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Izumi Nakagawa. Friend of the rich snob Aneko Ito, the yoga nut Sara Suzuki, the party girl Eizan Odori, as well as to her secret lesbian Goth mistress, Koroko Meguro. Being the shy and reserved bookworm of the group, her standing with the other four childhood friends now college girls was not so good, especially with Koroko as Izumi and her had a very steamy lesbian moment before turning into a full on blackmail for the former. Desperate to be free from her goth Mistress' control, Izumi would agree to her newest order/dare: Seduce and sleep with their rich snob of a friend, Aneko Ito, so she can finally break free of her Mistress and start a relationship with her boy crush, Ryoku, once and for all. This is the story of how the shy and timid Izumi uses her smarts to become what is essentially a lesbian temptress, making any young woman that she wanted drop down to her knees and crawl around on all fours like a dog for her... Part of the 'Horniverse' narrative universe.

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Testing Boundaries

Sara was in her living room and streaming a yoga tutorial when it happened to her unexpectedly. As the young blonde woman sat her big round butt onto her dark blue exercise ball and bounced on it lightly, her friend and mildly autistic bookworm, Izumi Nakagawa would silently sneak up from behind and give Sara a big hug.

The hot blonde in pigtail hair thought nothing of it at first since she was also the touchy-feely type with her friends Aneko, Eizan, and Koroko as well and found that to be the most irritating thing about her, but the young woman would immediately whip her head back around in genuine surprise when she felt Izumi's left hand slide down into the front of her teal colored yoga pants as well as into the crotch of her rainbow colored panties.

"Z-Zumi!?" Sara said out with shock in her high-pitched voice, her left hand grasping at the young woman's wrist and squeezing hard on it.

Before she could say the next sentence aloud, however, the young blonde would groan out in immense pleasure just as the female yoga instructor on the flat screen television spoke. And what was said made her blush wildly and look down at her crotch just as it slipped in with relative ease.

"REALLY get into it, ladies!" Sara heard the video say shortly after Izumi pushed her left index and middle fingers deep into her womanhood, slowly pushing in and out shortly thereafter.

The young blonde didn't know why this was happening right now. One moment, she was warming up to some yoga exercises and was being aggressively fingered by her best friend in the next! But the many questions in Sara's mind began to disappear one by one as her young body was growing hotter and hotter from arousal. Mere seconds would pass before the blonde woman's lower body began to push into Izumi's fingers and force her even deeper into her now soaked womanhood. She wanted more of whatever this was.

"Oh my god..." Sara thought to herself as her gyrating body radiated an unimaginable heat from lust, the wet sounds coming from the crotch of her teal yoga pants only amplifying the sensation and making her feel dizzy.

"If Zumi keeps this up... She's gonna... S-She's gonna make me..."

"Cum, Sara. Cum in your panties like a good little slut." Izumi whispered tauntingly in the young blonde's left ear, causing her body to violently tremble with ecstasy in response.

The mildly autistic woman would smile with a sense of accomplishment on her face as she then rapidly rubbed aggressively on Sara's wet womanhood with the palm of her left hand, sending her over the orgasmic edge and making her climax so hard that she squirted clear juices out from her crotch of her teal yoga pants!

"OH MY GOD!!!" The hot blonde violently groaned out repeatedly with a moan of shocked pleasure, tilting her head down with a hung open mouth while also watching herself spray womanly juices out onto the dark blue exercise ball she sat on.

It was upon seeing her do this that Izumi immediately used her right hand to gently grasp Sara's neck and wrap it around her throat just as she continued to make her squirt clear juices out from her womanhood, tilting her head upward to have the young woman look into her brown eyes while also looking down at her beautiful blue ones.

"You look into my eyes when I make you cum, Sara." Izumi demanded softly as she applied pressure to the young blonde's neck just as she saw her moan with her mouth still wide open, causing her to gasp suddenly.

"Otherwise, this will be a one-time thing between you and I. And I know for a fact that you'll want more after this..."

