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Hahahaha finally I got the chance to kill u.

NO DON'T DO THIS!! I screamed as she pushed my best friend over the railing.


HA hahahahah this is really amazing your friend tried to warn u about me but no u had to get in my way.

I tried to stand up but was pushed down by one of Leanna minions.


HA! after stealing my position of one of the top student. stealing my spotlight so when u are gone it can return to me. So what do u think I WILL do.

Am sorry...... I said weakly I was tired from crying so my voice was weak.

sorry SORRY u think your sorry can undo everything u did to me. But because u are an idiot u actually thought I liked u. Your died friend could've easily know I was fake. Too bad she died.

So without further or do let me be a kind person and let u meet your dead friend in hell!

When she said that she pushed me off the same railing she pushed Rianna over.

As I got pushed over I said a little wish.

I wish I was reborn to save my friends to save my family and to destroy the people who taked me for granted......... Right at that moment a shooting star came............

Owwwwww ahhh my head was hurting me like a bunch of neddles were piercing though it then suddenly it stopped.

I was laying in a master bedroom and out of the window u could see a perfect veiw of Hans river.

This seen looks oddly familiar in Natalia's memory.

Wait aren't I suppose to be died!

I spotted a mirror on the wall and walked over. In my reflection I saw the most beautiful 21 years old woman.

Wait this is 7 Years before the accident.



when I turned around I saw the most attractive handsome man. he was tall and had a cream-ish complexion and he was like a demegod.

I know am attractive. He suddenly said and his voice was deep.

Who are u and what are u doing in my room!

Hello am Lu Qingqin and I am here to grant your wish.

What wish?

"I wish I was reborn to save my friends to save my family and to destroy the people who taked me for granted" he repeated it trying to mimic how I sound.

U were listening to me?

No....well I didn't have a chance so yea. Am here.

So u were responsible for letting me be reborn?

Yes. So from today and onwards I will be looking out for u.

For your information I am not a child I can take care of myself.

As I said that I walked but suddenly tripped over the carpet.

As soon as I was about to crash onto the ground a hand caught me just in time.

So Clumsy! are u sure u can take care of yourself.

Knock knock knock Natalia it Leanna! am coming in.

We didn't.....I mean I didn't expect that so I was a bit late

Crash! The plate in Leanna hands came down breaking into pieces.

I had a lot of RED flags

1. She came in without my permission.

2. I was still into a STANDERS embrace.

3. Because of the plate cracking it gatter up a nearby crowd.

I immediately tried to get out of his embrace but he pulled me back.

4. He won't let me go.

5. People are already given us suspicious eyes.

Let me go. I said but he did not listen the more I tried the lower I went.

How low do u want to go Lu Qingqin asked as he looked at me with his deep ocean blue eyes.


End of chapter


Authors note: Hey guys. Next chapter will be giving u more information about the characters So stay tuned.

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