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Starry Night

Yoon Dong-ju's Starry Night original text

In the sky where the seasons pass by

It's full of fall.

I have no worries

It seems like all the stars in autumn will fall.

Stars are engraved in my heart one by one

What I can't count anymore

Because the morning comes easily,

That's because tomorrow night is left,

This is because my youth is not over yet.

Memories and one star

love in one star

Loneliness at one star

Longing for one star

Poetry on a star

One star, mother, mother,

Mother, I sing beautiful words to each star. I remember the children who shared the table with me during my small school days, and they said things like 佩, 鏡, and 玉.

The homes of foreign women, the homes of crabs who are already mothers, the homes of poor neighbors, pigeons, puppies, rabbits, mules, roe deer,

(Rainel, Maria, Rilke) Let’s sing a poem from this poet.

These people are so far away.

Just as the stars are so far away, they are located in the North Island.

I miss what I am

On a hill with so many stars

Try using my work home letter,

It was covered with dirt and thrown away.

The bug that stays up all night crying

This is why I mourn this shameful work.


But when winter passes and spring comes to my star

Like green grass blooming on the grave

Even on the hill where Tomorrow Home is buried

The grass will grow lush like you boast.

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