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Nat and Kellie are two sisters who stay up late on Christmas to see Santa. Little do they know, they will find something quite different.

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The Night Before Christmas

It was the night before Christmas, this is before our story takes place however. This was last year.

Anyways, Kellie wasn't a big believer in the whole "Santa Claus" spiel. She was an eighth grader after all. But then again, here she was, sitting in a closet in the living room, waiting on the alledged giver of presents to show up. Even though she was a firm non-believer, her little sister Natasha was someone with complete faith in the man.

Even though Nat was the one who had talked her into the entire thing, she was now basically alone. "Because why?" you may ask. Well the answer is simple. Nat fell asleep. So here Kellie was, with a camera at her side, waiting for Santa to arrive.

This attempt started the second their parents fell asleep. They snuck out of beud and brought the camera to video anything worth wasting memory on. Now, it was almost eleven. The minutes tick by as Kellie slowly drifts off.

She is jolted awake by a clatter to her right. She flips on the camera and points it over to the origin of the sound. "Just Snicker," she mutters to herself as she sets down the camera, still running of course. She doesn't want to miss anything. Snickers was their trickster of a cat.

But the cat doesn't matter. What matters is what happened when the clock struck midnight.

When the clock struck midnight, she heard a faint sound, kind of like bells in the distance. And what was that smell? Mint? "No" Kellie thought to herself,"Not mint, cookies. Definantly cookies," Snicker curls up in Kellie's lap as she tries to figure put the source of the smell.

As she is about to write it off as her nose hallucinating, she hears a clatter near the fireplace. Suddenly, a billow of cinders from long burnt out flames fills the air. Kellie (not thinking because she never did) gasps in surprise then immediatly starts coughing.

She stifles her coughing as a figure steps out of the chimmney. She gets the camera rolling as she attempts to wake up her sister.

“Nat!" she whispers, as to not scare the potentile Santa Clause. "Nat! He's here!"

She sits up as if she had been awake the whole time,"Santa?!" she says quite loudly.

“Shh! He'll hear you!"

“Oh, sorry" she says as she brings her voice down to a whisper.

Kellie points the camera through the door at Santa. He shuffles around with his sack as the cinders clear from the air, as if by magic. Looking through the camera, she can see the back of Santa's bright red coat with white trim, slighty gray from the ash.

Kellie points the camera at his sack, expecting to see it full of gifts for all the kids of the world. Instead, it was empty, and now that she was looking at it, it didn't look like Santa's sack at all. Normally, the sack is portrayed as this red, cloth bag, but this wasn't it. This was just a simple burlap sack. No gifts in sight.

Nat was confused. She had an angle at which to see his face, so Kellie handed it to her to get a good shot. She excitedly puts the camera up to her eye, only to put it back down.

“What's wrong Nat?" Kellie says, super confused.

“That's NOT Santa," she says with a shakey voice.

“What do you mean that's not Santa" Kellie replies, as she takes the camera and swaps places with her younger sister. She points the camera at his face and immediatly sees what she means.

The Not-Santa had the same outfit as him (red coat, same hat, ect) but when you looked at his face, you could obviously tell that whatever it was, wasn't Santa.

He had red eyes, burning like coal. His nose wasn't even close to a rosy button. And his tongue. His tongue would haunt the two girls for as long as they lived. It was forked, like a snake's, but long. It was so long, that when he stuck it out, it touched the end of his beard.

Natasha was crying in the corner, silently. She was scared out of her mind. Here she was, so excited to meet her fantastical dream celebrity, and what she got was this. Not ideal in the eyes of Kellie, who was scared out of her mind. Here she was, expecting to stay up all night for no reason, and she gets to record this creepy experience.

She tries to comfort Nat while still recording the being that entered their home.

“Calm down," Kellie whispers,"I'll keep you safe,"

She says this to her woth the camera looking at the strange being. She turns back and looks into the camera to find a disturbing sight. The being was looking directly into the camera.

Kellie's heart hammers in her chest as she struggles the keep the camera steady. "Maybe its coincidence," she thinks to herself,"He can't see the camera!"

This false hope was shattered when he took a step toward them. He begins walking toward Kellie and Nat.

Nat screams as the forked tongued demon lunges at the camera. The feed cuts there.

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