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One thousand years after a catastrophic disaster wiped out human civilization on earth, ushering in the space age for the survivors, another cataclysmic event was foretold. At the center of this future darkness was a young, carefree boy named Linley Raven, who could rewrite the fate of the new human civilization, alongside other young champions.

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The Foretelling

Milky Way, Orion Galaxy.

Year 3300, Galactic Calendar.

This quiet galaxy had become a ghost of its glorious past. There were only traces of human activities to show that mankind once belonged here.

On one of the planets in this small galaxy, the trees towered into the sky which shared the same blue colour as the sea.But there were no traces of human life on this planet. No towering buildings, or any form of transportation which were common on other planets.

The sky here was for birds, the sea belonged to fish, and the forest harbored nature.

If it weren't for some ancient city ruins that could occasionally be seen deep in the forest, people would definitely think that this planet wss still an uncivilized world. However, on this planet that was almost forgotten by civilization, was an island, in the middle of an ocean on its southern hemisphere.

Yet this island was different from any natural island. It was made of pure metal instead of soil and rocks.

If occasional galactic travelers passed above this planet, their flight radar would definitely not detect the existence of this island. They would only see the natural landscape of the island which resembled a huge trident.

At this time, a small transport ship broke into the atmosphere of this peaceful planet, and flew directly towards this isolated metal island in the ocean of the southern hemisphere.

When the transport ship appeared above the metal island in the blink of an eye, the middle of the huge trident image suddenly sank, and a deep black hole appeared.

The transport plane circled and landed in this black hole, and then disappeared, with the black hole returning to its original appearance.

Leaving the guest of the transport ship in a cordoned area, Yama followed closely behind the teacher as they headed towards the astrology room. This was his first time coming to the astrology room, which was the most mysterious place in the entire island.

Entering the astrology room, Yama felt like he was in an open universe. Different galaxies were rotating around him. He saw the birth and destruction of planets, and he also saw the various civilizations that appeared on these galaxies.

Suddenly, Yama had the illusion that he was a god watching the changes in all living beings in the galaxy. He was still in a trance when he was yanked back to reality by the voice of his master. "Yama, you must watch closely and pay attention to what I'll show you later. This is the last lesson I can teach you."

His master's words brought Yama's thoughts back to reality, and he replied respectfully. "Yes, master. I will observe carefully."

After hearing Yama's affirmative reply, the teacher said nothing more. He stood at the center of the entire universe, closed his eyes, and at the same time began to form different magical seals with his hands, and the speed of the seals was getting faster and faster, so fast that ordinary people could not detect it with their naked eyes.

Already an Adept, Yama closed his eyes when the teacher closed them. Years of study made him know that what he wanted to learn could not be seen clearly with the naked eye. What was needed was the eye of the mind.

Sure enough, through his mind's eye, Yama saw clearly every movement of the teacher's hand seals. He saw the last gesture, the teacher's hands were clasped together, except for the two index fingers, the other fingers were clasped together tightly, and the index fingers were relatively straight.

Then the grandmaster of The Deep shouted. "Open!"

And a beam of white light shot out from the index finger and went straight into the Milky Way in front of them. As this beam of white light entered it, the Milky Way seemed to be boiling.

Yama felt that many stars were rushing towards him, and finally they flashed past. Many stars passed him by, but finall origin stars.

According to the constitutive age of the galaxy where it was located, the planet here was still relatively young and was a very habitable planet for humans.

Now, the planet was surrounded by aircraft of all sizes. Later, Yama actually saw the scene on the surface of the planet through the planet's atmosphere. He saw a huge city full of people, then he saw a parade with the sky full of flowers and fireworks, and a man standing in front of the podium.

Yama knew this man. He remembered that not long ago, he had met this man with his teacher. At that time, this man had almost nothing, but now he had the entire universe. Yama knew the man's name was Leon.

The scene in front of Yama was still changing. He saw the death of this man, saw his children fighting for the throne, he saw prosperity, and saw destruction.

Starting from this planet, everything that happened in all the star fields associated with it flashed in front of Yama. Yama knew that what he saw now were things that would definitely happen in the future.

In this astrology room, time seemed to have disappeared. As he watched, darkness enveloped the entire Milky Way. Only a tiny light near the edge of the Milky Way remained, but the light seemed ready to be overwhelmed at any time.