Ever since saying that to her, Sara Suzuki's blue eyes would never leave Izumi's beautiful brown ones as she basically surrendered and allowed her best friend to work her smoking hot body up to a second more powerful orgasm! This time, though, the latter woman would squeeze tightly on her throat when the horny blonde was on the edge of her climax and took absolute pleasure in hearing her mangled up groans that she made in response to it. She would then make her squirt out more juices from her drenched womanhood once again, the orgasmic fluid being a creamy white color as well as hot & gooey to the touch this time around! And just when she thought things couldn't get any more arousing for her, the blonde's already dulled out mind was numbed even further when Izumi had shoved the soaked digits of her left hand into the horny woman's mouth and made her suck as well as taste her own womanly juices until they were clean of them. Never had Sara been handled and treated like that sexually, not even by any of her ex-boyfriends throughout the years whom she had sex with.

Being completely stunned by the ordeal as well as physically spent on energy, the young blonde woman watched on in absolute awe as Izumi proceeded to leave the small apartment without so much as a farewell to her. Now exhausted and breathing heavily from what was the best yoga session of her life, Sara would then look down at the dark blue exercise ball she sat her big round backside on as well as down at the matching colored yoga mat on the floor and seeing the wet mess clear juices mixed with the creamy white goodness that Izumi had made her spray out all over them both. And even though she knew that she was already on her way to go to college campus classes, Sara contemplated whether or not she should catch up to her friend and discuss possible reciprocation. She was now hooked, just like Koroko Meguro when it first happened to her, too.

Unbeknownst to her, though, Sara was just a test trial and a very successful one at that. She would be just one of the many women that Izumi had seduced into orgasming thanks to doing extensive research on lesbian seduction and successfully initiating the desired encounter at just the right time. She was now one step closer to being able to do the exact same kind of thing to their snobby rich and very heterosexual friend, Aneko Ito.

One week earlier...

It was the late afternoon when Izumi laid in her basic looking twin sized and stare up at the ceiling with anxiety written all over her face, reminiscing about how she was almost caught licking and sucking on Koroko's pussy when her mother was present in the home during their sleepover last night. Part of her was angry and betrayed at her goth Mistress as she made her do a lesbian act in her own home. The other part, however, was still reeling from the experience. Izumi found herself growing wet in her solid white thong panties the more she thought about what Koroko, her secret lesbian Mistress, had ordered her to do last night.

"Oh God, Mistress..." She moaned out softly as her left hand slid into the front of her damp panties and gently began rubbing the slit of her womanhood, remembering how slowly she had peeled off Koroko's lacy black thong panties.

"I love the sight of your tight, wet pussy..."

"And? What else do you love about tight my, wet pussy?" The horny young woman remembered her Mistress ask coyly as she sat on the living room couch, slightly parting her pale white legs and showing her bald womanhood to the visibly horny servant.

It was then that Izumi closed her eyes and stuck out her tongue as she lapped up at the air with it, imitating the oral sex that was performed on Koroko's womanhood the night before.

"I love the taste of your pussy, Mistress..." She would say to the ceiling as her left index and middle fingers pushed deep into her womanhood and made her groan so loud that her right hand slapped itself onto her mouth.

For ten minutes straight, Izumi would replay the intimate event of having to perform oral sex on Koroko when her single mother (who was heavily religious and strongly against homosexuality) went about cleaning and cooking in the one story house during the night. She was so wrapped up within her imagination that even the feelings of anxiety and fear from hearing her mother walk into the living room to clean up the place a little and just when her goth Mistress came inside of her mouth had returned as well. Luckily for Izumi, she was none the wiser to her and Koroko's lesbian relationship as they relaxed and watched a romantic comedy movie.

"Y-You almost ruined me, Mistress..." The horny young woman said out just as she achieved climax in the comfort on her bed, those exact words having been spoken to Koroko last once Izumi made her orgasm in her mouth.

"I... I hate it. I hate that I love this. That I love pleasing you like this..."

