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Acknowledgments and Author


I am Alvin Becrafts youngest granddaughter Leona Beaumonte. I am writing about his journey through life. I am taking this once in a lifetime opportunity to rekindle a story that he left behind. I will be shining a light on his passion for glass, and showing appreciation for the artists that stood beside him. It is time to put my grandfather infront of his own glass pieces, He personally crafted himself. Alvin deserves acknowledgment for his collection that we all admire today. This is a generational legacy that will live for many years to come. In hopes someone follows behind him in this craft.He would be proud and humbled by the response of his followers. As transparent as his glass was he was a prolific artist with an undeniable talent in this craft. A natural at heart.

Alvin Becraft the glass blower! A Legend

Owner of,

"The Becraft Glass Company"

located in Fort Smith, Arkansas


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