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Hannah Murphy Is a freshman this year when she was two she had a stroke which had given her aphasia not being able to talk she got homeschooled when she was 5 to help her try to get her speech back which unfortunately didn't help she has been transfered from 9 different schools because of the fact that it was hard for teachers to understand her she would have to write them down but the teachers thought it took up to much time of the class trying to read what she has wrote she just knew this school would be the same..but when someone finally stands up for her she thinks maybe it won't be as bad as she though

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First day

Mrs.Murphy:Hannah time to get up for first day of 9th grade she yelled from downstairs. My name is Hannah Murphy I'm 15years old today's my first day of 9th grade and honestly I'm not very excited this is the first time at this school I have been through 9 different schools because at 2 I had a stroke which later caused aphasia giving me a really really hard time to try to learn how to talk again I've had it over 10 years but yet I'm still recovering I go to speech and language therapy but it doesn't make a big impact,I really hope I don't get kicked out of this school.I start to head downstairs to eat breakfast I saw my mom on a phone call my dad is home sick today so I knew it had to be Abigail a 6 year old girl my mom babysits for. Mrs.Murphy:Hello oh yes that sounds great Hannah will be happy to have Abigail over alright see you at 3. It was now 7:40 I waved my mom goodbye and headed out for the bus stop.luckily I didn't miss my bus the bad part is the fact that my mom only found out about this school 3 weeks after school had started which means im the only one whos new here.So when I walked on the bus everyones eyes were on me I just walked over and(obviously quietly) sat down.

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