"Then you better hurry up and seduce Aneko for me, Zumi. Because until you do, I'll be coming over to your house every week so you can make me 'Cum' every week. And in the exact same way, too: On the couch and in the view of dear old mom. And for your sake, I hope that your religious mommy can stomach the sight of what she'll inevitably catch her daughter doing to another woman..." Izumi remembered the goth Mistress state eerily to her.

Even after her satisfying orgasm, that statement replayed in the young bookworm's mind over and over. For hours, she attempted to process it and figure out how to go about seducing their rich snob of a friend but to no avail. Izumi felt stuck in between a rock and a hard place. Refusal to obey Koroko would result in her releasing the video of Ryoku fondling her in class, which would result in him either being expelled, arrested, or both. But complying with her lesbian Mistress' demands would only lead to her escalating every desire to risky levels as well as the bookworm's mother eventually finding out about her lesbian endeavors, straining their already rocky relationship even further and possibly causing irreversible damage to it! For the first time in a while, Izumi truly was lost on what to do about a tricky situation, and this frustrated the young autistic woman to the point of tears.

"F*CK!" She groaned out quietly as she sat up on her bed, pulled her white skirt back up, and placed both of her hands on her head in an attempt to think.

After a few moments of uncertainty, anxiety, and worry flowing around in her head, Izumi would take a deep breath and calm herself down before getting up from her bed and grabbing her laptop. After doing so, the young bookworm would scour the internet and look up sexual dynamic after sexual dynamic between two women before eventually finding a commonality in them all.

"Blackmail..." Izumi said aloud to herself as she then applied that same word to her own situation before both of her brown eyes widened.

It was so obvious this whole time. Izumi was able to do every lesbian command that Koroko ordered her to due to having control over a specific situation that would yield a specific outcome! And the lack of power basically made her a slave in a sense. The young autistic woman could easily repel against her situation, but that would only ensure that the undesired outcome, which was public humiliation and losing the opportunity to date Ryoku, was guaranteed to happen. And her goth Mistress knew that. With this knowledge in mind, Izumi would go to college classes the very next day and set out to find another young woman who she didn't like all that much. That way, the young bookworm could test the powers of blackmailing someone with a clear conscience.

It was now the next day when Izumi Nakagawa attended her english class and sat in the back of the class as per usual, just like she did in math class. The young woman would scan the room in ernst, looking for anything to use against the other women in class once it was over. Fortunately for her, the autistic bookworm would find the perfect opportunity when she witnessed a young woman place her frilly backpack up onto her lap, reach over to her right side, and place her corresponding hand down onto the lap of the young man sitting next to her.

"Bingo..." Izumi thought to herself as she proceeded to reach into her purse, take out her smartphone, and start recording with it.

"What are you about to do, Isabelle Sanders?"

As she recorded the two young adults in secret, Izumi would watch on in absolute awe as the woman proceeded to unzip the man's pants and pull out her fully erect cock! The bookworm herself felt a wave of arousal rush all along her body before feeling her white thong panties getting damp with her womanly juices, seeing Isabelle basically give her classmate a handjob with her right hand. To make matters worse as well, Izumi wanted nothing more than to reach down and touch her womanhood to what she was witnessing with her beautiful brown eyes but knew she couldn't. The bookworm couldn't get off at the moment, at least not yet.

For what seemed like hours, Izumi recorded her female classmate jerking and tugging on the young man's girthy looking cock until it finally shot out white creamy goodness from the mushroom tip. Isabelle was so entranced by the exchange that she even leaned her face down into the young man's crotch as his girthy member continued to ejaculate semen from it, allowing a decent amount of it into her mouth and even swallowing some of the hot male goo.

"Who knew Isabelle Sanders, the most popular cheerleader in our college, was an even bigger whore than me..." The autistic bookworm thought as she stopped the recording and placed her smartphone back into her purse.

"Once class is over, you're all mine, Isabelle..."

