This novel is about a young girl who loses her parents in a car accident, her brother kicks her out immediately after the girl recovered from the same accident her parents died in. Later they discover that, the Smith couple is not actually their biological parents. Will they ever find their biological parents?

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chapter one

My name is Nicola Smith. Well both my parents were working proper jobs. Like we were so wealthy. Most of my peers used to envy me for my stylish clothes and hairstyles.I attended a private school a bit far from home.Well I have to say that in class I wasn't at the apex of them all and I wasn't at the bottom,but still I was in the A class. This weekend our school Principal is hosting us a welcome party for grade 8's. We were all looking forward to this huge weekend ahead of us.

I had a best friend named Jasmine. She and I had a lot of discussions about the upcoming event. We were planning to get matching outfits and best dresses for the dance night. Jasmine's parents were both pedagogues at some schools.Jasmine had been my best friend ever since I started schooling.

After school I went to buy new outfit for photoshoot and bought a dress for dance night then mommy took me to a saloon to do my hair.Of course I had to do my hair imagine the whole beautiful Nicola going to a huge party with messed up hair,nah that can't be me. The party day finally arrived and I was so happy to be honest."Mom hurry up, I don't wanna miss a photoshoot". I was already losing temper since mom seemed to be relaxed and had completely forgotten about the photoshoot.``Honey,calm down, you won't miss the photoshoot" I shrugged.

After thirty minutes I was ready I looked dazzling neither does mom or dad looked like me.``Dad can we please leave Morgan behind? I don't want him to spoilsport my day ''.I said that deliberately because Morgan hated me and he also wanted to go to the welcome party so this was his slight punishment."Okay princess, anyway he is not up yet so I guess he won't be mad at us for leaving him behind,come let's go.Ivy are you done?"."yeah we can leave now". Dad started the car and drove.

When we arrived at school it was already packed by the entrance. The gate opened and then everyone got inside. The photographers also arrived, then we started taking pictures, switching poses and more poses.Wow you won't believe it, my classmates had chosen me to be the MC for the night, I was stunned. "Hello everyone,my name is Nick the MC. Let's give Mr Jason's our honourable principal a wild applause" then I welcomed him so he could give us the opening speech.

"Welcome everyone,as you have heard from the young lady here, the big man in front of you is Mr Jason, the proud teacher of such wonderful students. Firstly I would like to say thank you to parents who came here to help us welcome our wonderful grade 8's. It's an honour to see all of our students hear.Let me not be a spoilsport."Everyone in hall laughed then he continued"let's all have fun and enjoy the night.Thank you." Then he stepped down from the stage.``Now let's all dance and have some fun." I said with a small smile.

We danced and danced since there was great music in the background. It was hard to resist that feeling that kept urging me to dance even more. While we were eating some parents stood up to motivate us.I wasn't even listening' who the hell needs to hear such boring motivations? I asked myself.I wanted to go home but there was definitely no way I could since I had to close the party as it is part of my title.

Gladly Mr Jason told me that it was time to end the party since it was almost midnight." Ahem…hope we all had fun and enjoyed ourselves but that time has arrived, it's time to wrap up then we can call it a day. I shall say that you'll look stunning and seem happy.Thank you to everyone who left their houses only to come here and support us. Goodnight everyone.`` Stepped down from the stage and went to meet my parents who were already waiting for me by the entrance.

"Nick!" Jasmine embraced me. I embraced her too."you did it babe! that was really awesome!"she said we a wide smile." Of course I did it Jas and thank you,did you enjoy?"I asked her."Of course I did,it was really fun."she said excitedly."I'm glad you did can you visit me tomorrow so we could go to a cinema?" " Sure I will," she said. "Let me get going then, good night"I said as I was embracing her."alright then see you tomorrow".she flashed me a smile as she walked away to meet her parents.

"Mom,Dad I'm ready we can go home now"I said."you really make a great MC Honey" mom said with a wide smile" of course she is, we're so proud of you princess"dad said patting my shoulder. "thank you" I flashed them a smile.We got inside the car and then dad started driving back home. Dad played some music,we did the singing along.We laughed at dad whenever he missed a lyric. "Hahaha dad you can't sing like mom" I laughed and dad winked his eyes and I laughed even harder. Then subsequently dad lost control of the steering wheel.

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