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Prologue: Amelia Summers is the Omega of the Garden Pack. She has loving parents and a happy life. But someone tells Alpha Mathew Williams a lie about Amelia. What will happen to dear sweet innocent Amelia at age 15?

Drame Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans.

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Chapter 1

*Amelia's POV*

Everything was peaceful, this life that I was living was just perfect. Because I had loving parents, and I was a part of a pack that treated each other like family. By the way, my name is Amelia Summers, I'm the Omega of the Garden Pack, up in the north of the U.S.

No one dared to challenge this pack, not with our powerful Alpha, Mathew Williams. He also had the help of his beautiful Luna, Regina Williams. But who knew that someone would try and get the Alpha to hate me. It just made no sense for this to happen, but I guess life has a lot of crazy challenges to throw at us. Now I will tell you how my life turned upside down,

I was spending time with my mother; she was my best friend and I loved her so much. We were returning to the pack from shopping and that's when I smelt something off. I kept looking around, it was a habit that I have when I know that something is wrong. Mom caught on quickly to what I was spacing out about, "What's the matter dear?" She asked concerned, "I smell someone from another pack on our land, they are hiding their smell from the Alpha and Luna. But my nose knows that something is wrong." I answered, "I see, I would have never known that if you hadn't told me dear. Now let's get home before anything happens." I nodded at her, and we made our way towards our house.

But something was about to change, I never knew that this might happen so quickly.

We arrived home and standing outside of our house was the Alpha and his Beta, Gorge Sanchez. "Is something the matter Alpha?" Mom asked I could hear the worry in her voice, the Alpha turned towards us and I could tell that his cold stare was set on me. Witch was very confusing, "Omega Summers, we need to talk." His voice was as cold as an iceberg in the cold Artic Ocean.

But nonetheless I nodded my head and walked towards the Alpha, "Did I do something wrong Alpha?" I asked, I was very nervous, I knew that mom contacted dad through their mate link since I heard him come running outside of the house. "You did actually, I need to know something and you best be honest with me." Just the tone of his voice got me scared. "What would you like to know?" I asked, not knowing what I did wrong.

"I just got word from a member of our pack that you met with the Luna last week. Is that true?" I nodded because I remember going to the Pack House to talk to the Luna because she needed help with planning a surprise party for the Alpha, so I don't know what got him so worked up. "So you admit to meeting with her?" He asked, "Yes I did meet with her, that is all I did so I don't know what you think I did wrong." I said, his face didn't change he was as mad at me as a mad dog protecting his owners.

I gulped since I didn't know what he thinks I did wrong, "I also learned that you attacked the Luna, because you where jealous of her!" It scared me because of his yelling, but he had it all wrong, I was protecting the Luna, since she was about to be attacked by a Rouge wolf on our outing, we were only getting supplies from the party store.

"Alpha, that is not true, I was protecting the Luna because we were attacked by Rouge wolves!" I yelled back, I knew that raising my voice was not the best thing to do but I had to get my point across somehow. "That's a complete lie!" Alpha Mathew screamed, I flinched, and I snuck a glance back at my parents who had worry graced across their faces.

"I was away for most of the week, and I come home to my mate unconscious!" When I heard that I was stuck in place, but what I did know was that I didn't harm the Luna in any way shape or form. I was protecting her, and she thanked me for it, but then I remember the sent from before and how it smelt off and not familiar.

"Alpha, I didn't harm the Luna in any way shape or form, like I said before, I was protecting her. But I must tell you that there is an intruder on our land." But he wasn't taking those facts, the next thing I knew was that the Beta was behind me, and he put my hands behind my back. I heard my parents gasp at this and so did I, I didn't know what they were doing. Until I felt him tie a rope around my wrists.

"Alpha, she did nothing wrong." I heard my mom say, "My mate is right, our daughter did nothing wrong." Dad chimed in, but I knew that nothing they said was going to change what was happening. Then I felt a needle enter my neck, my eyes widened they were about to enter Wolfs Bane into my neck. It weakens a wolf, I felt myself falling to the ground.

"AMELIA!" I heard my parents yell, but it was too late, I fell asleep and then picked up by the Beata. They would be taking me to the Pack House dungeons since they think that I harmed the Luna.

I woke up on a cold floor an hour later, I looked around since I didn't know where I was. But then it hit me, I was in the dungeon of the Pack House. I sighed, I was being framed for something that I didn't do. I can't stand this, but I knew that I had to get out of this place, I had to get back to my parents somehow. I knew that I would be harmed by someone in the pack because they think that I'm a traitor, the only ones who believed me where my parents and the Luna, who was asleep at the moment. Tears spilled from my eyes as I thought about what might happen to me.

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