Viktor is a slave with a lost past and future, at the service of his master and whatever he demands, but a dangerous discovery will change his life. PD: No se ingles, solo hice la historia y el traductor Deepl lo tradujo por mi, asique no se si algo se tradujo mal. Link: https://www.deepl.com/es/translator#es/en/PD%3A%20No%20se%20ingles%2C%20solo%20hice%20la%20historia%20y%20el%20traductor%20Deepl%20lo%20tradujo%20por%20mi%2C%20asique%20no%20se%20si%20algo%20se%20tradujo%20mal.%0ALink%0A%20Y%20por%20si%20les%20interesa%20tengo%20otra%20historia%20en%20español. Y por si les interesa tengo otra historia en español.

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My family.

"Viktor come here" called Ana to the most cherished of her three slaves who responded with fervor "Yes mistress" he replied briskly.

"Translate the wall, Carla follow me".

Two minutes after finishing the inscriptions she proceeded to follow the rest "I expected nothing less from you Vik".

The difference in age and height did not exceed 3 years and 30 cm respectively, but that did not prevent the 3 saw her with respect, for her generosity in feeding and after returning activated the notes to proceed with the rest of the walls.

"Wonders" the place glittered in Gold and overly ostentatious decoration, but after a while they passed watching three puppets rise from their sarcophagi in Gold and carved with white inscriptions "Blind" murmured Viktor after hearing the completion of his violin. "Already" asked his mistress after seeing the heads fall. "Yes" replied Viktor.

Ana jumped up with her halberd in hand aiming for the chest of one and kicking the second in the process and both were thrown against the wall and he noticed how the fire and wind made the last dummy burn and cut the last one.

"Perfect" said Ana. "Now you" she looked at the middle dummy. "Careful mistress" shouted Carla. Before she saw her mistress impaled on the arm of the doll reshaped by the damage with the gold around it.

The moment was followed by something important her renewed decapitations and jumping away, the three ran to her aid. "Do not approach it is dangerous, interpret quickly" demanded Ana.

"Healing quickly form barrier" panicked Viktor who was sent backwards with a sharp arm through his heart. "Heh How did I get so far away?" wondered ignorant of his condition Viktor. "Ha I see."

The slowed time went as the pain came to his mind and he screamed in horror, but it didn't stop the rest he removed the puppet and after replacing many details Viktor felt everything fade away and when he opened his eyes again he was on a table and when he saw the flowers beside him he moved seeing Anise beside him in the same state and a note.

<When you recover come out and join us at home, we went ahead not to waste time and to regain hope>.

The note was carefully put away and as she went down she brought down a small hourglass with 3 horro rods surrounding the fragile glass and after lifting it she noticed how the sand was stagnant in the middle, on both sides.

"How strange."

He saw Anis his beloved crossing arms and lifeless, he put the watch nearby more as an offering than as a claim.

"I'm sorry, if I had known it was going to happen, if only at that moment I had avoided it you wouldn't be", already in tears he only avoided the blindness emitted by the sand when he dropped a grain and when he opened his eyes he saw how his mistress was impaled and wondered if it was a hallucination and spoke. "When, how?".

"Do not approach it is dangerous, interpret quickly" demanded Ana. "Healing quickly form barrier".

The moment of hesitation was followed by Vicktor again impaled on the door, his last scream was to warn them of his movement as he pulled spears from the ground and of course there were the screams for his manner of death.

He awoke more conscious and ignored the note grabbing the small hourglass and turning it upside down and thought as he saw his beloved, asking to arrive before the entrance to the combat zone and there he was once again.

"Yes mistress", At the moment he ran, but Vicktor slyly prepared an apprehension chant and when he proceeded to activate it the puppet could not harm his mistress and was eliminated in an instant "Very good Viktor, I expected nothing less from you" she smiled cheerfully at him. "Yes."The moment was followed by a tremor and they saw a new coffin emerge and several things fell including the clock near Viktor who picked it up and turned it before setting it on the floor, as the puppet emerged and with a bang the whole room shook and the armor was imposing, heavy and well ornamented, immediately a Note was thrown and fire erupted burning Ana and Carla, Vickor and Anis were saved by their places but Carla screamed in pain, Ana for her part was holding on and extinguished the flames when Anis sang and the water arose to help them when a second note resounded and the place cooled to the point that the water became ice and Carla saw her leg being broken, in the imperceptible movement that happened and she was on the floor.
"Before his appearance!" shouted Viktor in a panic. The next moment the glow blinded everyone and as he regained his sight he felt the shiver and quickly fiddled generating a barrier of Wind, dispelling the fire but the cold weakened them."Quick defense here it comes again," Ana shouted as she rejoined them.

Next was a blanket of darkness that spread and extinguished the flames Viktor lit his flare only to see 3 spears pierce leg and arm of his mistress who barely defended herself and the shattered puppet in the chest, an instant and Viktor screamed before he realized."BEFORE HIS APPEARANCE."The glow came back to mow them all down and again there it was, he conjured the barrier and hurried to activate his flare, the cloak of darkness was late, but they could see and chanted for reinforcement from their mistress who knocked the puppet down in an instate.

