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This is a Teen Drama related story, My friend @lunanat3 has done a different perspective so make sure to check out her profile!! This is Kaia's side of the story, lunanat3 did Lance's side!

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Half Full

It’s snow season, and I’m so excited to see my cousin Mia and Tarence, and of course Lance. What’s up? I’m Kaia Dorman, I live in Florida, and every Christmas I go up to my aunt’s house and spend about a week up in Buffalo New York, In my opinion, the most beautiful place I’ve been.

Mia was my older cousin, she has been my best friend since we were little, Tarence is my younger cousin, he's a little annoying but I deal with the pain. But Lance, Lance is my favorite boy, he's so sweet, he has dark hair, tanned skin and amazing style, he’s also my crush, duh.

Lance lives in Delaware, his parents normally work twenty-four seven. So…he just stays in buffalo year-round and sees his parents every month.


I wake up, grab my suitcase, and start packing. It's December Twenty-first. We normally stay for about a week up there. I grab some old clothes and a sweater. My mom was packing up all the Christmas gifts, for Tarence, I got him a few Legos and trucks, he is about 6 years old, so I didn’t want to get anything big. For Mia I got her some makeup and a new purse, she is really girly so I felt as if that would be perfect for her. But for Lance, I got him this photo frame with a photo of us, and a few books.


My mom starts the car and I grab my suitcase and sprint out the door with leggings and a tank top on. I sit in the front seat and listen to Out of My League by Fitz and The Tantrums, thinking of Lance whilst I hum along to the melody. Putting my hand out the window and feeling the warm tropical air soon turn cold. I'm so happy to be going to New York. I love it there. It's like my second home, it fills me with happiness every time we go.

As we drive through the mountains, I can’t help but notice a small plane flying through the sky, I admire the rare pulchritude of the sky as we continue to drive on the highway.

A few hours later I wake up and we are driving through Maryland, I flutter my eyes, the sudden splash of sun on my face. It's around 4 pm and we have an hour and a half left.

When we arrived at the house, I saw my aunt’s car in the driveway. It finally felt like home, the feeling I've been waiting for.

We walked up to the back door and peered into the house; I saw Tarence sitting at the counter smiling at me. I smile and wave back, as usual. Dragging my huge suitcase inside, he peers over at me, “need help with that?” I think he got taller; I can’t tell though. “uhhhh.. I’m fine, but thanks!” I drag my suitcase up the stairs waiting for Mia to greet me and set up my new room.

The house smelled like rust. I admired the brick work wandering up the stairs, as usual Mia was there to greet me and grab my suitcase, “Hey Cuzzo,” she yanks me in for a big hug, nearly choking me. She squeals with delight as I follow her to my bedroom.

I see Lance waiting on my bed, he looks up at me and smiles, did he get cuter, or is that just me. my head was spinning. He looks up from his phone, his headphones still on his head, I can hear his music playing, he slides off the headphones and wanders over to me. He comes close and gives me a hug. My face is buried in his fluffy sweatshirt. I smile as he lets go, I stare up at his face, he smiles back at me leaning in, “I uh…need to get some stuff out of the car,” I sprint out of the room leaving him standing there.

I ran down the stairs, out the door, and into the car to grab his gift. I sprint back up to the bedroom, shove Lance onto my bed and jump on to him, “Hey!” He says grabbing my waist and fixing me up straight, “I got you a gift,” I hand him the gift, he opens, and I see his face lights up. He looks up at me and leans in for a hug.

We walk downstairs, his hand grasping mine, I look over at him and smile. Mia was staring at us, I have a feeling she knows but I’m not sure, “hey, wanna go get something to eat?” Lance glances at me, “oh, maybe tomorrow, I have a lot of homework I uh… need to finish,” I stuttered through the whole sentence.

I walk back up the stairs. I lay on my bed looking around the freshly painted walls and admiring the new sheets Mia has gotten me. I cuddle up in the blanket with my head under the sheets. I scroll through Instagram, looking at my photos, deleting some here and there.

“How's that homework?” Lance was knocking on my door, I peek out from under the covers and see him leaning against the doorway, “uhm, it’s fine…” I say, putting my head back under the sheets, “what's wrong?” he asks, I feel him coming closer to my bed. He sits down and starts to talk, he talks about how his parents haven’t seen him in a long time and how he's doing horrible in school, I giggle, poking my head out from my sheets, “come on I'm hungry,” he rips the sheets off and grabs me, “piggyback?” I ask with a pouting face, “fine...” He says. I stand on my bed and hop onto his back, he's about six three, so he's really tall.

We waddle down the stairs, his hands holding up my legs. He sets me down so I can put on shoes and a coat. We swing open the door, our legs getting buried in snow, we laugh as we start to walk along the sidewalk.

