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Liu, ex-con, wrongfully convicted in front of his students whilst teaching. V-jaying (Veronica-Jacy) is a young farmer and artist, with her dog Sargent, a German Shepherd-Husky mix get caught up in apocalypse of natural and Supernatural proportions. Join them as they travel, survive and possibly thrive.

Post-apocalyptique Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans.

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A Deadly but Beautiful World

"The world has changed a lot these past few weeks. It sure is beautiful, isn't it?" -Liu

'The world has fallen apart and went into a deep, deep sinkhole of death and despair. It feels like.... Ugh, my head hurts. I can just barely concentrate on what I was talking about.'

'Yeah, well you'd be able to if you would stop rambling. You would think that since you were attacked and your head was injured that wouldn't talk so much.'

' Well your extremely rude about the "rambler" that you saved, aren't you?'

This is Liu and V-Jaying (or Veronica-Jacy). I'm not exactly sure why she refuses to say her real name. I even less sure where she got that name from. And Liu, he's got trauma from his childhood. Let's not talk about that right now, alright? I'm not sure if he can hear me. But I don't think he can. Just know he never went to therapy for it. I don't think his family was able to even afford such a thing. He never gonna say anything, at least not right now. Moving on Veronica's dog Sargent is here as well. He's a German Shepherd-Husky mix. If you can believe it, he doesn't act like much of a Husky though, well not all the time. He was trained by Veronica's father. I'm not going to tell you his name. It's up to you to continue reading to find out his name. Have fun.

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