The Sovran's eyes opened, and with a plopping sound, a mouthful of blood spurted out of the teacher's mouth. He was about to collapse to the ground when Yama quickly stepped forward and stretched out his hand to assist his teacher's seemingly fragile body.

Reaffirming himself, he waved his hand to signal Yama to stop supporting him. Yama let go of his hand and took a step back, but he still maintained a posture that could step forward at any time.

The blood that the grandmaster just vomited did not fall to the ground, but magically floated in front of the teacher. The Sovran pointed his hand toward the faint fire, and the blood flew over and merged with the fire.

A dazzling red light illuminated the entire astrology room. Yama instinctively closed his eyes. When he opened his eyes again, everything in the astrology room returned to how it was when he entered. It seems like nothing happened here just now.

Yama looked at the teacher again. He saw a golden scroll in the Sovran's hand. The scroll shimmered in the starry sky. "Give this scroll to the waiting Leon's special envoy, and tell him that everything they want to know is inside the scroll, but it can only be read by Leon himself."

After that, the scroll flew into Yama's hands.

On the hangar of the island, a small transport ship floated quietly inside, while in the cordoned room next to it, a man in dark blue garments walked back and forth. In addition to him, there were two Praetorian guards standing beside the door in the room.

The door to the boarding room opened and Yama walked in.

"Hello, Mr. Special Envoy. My master wants you to give this to His Majesty, Emperor Leon. Please pass it on to him." Yama handed the golden scroll in his hand to the man in the dark blue garments.

The man stretched out his hands and took the golden scroll very respectfully. "Excuse me, Lord Yama, what else did the master say?"

"He said the scroll can only be read by His Majesty, Emperor Leon himself. He didn't say much else." Yama replied calmly.

"Thank you, your honor. Please convey His Majesty's highest greetings to the Sovran for me." After the man in the dark blue garments finished speaking, he bowed to Yama, then turned around and walked out of the other door of the cordoned room. The two The guards followed closely behind him.

The small transport plane gradually levitated, and then disappeared into the sky dragging a blue tail flame.

Yama returned to the Sovran's room. When he saw his master's current appearance, he screamed in fright, "Aaaargh, master, how could you do this?"

He saw that what was left of his master were only bones, without a trace of flesh and blood, and withered hair was sparsely attached to the wrinkled head.

"Child, this is the result of performing an ultimate essence magic. Although we in The Deep can extend our lifespan almost infinitely through secret methods, once we perform such astrological magic, we will die in an instant. I am only using secret methods to delay the final time."

"Why, master?"

"Don't interrupt me and listen to me, my child."

Yama nodded, walked to the teacher, and knelt down, tears streaming down his face unconsciously.

"You have been following me for nearly a thousand years now. You're an orphan I found when I was searching for the fire that would end the turmoil of a thousand-year civilization. You are very smart. It only took you this short millennium to learn all the secrets of The Deep. I'm very pleased."

Seeing that Yama seemed to be about to say something, The Sovran lowered his hand feebly, signaling him not to interrupt. Yama could only swallow the words in his heart again.

"Child, the ultimate mission of The Deep is to find the light that can end this doomsday when mankind encounters it. All crises are actually decided at the beginning. Everything is fate and no one can stop it. And what we can do is to demonstrate this destiny in advance through secret methods at the beginning, and know when and where the next crisis will start and new fire will be found." The Sovran paused for a long time, as if trying to gather the energy to speak. "So, from now on, you will take over this important responsibility from me, my child. Are you willing?"

"Teacher, I am." Yama finally took this opportunity to speak out what was on his mind. "Master, please stop talking and take a rest. Whatever you want to say, we'll talk about it after you have rested."

"Hmm...." The teacher looked at Yama with loving eyes. Suddenly, the teacher raised his hand and covered Yama's head with his palm. "I order as the master of The Deep that from now on, Yama will become the new Sovran of The Deep. The transfer of the inheritance starts now."

Yama wanted to refuse when he heard the teacher's words, but he found that he couldn't do anything at all. The Sovran's palm was like a huge magnet, while he was a small iron nail, firmly attracted by this magnet. Immediately afterwards, Yama felt a huge force coming from his master's palm, entering his soul through the top of his head. Unable to bear it, Yama fainted.

When he woke up again, everything was arranged in the room, but his master who was in front of him, had disappeared, leaving only a thick brown cloak. Yama hugged his robe and cried loudly.

The wheel had turned again.

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