The horny woman was now fixated on her female classmate after watching her sit back up and lick the young man's semen off of her lower lip with her tongue. Luckily for her as well, Izumi was undetected by Isabelle when she looked around in every direction and made sure nobody in the classroom saw anything. If only she did that sooner, the young woman wouldn't have been Izumi's first test subject to her blackmail experiment.

After the English class had ended, Izumi would tail Isabelle and the male classmate as they headed through the campus corridors and over to the women's locker room. Knowing that she was going in to retrieve her cheerleader uniform for practice later in the day, the bookworm would wait and watch from around a corner until the young man kissed Isabelle on the lips and left. It was then that she would follow the cheerleader into the locker room after her.

"Hey, Isabelle!" Izumi said with a gleeful tone of voice just as she saw her whip her body around to face her before rushing forward for a hug.

"ZUMI!!!" She shouted happily before kissing the young bookworm on the right cheek of her face and arousing the woman greatly.

"It's been so very long since I last seen you! I had so much fun with my family in the United States that I almost forgot about my Japanese friends, hehe!"

"Yeah..." Izumi responded plainly, doing her absolute best to hide the irritation she now felt for the young American brunette, also known as Isabelle Sanders.

"I missed you, too. Anyway, I need to talk with you about something important..."

"Can it wait? Because I REALLY wanna tell you about my adventures in the States before I get ready for cheerleader practice!"

As Isabelle began to ramble on about her family vacation, the bookworm grew increasingly frustrated with the young brunette woman to the point reaching into her white purse, pulled out her smartphone from within, and played the video in her face in Izumi saw her stop short of her speech. The young brunette woman would stand and stare in shocked awe as she saw none other than herself on the phone screen, giving her boyfriend the handjob, making him cum, and moving down into his lap to taste his seed with her mouth.

"H-How did you---

"If you don't want me to send this video out to your family, Isabelle, then you will do exactly as I tell you to." The bookworm threatened calmly to the now visibly frightened cheerleader.

For the young brunette woman, this moment began to feel like an eternity as she would then stare into the smug Izumi's brown eyes with betrayal in her own before finally conceding to the woman she thought was her friend. Isabelle was defeated, both mentally and emotionally.

"What do you want from me?" She asked with hopelessness in her tone of voice, the young bookworm smirking just enough for the defeated looking cheerleader not to notice.

"You want money? Or me to buy you something? If that's the case, then allow me to budget out---

"Take off your shorts and pull your panties down to your ankles, Isabelle." Izumi interrupted her rudely, causing an immense level of surprise to contort the young brunette's entire face.

"W-What!?" She asked with intense confusion in her voice before being startled by the autistic woman's sudden finger snapping.

"You're taking too long! Now you'll take off your shorts, pull your panties down to your ankles, and take off your shirt, or else this video will be---

"O-OKAY!" Isabelle interjected quickly as she hurried to remove her plain white short sleeve shirt and light blue short shorts before throwing them both down onto the brown tiled floor in frustration.

"You made your point, Izumi! Now stop trying to humiliate me, or I'll---

"No more talking from this point on, Isabelle!" Izumi interrupted the young brunette woman before motioning her to pull down her white spotted underwear to her ankles, which she soon did.

As she was now only dressed in her white socks as well as her gray, white, and blue sneakers, the visibly nervous Isabelle watched on as the autistic bookworm nonchalantly approached before stopping in front of her face. She then looked the nude woman up and down before placing her right hand onto the young brunette's medium-sized left breast, lightly squeezing on it before pulling and twisting the erect nipple.

"W-What are you---

"SHH!" Izumi interjected loudly as she relished the look of absolute shock on Isabelle's cute face before also seeing her eyes shut.

"Not another word or you won't get to cum..."

After hearing her say that, the young brunette was beside herself as she began to realize what on earth was happening to her. But before any protest could be mustered up into an action of any sort, both of Isabelle's legs started to buckle together upon feeling Izumi's left middle and ring fingers push themselves deep into her womanhood!

"HUH!?" The young brunette woman gasped out loud as both of her hands trembled lightly while also feeling a massive wave of arousal hit her body all at once.

