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After Medusa’s explosion, she has no place to go. Hunters come everyday, only to be turned to stone. She waits for something to change, but nothing ever happens in the cave she’s trapped in. Until one day the kin of the very woman who cursed her arrives, asking for help, never looking Medusa in the eyes. Medusa’s heart softens, but when it comes to facing off the true bad guys, Medusa can’t seem to kill. What happened to her old, ruthless self?

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The Serpent

Everybody knows a creature who sets eyes upon The Serpent is already dead and buried. The Serpent was the mentor of some of the most famous monsters today. It favored Medusa deeply, though. The others hated Medusa for it. They did terrible things to her. For this, The Serpent turned them all into the thing they despised most. Humans. Despicable humans. Medusa wanted to punish them more, though. She told The Serpent this, but he refused to bewitch them like Medusa wanted. Medusa grew angry. She drew upon the anger, and became more evil than you could image. She wrapped her hair up in a green tie, keeping the snakes from biting anyone, and when into the city. She had always lived in the Forbidden Woods, and never left it. She only spoke in Serpentine, which terrified the people. She finally decided her revenge. She grabbed a enchanting book from her hand and pretended to be reading while she slipped into the library. She snatched a book on Greek Mythology and ran. She undid her hair, and it exploded into a world of green. "Kill," she hissed. The snakes flung everywhere, killing as the whole world seemed to became red with blood. She grabbed the book and set it to fire. Her indigo eyes shimmered. When Medusa returned home from the ruined world she had created, she found The Serpent dead. A woman in a black robe stood with a golden wand in her hand. "Evil!" she yelled. Medusa hissed. She ran at the woman, her hair slithering and hissing with fury. The woman didn't flinch. Medusa looked down to see her legs weren't moving. She couldn't leave the cave. Her anger boiled inside her. "Serpentine. What a bewitching tongue," said the woman. Whenever Medusa looked at someone they turned to stone. She was cursed. Bewitched. Doomed. That woman would pay, Medusa was sure of it.

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