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Angel is half human and half timelady. Her mother was from Earth, while her father was from Gallifrey. She thought she was the last to survive but she found out there was the Doctor and another one. The other one was dead though. The Doctor and Angel had no idea what they meant to each other until later on. The more they were together the stronger the bond. They are the last two soulmates of Gallifrey and they have the strongest bond out of all the others in Gallifreyan history.

Fanfiction Série/ Doramas/Opéras de savon Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans.

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Hi I'm Angel and this is my story of how I met the Doctor. I didn't think I could meet someone like her and I hope I can find out the answers I've been searching for. I didn't tell her about me though. You see I'm not human I'm a time lady. I lived on Gallifrey but unfortunately it got taken over by these metal machines so my parents sent me away. I landed on Earth and was taken in by the adoption centre.

They thought I was a lost child but in actual fact my parents were dead and after some time I had to stay there when they realised there was no one left to find me. A year later I was adopted by these amazing parents and they had a son called Ryan. They were the best parents to me and Ryan protected me ever since they took me in. Even after our mother died and our father gave us up to his grandparents he still took care of me.

I was adopted by them at the age of 4 and lost my planet at the age of 3 so it took just one year. Then I started getting sick and was diagnosed with POTS. My mother was in fact human but my father was timelord. He had her as his companion even though that wasn't allowed and she became pregnant with me. I was born and there was no complications. My mother's POTS was fine on Gallifrey actually.

I didn't get symptoms till 4 because it took a bit of time for my body to realise I wasn't on Gallifrey. I had two hearts, the ability to heal and have an infinite lifeline except I never changed my face due to still being part human. Something I was glad about but because of my POTS symptoms I ended up fainting after healing since it made me tired. My whole family learnt about how I was an alien so I got the diagnosis from Grace.

She helped me a lot with adjusting and after I lost my parents again she took good care of me. I fainted less thanks to her and she took emergency salt with her in case plus some other things. She had an emergency pack in case I wasn't waking up. This also included smelling sticks which were awful and some water with salt in. I couldn't do exercise really besides slow walking.

Anything that raised my heart beat made me overheat and then I passed out because of it. My brother also has been helping me and he has catched me a lot in the past. I am so thankful to have him and my family. Anyway enough about me I should just move on to the story of how I met this amazing woman, so it started like this:

I woke up feeling refreshed and ready for the day ahead. I wasn't sure how today would be but I hoped it would be good. I gave myself a bit of time before getting up slowly. I checked the time to see it was 10:00 am. Me and our grandparents were going to help Ryan ride his bike again. He has dyspraxia which is a coordination condition. He tried to be grateful that he could at least get on a bike.

I can't due to my POTS and he said that when he can ride a bike he will help me. I would be sitting in front of him not doing anything but he will at least try to give me the feeling of what it's like to ride a bike. He loved showing me what the world had to offer and I was always appreciative of it even if it was small. To me it was important. I felt ok to stand but got up too fast. Luckily Ryan was nearby so caught me when I stumbled.

"You ok sis?" I looked up to see his worried expression.

"I'm ok, just a little dizzy but it will pass," I assured him.

He kept a hold me waiting until I was ok and made sure I made slow movements while I recovered. I thanked him as he went downstairs to get ready to go to the cliff. I got dressed being careful this time. When I was ready I made my way downstairs. I got to be ok with stairs now and it was rare for me to faint from them now just on occasions I did if I went down them too fast.

"Angel are you ready?" Grace asked, putting my emergency pack in her pocket.

"Yeah I'm ready," I replied.

I grabbed my jacket quickly and put my shoes on. We went outside once I was completely ready. Ryan didn't look too excited but he never did. He tried to seem happy though but I knew that it was frustrating for him so I didn't mind if he got upset about not being able to ride. Just because he might be able to doesn't mean it's easier for him. I tried my best to remind him of that but he still felt bad anyways.

"You think I can make it this time?" he questioned.

"Yeah of course, why?" I saw he had some doubts.

He didn't answer my question though and just shrugged before we continued to walk in silence. He had his arm around mine in case but made sure not to walk too fast. He got me over to my grandad which he still called Graham. He wasn't used to the idea after losing his other grandad but I was ok with him. Grandad made sure I sat down before turning back to Ryan.

"Can we go home, I don't think I can do this," he admitted.

I'm guessing that is why he asked me the question but I think one day he will nail this as long as he keeps trying.

"Who says you can't?" Grace asked.

"Me Nan, we keep trying this," he pointed out.

"We'll go on trying till it's done, now keep your eye on Grandad," she instructed.

"You mean Graham," he replied smartly.

"Keep your eye on Graham then," she sighed out.

"Three, two, one, go!" she gave him a push and he peddled unsteadily along the grass towards Graham.

He was getting further than the last time. I was really proud of him getting so far and he was still going until Graham decided to open his mouth like he always does which I think makes Ryan lose his focus on what he is doing.

"Go on Ryan, you're doing it, mate!" he shouted and then Ryan fell off.

I ran over to him with Grace to make sure he was ok but then realised I got up too quickly and blacked out for about a few minutes. My vision went normal again to see my worried family. I put a thumbs up to show I was ok. I stayed down until the dizziness passed and then Ryan helped me stand up slowly. We all sat on the cliff edge.

"I should be able to do it, it's just a coordination condition," he spoke annoyed.

"It's not your fault Ryan and I'm sure you can do it one day and it will just take longer than others," I assured him.

He nodded with a sad expression and our grandad mentioned about him having to get his bike alone before helping me up. I was confused but then they explained that Ryan threw it off the cliff while I was kind of unconscious. I turned back only once to see Ryan going carefully down the slope and looked till I no longer saw him. I paid my attention back to getting to the train.

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