Upon her probing fingers entering inside Isabelle's womanhood, Izumi was genuinely surprised when it gushed out clear fluids down onto the brown tiled floor below. It was a very interesting thing to her, given that the young brunette was straight as a pencil.

"For someone who's never been with a woman before, you sure are beyond soaking wet for one. Is there something you're not telling me, Ms. Sanders?" The bookworm stated in a taunting tone of voice as she slid her two fingers in and out of the whimpering young woman, seeing her shaking her head side to side rapidly in response and much to her delight.

"Good girl! Now, here's your reward for following instructions..."

Without giving her so much as a warning, Izumi proceeded to thrust her left hand back and forth aggressively against Isabelle's sloshing womanhood at lightning speed! She would then listen as if it were music to her ears as the young brunette wailed out at the top of her lungs in agonizing pleasure, begging continuously for her to not stop the relentless assault on her private area. And it wouldn't be long before the young bookworm made Isabelle orgasm.

"IZUMI!!!" The young brunette violently groaned out desperately before tilting her head down and seeing her womanhood spray out creamy white juices onto the brown tiled floor of the women's locker room like a water geyser.

Feeling as though her body had been completely sapped of energy, Isabelle would collapse down onto the floor and sat in her puddle on creamy goodness. The bookworm, on the other hand, had enough time to raise her smartphone up and take a picture of the exhausted looking woman before she could look up and her with a mixture of defeat as well as satisfaction in both her eyes and face.

"W-What... What did you just do to me?" Isabelle asked with a trembling voice, trying her very best to catch her breath and compose herself from what was the greatest orgasm she ever experienced.

"I made you into what I am. Isabelle. A slut. A dirty slut who likes it when women touch her, and this is just the start of it for you. You're going to cheerleader practice with this feeling, and when you get home, you'll will text me and we set up the next time we'll be doing this. My fingers in your pussy. And that will be our arrangement unless you want both the video as well as the picture I just took of you sent to your family. Yes?" Izumi stated at length, watched her now turned servant stare blankly up at her for a few moments before nodding in agreement.

"Y-Yes..." The young brunette responded with a trembling softness in her voice before noticing the annoyed look on the bookworm's face.

"You will address me as 'Mistress' from now on when we are in private. And you will be dressed only in those cute panties of yours as well..." Izumi stated sternly, smiling upon seeing her servant nod in agreement.

"Yes, Mistress. And these are my only pair, Mistress. Should I buy more for myself to wear for you, my Mistress?"

"You may." The bookworm answered to Isabelle before turning her back and facing the women's locker room door.

"Now, get your booty covered, Isabelle. Unless you like the idea of being caught naked by your cheerleader buddies or something of the sort, you hot slut..."

As she proceeded to leave the room and head home, the young brunette woman had caught a glimpse of Izumi's back from underneath her white skirt and was able to see her tan backside as well as the thin string of her pink thong panties. Isabelle couldn't help but blush wildly in the face, also noticing the wetness on her inner thighs as she walked away with an heir of confidence. The sheer fact that Izumi was wet with arousal from the intimate exchange the two of them had in the locker room together caused the young cheerleader to develop an attraction to the bookworm of a woman, the scorching heat from her own horniness that had finally died down lighting a fire within her bare chest once again. Isabelle Sanders was now addicted to Izumi Nakagawa.

Present Day...

Sara Suzuki drove to the college campus and searched high and low for her friend. Still reeling from the fingering that Izumi had given only 30 minutes prior, the young blonde managed to find her bookworm of a friend walking toward the women's locker room with a young brunette woman she had never seen before. Curious, she would then tail Izumi and enter the locker room shortly after seeing her and the mystery brunette go inside. Upon getting in, though, Sara would soon be visibly shocked to see Izumi kissing up on the neck of this young woman dressed in a cheerleader uniform with tight blue booty shorts before lifting up her right leg and slapping her left hand hard onto the corresponding cheek of the horny woman's large backside.

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