the past and binding us together in the present, a reminder of the enduring power of tradition and the simple joy of breaking bread with loved ones.

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Howard C Holbert HC Holbert is a BMI member songwriter, visual artist, author,poet, naturalist,member of Pacific North West Artists

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