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Vivianne Ferris just graduated college in California and recently landed her first job as a big shot corporate attorney. When her parents decide to throw an impromptu family reunion she expects it to be the same privileged, stuffy people she has grown up abhorring her entire life. The same people she flew thousands of miles to get away from. What Vivianne wasn't expecting was to run into her high school frenemy Rosie Sparks as the event caterer. After an incident that requires Vivianne to step in and help Rosie during the night, Rosie invites Vivianne out the next day for lunch to thank her for the help. A simple lunch meeting is all it takes to thrust Vivianne back to her high school days and force her to look back at her relationship with Rosie. Will facing her past fill the void she has never been able to fill? Will the secrets she has kept buried for years resurface now that she has decided to explore her past? Will Vivianne finally gather the courage she needs to stand up to her family? Find out in this whirlwind story of second chances, acceptance and discovering that where there was fire, ashes remain.

LGBT+ Interdit aux moins de 18 ans.

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Chapter 1

Vivianne couldn't believe that she is on her last day of finding out how her exams turned out and to see if she landed her dream job. She made sure to have coffee ready, then to wait on the phone to listen to every name that would be going through whether to find out they'd pass or fail. Vivianne sipped her coffee, listening to each of her classmates of their progress and she knew it would be a matter of time before her name. Unfortunately, her mother Julie kept beeping within three to four times and she couldn't answer right away. Vivianne finally heard her name that she passed the exam and also got her dream job. As soon as she hung up with the college, her mother was right on the line.

"Mom, couldn't this wait? I would like to get some breakfast." Vivianne said, feeling her stomach rumble knowing she hadn't had a chance to eat.

"Don't speak to me that way, young lady. I need you to come home. We are having a family reunion with your siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and life long friends. You need to be here no later than Monday." Julie demanded through the phone.

Vivianne always hated the fact that her mother had to be the party planner and to make plans it was always a constant habit of having to see everyone for Julie to be noticed. Vivianne's family is the worst because her and her siblings have never gotten along.

"Mom, I have to start work on Monday at my new job. I can't leave as I am getting started, it will ruin my reputation to not be on scene." Vivianne replied knowing her mom will refuse the excuse.

"Get out of it and get out here. That is an order. See you, Monday." Julie responded then hung up the phone.

Vivianne sighed knowing that this will be a task on convincing her new boss that she won't be here for orientation and the start of the work week that would be required. Vivianne decided to grab her laptop to schedule her flight, rental for a vehicle, uber driver, and a place to stay back at home since no one would want her at the house. Vivianne hadn't been back home for over four years since she left that Winter a few weeks before Christmas. She hadn't thought about going home and loved her life in California. Vivianne shook her head of the memories then contacted her new boss that she won't be in for a week but would be returning as soon as she could. While waiting on the approval, she decided to make popcorn and binge watch movies since she didn't have to pack until the next day and then be ready to leave on Sunday morning though it will be a long flight across states.

It became clear that Vivianne started to feel anxious and excited at the same time knowing that she could leave for home at any point instead of waiting but also freaked out that her parents wouldn't know what to do if she arrived early before the rest of the family. Vivianne decided to check her email to see if her boss had replied and when it came back, she made the decision to change her flight to the next morning since it will have a layover or two, change her uber driver to the next early hour available for the flight, made sure her vehicle and place to stay at were able to change reservations for no later than Sunday since she wanted to see everyone so bad. Staying her last night in California made it so surreal knowing that her life back home could change and she might have a chance to catch up with school friends also finding out if Rosie is still waiting for her as promised. Though, she hasn't dared to reach out to Rosie or family members since she left and has no idea what is in store when she returns.

Vivianne went to sleep that evening dreaming of her life back at home. It took all she could do not to wake up and leave for home in such a thrill. Nothing could keep her mind from wandering if her going back to where she is from would be worth it. Vivianne rolled over looking at the clock seeing that it is only three in the morning and her flight doesn't leave until ten that morning but she had to try and rest more so she doesn't feel overwhelmed or too exhausted on the flights. Vivianne knew she couldn't turn back on anything at this point on her arrival early to be back in the world she left and imagining how everyone would see her. That is when she felt her panic set in that she would be in deep with her siblings for all the hell of denying herself and Rosie's romance that Winter. No one would be wanting to be around her after she left without saying a single word and she knew Rosie couldn't possibly forgive her. Vivianne got out of her bed with a rush to see if she could cancel everything and sadly, looking at everything she scheduled the night before is still happening. Vivianne wanted to burst into tears knowing that she will be facing the truth with everyone by Saturday evening or Monday morning.


Vivianne sighed, gathering her things to put into the suitcases and travel bags knowing she'll be there longer than she had planned at first. She looked at the clock seeing that her uber driver would be there soon to take her to the airport and she didn't know if she should bother organizing the apartment before leaving since she has no idea if she'll want to return to California at all or what is going to happen next in her life. Vivianne closed all her luggage, deciding to leave everything where it is at, looking around one last time then locked the door with her keys, making her way downstairs to find the uber driver ready to greet her and take her luggage to put into the back of the trunk of the small car.

After an hour's drive to the airport, Vivianne grabbed her luggage from the uber driver then made her way through the whole process of going through the airport that is required for flights like she did four years ago and remembering to be nice to the person she may be seated with on these flights. She wasn't thrilled that she had to go through two more flights before reaching her home state. It became more and more clear that Vivianne is headed home without anyone in her family knowing she is arriving on Saturday evening instead of Monday and with hopes no one would be at her parents house by the time she made it in. Vivianne got onto the plane to find her seat which seemed to be in the middle and a window seat, so she could look out the window for entertainment. Though she felt thankful for the fact that she packed a couple of books, a writing pad with a pen for creative purposes, and a stress ball for relief in case she panics on the flight.

The plane took off with no delays. Vivianne took the time to close her eyes to get some rest because she still had a long journey with two stops along the way. It was all she could do not to think of everyone back in her home town on seeing her and the reactions that would make her siblings lash out at her. Her biggest fear is what will happen with her and Rosie especially if they could rekindle their friendship since she never admitted about coming out who she is or telling her family of how close she really is with Rosie. This is where she knows it could cost her to come back living in California instead of her home state where her life should have stayed instead of having to make her life better and moving from her close knit family.

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