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As I continued to move forward, the room became dark, then suddenly someone attacked me from behind, I seemed to have no chance to escape, then suddenly a voice was heard.

Maya Maya Maya Wake up, it's morning.

Suddenly my eyes open Oops it was a dream mom what do you mean you saved me? Mom says in surprise well leave all this. It's ok mom.

Today is Sunday, did you forget? No mom

Come on, get up and work

Okay mom. When I become a lawyer, you won't have to work like this all the time. Well, I will say that this wish of yours may not be fulfilled. Hey why madam is forbidding me to work. How happy is it, mom, if I become a good lawyer, can't I hire a servant for my mom? .

No, no, why mom, you should also do your own work, that's what you say, so why do such a thing now?

Let's go for breakfast, have breakfast and work with me. Okay fine

Then Maya gave a sweet smile to her mother.

Come quickly, how much more time will you spend? Your father has spoiled you. I don't know when this girl will grow up

Assalam Alaikum Abu. Maya's father greets her and then she sits down for breakfast. Now you were with me, you changed the party. Maya says jokingly to her mother.

You are complaining about me to Abu. This is not a good thing, is it?

Yes, of course, where do we have the right to file your complaint?

Maya's mother Nasreen Arsal Ahmed laughs saying this

I wanted that fee money, the fee for this semester was left and the last date was the day before yesterday.

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Shaun M Waller Shaun M Waller
Good story.
December 19, 2023, 19:05