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You, as the reader are placed in the shoes of 21 year old Lisa Crawford, a recent graduate from Liberty University, with a degree in Education and Public Health. In this interactive novel, lead Lisa to her happily ever after with a successful career in place. At the end of each chapter there will be a series of different decisions that will lead Lisa down a different path in each decision made. Over the course of the interactive Lisa will interact with 3 different guys that are her possible partners. Depending on what you choose then that determines how you meet each guy and at what point in the story. All guys have a happy ending with Lisa but you determine how that happens and with what man she ends up with. There is drama and enemies who will try and prevent Lisa from being happy, but the guys won’t let that happen. Help him protect what’s his in this interactive novel! Happy reading!

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Graduation, My Way

I opened my eyes and looked around, surveying my surroundings. Then I realized,

The Plane landed.

I was home, finally. smiling to myself I got out of my seat and gathered my backpack from underneath the seat in front of me.

once I found an opening in this bustling crowd of people, I got into the line and exited the plane. The crowd from the plane seperated into different directions as did I.

As I walked I could feel the similarity of my home state of Texas. The Dallas Airport was extremely busy.

I power walked through the crowd towards the exit of the termenals. I exited the gates and I saw someone who I havent seen in a while.

I saw my father, he hasn't changed, his dark brown hair was in its normal style, swept to the side, and his hazel eyes glimed with excitment. He was there waiting for me with my Uncle Logan. Dad was holding a sign that read;

'Welcome Home Princess,'

I giggled to myself. 'He out did himself again,' I thought, then a smile graced my face as I sprinted to him. "DAD!" I called, he locked eyes with me and his smile grew.

"Lisa," He called back lowering the sign and opening his arms. I gladly ran into them and hugged him.

"Hey Dad, I'm home." I said as I got a little tery eyed. Dad hugged me back. "Welcome home sweetie." Dad responded, we held our hug for a good 5 minutes before Dad finally let go.

I then turned to Uncle Logan, he smiled at me. I went over and hugged him. "Hey Uncle,"

Uncle Logan looks like Dad but Uncle Logan has dirty blonde hair. They are twins but you can so tell them apart.

"Lisa, welcome home." He said as he hugged me back.

He let me go and then we walked towards the baggage claim so that i can gather my suitcase.

"So," Dad began, "How was college?" "It was fun," I responded, he nodded and grabbed my suitcase when he saw it on the belt.

"Come, your mother is waiting for us back home." I smiled when Mom was mentioned, she was kind and gentle. She is such an angel,

I love my mom so much. She is my best friend and someone I can confine in with my problems and concerns.


It was a 3 hour long car ride from Dallas to my hometown of Abilene, Texas. Yes, I grew up in a small town. So you must know that word travels fast around these parts, it took us another 30 minutes to reach my house. it was located on a ranch, Dad pulled into our long graval driveway and i could see so many cars parked in the driveway.

"Dad," I said, "Yes dear?" He answered,"What's with all this?" I pointed out my window to all the cars in our driveway.

Dad smiled at me from the rearview mirror. "They are all of your friends from High school and all of your family. They are here to celebrate your achivement in graduating from college. Since most of them couldn't make it to your graduation ceremony a month ago." Dad explained, i was shocked. But I felt happy and special, all of these people where here to celebrate my achivement.

Dad parked the car and I got out, I walked to the door while Uncle Logan and Dad got my things out from the back of the car. My heart raced as I reached for the handel to the front door. But before I could grab it the door opened and it revealed my mother. Her usual bright smile graced her lips, her long brown hair was in a braid at the back of her head.

Her brown eyes gliemed with happiness and love. "Darling," She said, her voice as soft and gentle as ever. Mom pulled me into a loving embrace. I returned the hug, my racing heart calmed down while in the arms of my mother.

I am a carbon copy of Mom, we have the same brown hair, a similar personality, but I have dad's hazel eyes.

"Welcome home Darling," Mom said, then she kissed the top of my head. I smiled, "Thanks Mom, its good to be home." I reaponded, Mom then let me go. "Come inside, we have so many people here to see you." I nodded and Mom led me into the house, out of the foyer and into the livingroom.

In the livingroom I saw that there were ballons and streamers that were decorating the space congratulating me on my graduation.

I was then hugged by all my family, then I was tapped on the shoulder. I turned around and standing behind me was my best friend since 5th grade. Her ginger hair was in a messy bun, and her green eyes shown like emeralds.

"Melissa," I said happily, she smiled, "Hey bestie," she said then we hugged, "Its so good to see you," I said, "I know, its been soo long!" Melissa complained and then we laughed it out. I then noticed the rest of our friend group.

I smiled at them. "You all came!" I said excitedly, "Of course we did." Nicole my friend since 7th grade said.

"Well we have a surprise for you and so does your parents." Melissa said, I looked at her. "What kind of surprise?" I asked, "You can either come with the friend group and we will give you your surprise now, or you can stay here and get the surprise your parents have for you and we can reschegule our gift. It's your choice bestie."

I thought it over very hard and chose.

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