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With their hair as white as snow, their skin resembling porcelain in its fairness, and their faces exuding gentleness, their captivating scent can only be detected by werewolves; however, despite their undeniable beauty, who could have ever imagined that they would be nothing more than mere sustenance? Nymphs have the purpose of living and reproducing in order to serve as sustenance. They are known as nymphs and are regarded as highly vulnerable creatures in the world. Within the werewolf realm, nymphs hold significant importance as their survival is crucial for the werewolves' own existence. Nymphs do not possess names since their lifespan is short and they are solely viewed as a source of food. But what if one of these weak creatures becomes a weakness for the strongest werewolf? What if the woman considered only as food and insignificant being becomes the mate of the fierce alpha leader?

Romance Suspense romantique Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans.

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Chapter 1

I am shivering.

The snow outside the pet shop is the reason why. It's winter again. But who cares if we freeze to death?

No clothes, hands and feet tied while sitting on the cold floor. The rope has left marks on my wrists and legs. As I tremble and watch the white snow falling from the sky.

If the owner of the pet shop couldn't sell me today, I might just die from the cold.

I feel the large wound on my back, caused by repeated strikes of a whip.

My only fault is that I couldn't eat because I couldn't reach the food towards my mouth.

My palm has a big wound, making it difficult for me to even put any food on my mouth.

"What are you looking for? We have affordable nymphs here. What gender are you interested in? Male? Female? The most beautiful nymph?" asked the owner of the pet shop.

An elderly man entered. He appears to be around50 years old. His face looks stern.

He is wearing simple clothes and a woven hat. At first glance, you can immediately tell that he is just a servant or a farmer.

Pet owners raise and breed nymphs to sell to werewolves in search of fresh meat. Selling nymphs is one of the main livelihoods of the people in Gentes.

"I am looking for something for the palace," the man said.

The pet owner's eyes widened. "It is my honor to sell a nymph for our beloved alpha!"

"What nymph with high quality do you recommend?"

"Right away! I will prepare them," said the pet owner, promptly obeying the customer's request.

I glanced at the man's water container. It surely had water in it. His wooden container for water was tied to his side, which was a common practice among the locals here.

I swallowed.

The man glanced briefly at the imprisoned nymphs.

He observed them as if examining them. When he approached me, I had the opportunity to reach for his water container.

Even just a little. I haven't eaten for two days, so if possible, water would be enough to fill my stomach.

I tried to reach the water container, but I accidentally bumped it hard, causing it to fall.

I was scared and backed away, squeezing myself into the corner of the metal cage.

I saw him pick up the water container from the floor. I felt nervous, my fingers trembling.

My wounds haven't healed yet, but I knew I would soon have new ones. I gasped as the man squatted down to peek into my cage.

His face remained serious as he observed me. I swallowed hard several times out of fear. I didn't know how to hide.

Suddenly, he moved and I was startled, pressed against the corner. I wondered if he would hit me or punch me.

But a few seconds passed and the expected beating did not come from him, instead something else happened.

"Are you thirsty?" he said in a low voice. I opened my eyes and the fear was still in my eyes when he looked at me.

And I looked at the container of water he was holding.

He approached me with it. I blinked and hesitated while observing the container of water he was holding.

I am thirsty, but I don't know if I can accept it.

Maybe there will be consequences if I accept it.

"I won't do anything else. I'll just give you something to drink," he said again.

I was very thirsty, so I immediately grabbed the water he offered. I bit the cap because I couldn't open it with my injured hand.

My hand was wounded, and the only way I could see to open it and drink was with my mouth.

But the man suddenly took it back. And he himself opened the water bottle for me.

"Here, have a drink," he said and leave to look around the pet shop.

I was surprised. Not because I am about to drink now, but because... in my entire life, this is the first time someone has done this for me.

Most of the werewolves we encounter mistreat us. If they're not hurting us, they're starving us.

I grew up in that system. So, this is unfamiliar to me. I didn't realize tears were streaming down my face as I swallowed the water in his water container.

"This is everything-"

The owner of the pet shop was startled when he caught me drinking water.

The owner of the water container was observing the other nymphs in their cage.

"You son of a bitch!" the pet shop owner approached me angrily.

He opened my cage to get the water container and hurt me. He quickly grabbed a stick to hit me.

I winced as the stick landed on my back. He gave me a sharp glare before snatching the water container from my hand.

"I apologize. This one stole your water container," the pet owner reported.

The man furrowed his brow. "I gave that to her. He didn't steal it," the man defended seriously to me.

The pet owner's eyes widened and turned towards me. I immediately cowered in fear.

"Is that so?" the pet owner laughed and gave me a sharp look.

It was a warning.

Later, I would surely be in trouble. When the male customer leaves, I will definitely be hurt again. My fingers trembled.

This might be where my life ends. I've been expecting it.

If I don't become food for the customers who will buy me, then surely my life will end in the hands of my pet owner.

“By the way, I want to take that one," the man said, pointing at me suddenly.

My eyes widened. "Are you serious?" the pet owner laughed. "That one is nothing but skin and bones, and it would be embarrassing to serve that nymph to the alpha."

"Not for the Alpha. I'm taking her for myself," he replied.

The pet owner winced. "Are you sure? I have plenty of stock here that will surely satisfy your taste. That one is just a reject to be slaughtered and fed to the rogues in the forest."

I am dumbfounded.

So that's where I supposed to be sent?

I swallowed some bitterness in my throat and quietly looked at the man.

If I were to die, I would want it to be at the hands of this kind man. I want to convince him, but I don't know how to communicate with them.

I haven't learned a language to speak to them. I can understand, but I can't speak. No one thought us, and that's forbidden for us to learn as a nymph.

"She is the one I want," the man said.

I inhaled deeply and felt a warm joy in my chest. It seems that the pet owner is not yet convinced about the man's decision about purchasing me.

He continues to convince the man to buy someone else instead of me.

But I am grateful for the man's decision to buy me wholeheartedly.


I wore the thick jacket and the peculiar footwear that the man gave me. He placed me on his carriage.

It was my first time going out. It was amazing and different.

The carriage started with a sudden jerk. I was surprised and held onto the wooden support. He noticed and shook his head.

"I don't eat nymphs. I eat wild animals in the forest and cook them," he started.

I turned to him with curiosity.

"When you become healthy and regain your strength, don't expect to stay with me. Because I don't take care of lowly creatures like you. I didn't buy you to save you if that's what you're thinking," he said to me.

I swallowed hard and bowed my head. I felt a sense of sadness.

If that's the case, my life won't end in his hands. Which I prefer from the start.

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