Ghost 6

Sarah is a member of the band Exotic Mushrooms. After going through a bad break up she finds herself once again in the bed of a person she doesn't know. Will she make it through this and recover? Follow her and her band-mates story through this short LGBT+ story.

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Song 1

Sarah rolled out of the bed of her newest lay. At least she thought it was a bed.

Coming out of a bad break up with her band mate and long time partner Jenna, has made her overly frisky. And the roller coaster fuckfest she's been on has lead her to roll out of many things one would not always call consider a bed.

She sighed and turned to look at the girl still in bed. She had blue hair and a big angel tattoo down her back. For a moment she thought it was Jenna. Quickly she pulled her hand back, stopping herself from waking the her.

She hid her face in her hands and shook herself a bit, "This was the last one," she said to no one. A repeated mantra she sang after every one nightstand.

The girl's place was clean and in much better shape than some of the other people she had been with. A casual walk through the place told her that Blue-hair was a college graduate and a practicing lawyer.

Sarah found her jeans folded up on a sofa in the lounge. This was strange considering that the norm was for all her clothes to form a trail leading from the door to the bed.

"Hey...You want coffee?" A groggy voice asked her from behind.

She turned, Blue-hair was standing in the room, naked. Her nipples were pierced and beautiful floral tattoos licked at the edges of her breasts.

Blue-hair laughed, "You can touch them again if you like." s

She smiled at Sarah and kissed her as she passed.

Sarah turned and watched her bum jiggle as she walked by.

"Uh...hey. Morning. Yeah. Coffee would be great," she said and followed Blue-hair into the kitchen.

"So, how did you sleep?" Blue-hair asked while setting two cups on the marble top and switching on the kettle.

"Honestly, I don't know. I don't remember much of last night," Sarah looked down at her purple chipped nails and scratched at her almost naked pinky.

"I feel hurt. You don't remember our night of hot passion?" Blue-hair said sarcastically with a pout, then laughed.

"Cliff notes. We came back to my place after the bar. You were shit faced but still a good kisser. We made-out for a bit then went to bed. Like an old married couple. Sugar and milk?"

Sarah looked up and smiled at her. It wasn't often that she passed out on a pretty girl.

"No, milk. Sweetner if you have? Otherwise black as night, is just fine as well."

The kettle clicked off and Blue-hair filled their cups. The burned caffeine smell pulled Sarah from her still muddled morning fog. Memories of night before came back to her and she looked at Blue-hair with wide eyes.

"You little liar. We didn't even make-out. I remember now. Well not all of it but... We came back to your place. I threw up...O shit. I threw up on...I'm so so sorry," Sarah blushed and looked away, embarrassed.

"Yep, you blew your load all over my best Armani Suit," Blue-hair said with a slight smirk and pushed a steaming cup towards her.

"I can pay for the dry cleaning," Sarah said apologetically while taking the cup.

"Your not the first girl to do that. However you are the first to do it on me in my nice clothes."

"So, your naked now because?"

"Egyptian cotton sheets are best enjoyed in the nude."

Blue-hair took her cup and walked over to the lounge. She sat and patted the seat beside her. The open plan area had a good flow and Sarah liked it. The lack of walls made her comfortable. A bit too comfortable but she pushed her flight response down and joined the kind stranger.

"I had a peek around the place. Law degree and a practice? Impressive."

"That was the old me. I still do some legal shit on the side, but I'm more of a consultant these days. One of the perks of being freelance is that I get to dye my hair all kinds of pretty colors without the judgement of well a judge."

"Niki, that's your name, right? I remember. It's not the name on your degree." she blew on her cup and took a sip.

"Memory kicking in, finally. And you are ...Sarah, lead guitarist of the Exotic Mushrooms."Niki said confidently and took a sip from her own cup.

"Uhm yeah. That's me."

Sarah looked away from her and starred at the potted plant on the coffee table before them. The plant helped to settle her thoughts. Thoughts of Jenna and the crazy string of one night stands she's had.

"Look," she started while staring at the plant," I think I've overstayed my welcome and this is nice and all, but I should probably ...go," she sat the cup on the table and got up.

"I know about Jenna...your break-up...was rather public. And your free to go, but if you want to stay and just breath a bit. Know that your welcome to. Maybe take a hot shower, with or without me," she said playfully.

Sarah picked up her cup, leaned back into the couch and smiled at her, "Thanks."

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