"Incredible Viktor, how did you know it would be like this" they congratulated him, but Viktor was in a panic, if he told them then he would lose much of the merit he earned ase nothing and spoke. "The scores we translated, no puppet ever used them", at the time he was surprised at how insultingly simple the thing was and replied somewhat regretfully "Heh, heh right" he scratched his cheek Ana somewhat embarrassed.

"Mistress, can I keep the watch," "Sure," no one questioned the answer, but the doubt came to Anis who threw the question. "Viktor why do you want that watch?", curious she put her hand on her chest, a gesture their mistress instilled in them to feel more formal.

"My dear lady, the chant we compose is as precious as this watch could grant this composer his hand in chanting ete..." The blow stopped him in an instate and he fell to the floor in an almost comical act. "No" replied Anis sharply.

The watch looked at the floor and spoke. "Before my confession," nothing happened but I noticed the arrows pointing upwards. "It's over", his mistress replied "What a thing", he hastened to answer "Nothing".

He turned the watch around and it proceeded to glow mowing everyone down and turned away as he saw the fist coming and finished his confession. "Eternity", Angrily she threw another punch and replied "NO".

Again she backed away each time shortening her confession more and more but aware that she was failing and avoided the blows until she got tired and spoke. "NO and don't move", "It's a pity", Viktor composed himself.

He continued his way between collecting everything of value, he accepted what was nailed to the wall and that Ana insisted on removing with brute force and they left loaded with treasures, a problem with bandits and a practice for Viktor to continue and reach the guild to exchange it for scores of defense and elementals, besides of course exchange them for some coins and that day they celebrated but there was a problem, as always they got drunk and Viktor was the first to be unconscious after the blows for his eagerness to declare himself to Anis.But he came back again and again just as drunk as when he left.Since that day he heard a lot of things from everyone and the acquisition of a new slave girl made a dent in everyone's mind, but Viktor returned many times to engage in conversations and let himself go a little, the friendship had been established very quickly, but in the celebration he had noticed the most interesting thing, his state was maintained even returning, especially for how badly the confessions ended and to see them play at "I'll catch you".

The youth appeared and among all Viktor was in charge of making the favoritism something equal with his mistress to whom it made him renege more to follow with reason and logic."I tell you again, we should bring more vengalas" Viktor demanded. "I told you, aren't sheet music better."

Viktor let out a loud and long sigh that they all noticed, and it was the signal to run for the sermon that would last for hours, but Ana raised her hand and answered faster "Alright I will buy the vengalas don't get like that my Viktitor", At the moment she saw his serene, but serious expression and started "For starters, parlam...""HAAAAAA I CAN'T HEAR I'M MADE OF STRAW I HAVE CABBAGE EARS, STRAWBERRY, POTATO, BAIT..." Ana ran as fast as she could covering her ears and reciting the deaf man's litany."I won," Mery exclaimed."Chi," gnashed her teeth Carla, with whom she had bet ase little and handed her the carrot.

Carla had the same doubt and came to the conclusion after observing the clock again, it was a score, without any trace of anything other than the lines of one, but noticed the brightness had that day contained the lines and at the end the word <ORA>, Vickor had been dedicated to study each part of the clock with great care when he sang the reinforcement and the clock brought the incantation of the stored past.

"Well we can continue", at the moment Anis almost hit him, but the kick did hit his leg, although it ended up hurting Anis more than Victor and the spell dissipated "Hay dear you should know by now that you can't overtake me".
Clutching his sore foot Anis merely complained "WHEN DID YOU PUT A BARRIER?" turning his head from right to left he replied "What can you do if you accept my confession then I'll tell you", "GET LOST" replied Anis insultingly between a tearful snort and his pent up rage. The next moment Viktor made a regretful face, as if he was dismayed to see her and replied somewhat curtly "As you wish", "Je you got angry, I didn't mean to", a slight sigh and replied "I don't simply give up anything else" "Huh?".
She turned to look at the couple, Thanks for betting on me Carla, here you go.

At the moment he gave her a sweet with the intention of comforting her and she was glad as they could not imagine, but it was the only thing, and proceeded to continue the chat with her teacher when she arrived and delivered the vengalas and their arrival at the abbey they lit the vengalas, however they could not avoid falling into the trap where they got separated and Viktor pushed Anis to the side making her fall near a Thorns trap, holding her at the last moment."What the hell is wrong with you", "You betrayed us all, I knew you liked me but I didn't expect that from you, you know I feel sorry for you", she asked confused "What are you talking about?", Anis was afraid of Viktor's expression who answered her. "In a month you were just a corpse to see and yet I barely managed to save them and I'm sorry" he released her to her fate and removed the corpse with a wind spell and carried her in tears, for what he felt and for what he had just done, but his mistress and his new beloved were worth all his pain and evil especially, because he recovered the watch in a last desperate act, impaled on weapons.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to" His lament was unfounded but he had to keep it that way.

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