We make it to the coffee shop and order some donuts and hot chocolate, “so how's school?” I ask, blowing on my hot cocoa “Didn’t we already talk about it?” He takes a bite of his donut, “well. Yea” He glances over at a girl that walks in, my face drops, He stares back at me, “don’t worry,” he smiles and takes a sip of my hot cocoa, “ooooh!! That's good!”

We walk out of the cafe, strolling over to a nearby park, and we sit down at a bench. It’s about 9:30 pm. We talk about your hobbies and such. Lance then takes out his phone and starts playing Pink + White by Frank Ocean, grabbing my hand and dancing with me, we sing along to the lyrics, and we dance around the park. He holds my hands tight; he pulls me into his chest, his cologne getting splashed on my face, it smells nice. It smells like Lance.


The next morning, I woke up. I smell blueberry muffins my aunt always makes the second day we are there. I stumble out of bed, my suitcase on the ground sprawled out. I saw sparkles, sparkles is the family cat. Mia and I named him when we were little. I sit down and pet him. Next thing I knew Mia came into my room and handed me a muffin, “I'm assuming you and Lance are going to hang out all today...” She was right. But I pretended it was not true, “Maybe for a little, but I promise we can hang out today,” I smiled and started eating my muffin. Mia walked out sagging her shoulders.

Lance walked in and sat down, I got up and walked out of the room. Lance grabbed my hand, “I just sat down,” I ignored him and walked off.

I stomp down the stairs angrily, a frown appearing on my face, I hear heavy footsteps, “Lance just go away!!” I scream in his face; he rolls his eyes and walks back up the stairs. I feel a little ashamed of the way I've acted, but Lance needs to find someone new.

I walk back upstairs, “Lance, I told you to leave me,” he pulls me into a tight hug, tighter than ever, “what's wrong pookie bear?” he says in a laughing tone, I giggle as I wiggle out of his grip, we both burst out laughing, our heads in a frazzle, “im sorry Lance, I don’t know what happened to my...uh...love??” I can’t believe I said that, but it was too late. Lance stares at me, an awkward silence fills the room, “uhm, sorry,” Lance smiles at me and walks back to his room.

I slip into my bed, plug in my headphones and start to text Lani, Lani was my best friend since 1st grade. We spent every day together, exempt when I went up to see Mia and Tarence. I talk to her for a while about Lance, I can see his feet under my door spying on me, sooner or later I feel Lance knocking on my door, finally wanting to get in on the gossip. I opened the door and put Lani on speaker phone, “Omg she did what!?” Lance screams, I start bursting out laughing remembering when Lani came up the the house to spend the week with us, she was flirting with Lance the whole time, “I’m so surprised you didn’t notice!” I say smacking my knee, “Stop!!! Don’t spill my secrets to your boyfriend!!” Lani says, her voice scratching through the phone, “WHAT!!!” I scream, Lance Smile turns pale, and my face turns bright red.


The 3rd morning, I wake up to the sun beating on my face, the cold air seeping through the windows I go back to sleep, the warmth of my sheets feels so good on my cold skin.

I finally dragged my butt out of bed. I walk down the stairs to make some coffee, I glance over at the Christmas tree, the gifts marked with my aunt's beautiful handwriting, I think Mia and Lance went to go Christmas shopping.

I walk to the kitchen, grabbing some hot cocoa and putting it in the espresso machine. Ding dong…The doorbell! I jump up from the kitchen counter and sprint to the front door, the mailman is there to greet me, “hey kid, haven’t seen you in a while!” he chuckles as he hands me the box, “this is for Lance,” He hands me the package, this is so heavy…I thought, “have a good Christmas!” I say smiling and waving goodbye, “you too kid!” He jogs back to his car and waves.

I look down the sidewalk and see Lance and Mia holding tons of bags, I wave over at them, I see Mia looking down inside the bags, Lance waves back, Mia smacks his hand down and whispers something in his ear. My smile fades into a frown, are they keeping something from me?

Mia skips over to me and smiles, Lance follows quickly behind her, I had no emotion for the rest of the day, Lance didn’t even say hi, or smile at me.

Mia came into my bedroom and sat on my bed, I was on the ground doing homework, “so, I bet Lance told you, that…we are dating...?” Mia smiled down, my face dropped in horror, “Sorry cuzzie, I guess you just weren’t meant to be…” She grinned at me, I smacked her face hard, her pulchritude of a face soon turned ill favored.

She smacks me right back; we start some sort of cat fight. A little more tugging of hair, and smacking of faces, I soon see Lance coming into the room and breaking us apart. His face awestruck, he comes close to me and shoves Mia out of the room, “What did you say to her!?” Lance says putting his finger in Mia’s face, “I just told her our little secret,” She kisses his face, Lance had a horrified look flow across his face, “you little…” Lance says slamming the door in Mia’s face and strutting over to me, “you really think I would date that pile of trash?” Lance smiles at me, my red face was really noticeable because a few seconds later he pulled me in for a kiss. The kiss felt like it was out of a Disney movie, it was magical, that moment was incredible.

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