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Aria is an adventurous girl. She's 16 but has the mind of a kid. She's very imaginative and can go far into different worlds in her mind. But, sometimes you can't use your imagination can't get you everywhere.

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Adventure Time!

Here I am chasing my cat Melon, chasing an alien creature animal. I thought like all aliens, it would be cute. One of those ones that people say is so cute but to this one person he or she finds love cuteness and kindness in it. Well, that's what I thought. It wasn't ugly but it wasn't good-looking.

His legs were short and stubby. His arms were skinny and long. His stomach poked out like a baby's and his body was the color of a mid-day sky blue. My cat did something with its head, so I didn't know what his head looked like.

I wake up hearing my dads yells, not remembering anything after what I saw with the alien I found outside.

"Aria!" My dad yells.

"Huh?" I answer thinking he could hear me.

"Aria!" He yells again. I burst up, throw my slippers on, and rush downstairs.

"Yes, Dad, what's wrong!?" I say, shooting into the kitchen.

"Your cat threw up something again." He points to my cat standing in front of what looks like, "The head!" I rush to Melon and rub his head, "Good boy."

"Oh lord, what did you get into now?" He rubs his head thinking. "Dad, I found an alien last night. I thought it was a dream because I couldn't remember what happened after that. But, now, I know for sure that it wasn't." He stares at me.

"Hey, Aria, I have something important to tell you-" My phone starts ringing, "Just one sec', Dad,-" I hold a finger up.

"Hello, yeah, yeah I can come over." I hang up. "Can I go to Maya's house?"

"Hold on, missy. We're not done yet. I thought I told you to stay in the house last night?"

"Uhhh, I had to find Melon," I said.

"Melon always scratches on the window for us to let him in."

"I-- Dad I had to, or else I wouldn't have found the aliens." He slams his hand on the table. I jump.

"Those aren't aliens!" He says. "But dad what else would you call them?" I walk a step backward. "I have something to tell you, it's very important." he hesitates. "Those aren't aliens you found.- they are," He turns around quickly. He starts to choke and grab his heart. "Dad!" I rush to him. "Are you okay?" I say. "I'm fine. It's just some things I can't tell you until your seventeenth birthday." He says calmly, almost like he's giving up. "But, Dad, tomorrow is my birthday." What is he hiding from me? "If it makes you feel better midnight, April second's here." he laughs. "Just, when you come home, we have much to discuss." I shake my head, "OK."

I go upstairs and pack a bag. My phone rings.

"Aria where are you!" Maya yells over the phone.

"I'm getting ready, I'm packing a bag,"

"Oh, you better pack one big bag 'cause I got a story for you," she sings, "Oh, yeah, 'cause you better be ready for when I come and tell you what happened last night," I switch my phone to my other side, "OK see ya, wouldn't want to be ya." We hung up the phone.

"Dad, I leaving," I put my hand on the door nob when he says, "Hold it, missy, what's the bag for? Going on another adventure of the old disgusting moldy woods?" I turn to him in anger, "Dad, don't disrespect Mother Nature like that, she's a beauty, she told me that she has many forms and is a caring and respectful person. Just people like you always get her upset because of either how you don't believe in her or you just plain disrespect her, Dad."

"Really? She told you that?" He looks up at the ceiling. "She really is something else, isn't she?" Dad looks at me with a smile. "Dad, you know her, you believe?" I step closer to him. "I've always had a crush on her, but another guy came in the way." There was a big thunder outside. "She told me that, she said, 'I like who I like and that is the sky.' I never really knew who she was talking about." He steps closer, "Yup, just like there is a Mother Nature, there is a Father Sky." I walk up to Dad even closer, "Dad, so that's why, it's the cycle of life, The sky helps the land--earth, that's why she likes-" Dad grabs his chest, and falls, "Dad!" I scream. "Dad come on, what's wrong?" I start crying. "It's just--there's just a lot we have to talk about, but I can't right now. It has to be on your birthday." I help him up, "But, Dad, we can talk right-"

"I said I'm fine, now go to your friend's house, just make sure you come back."

"But, Dad-"


"Okay, I love you Dad, I said walking out the door."


Arriving at Maya's house I see her dogs. They run up to me and start barking. Maya's comes rushing to me, "Come here," She starts dragging me into her house.

"Oh, hey Aria, " her dad says to me. "Hey, Uncle Elijah," I greeted back. We start going upstairs.

We arrive in her room and sit on her bed.

"Okay, get a load of this, so, last night I was walking Deisel and Twilight, right? They started acting strangely and they ran. The lease came out of my hand, so I started chasing them. When I found them, eventually, they were sniffing and barking at some kind of alien. But his head wasn't on, 'like some kind of beast got ahold of him." He said, I gasped, "No way," I said.

"Yes, way. I came here and got a bag, and went back there and the alien was gone. I don't know if what bit his head off came back to finish the body or what?" She finished. "There's no way. You know that beast that ate the alien's head?"

"Uh, huh?"

"It was my cat."


"Yup, last night when I was chasing Melon, just playing with him, I heard him hissing, then I didn't hear anything. I went to find him, then when I did I saw him playing with his head, and then he started eating it. Then this morning, some how, I don't remember anything after the incident. Then dad called me earlier and was getting on me about him, when he was throwing up the alien head."

"I think we know what this means." Maya said seriously. "Oh Yeah!! Adventure Time!!!" We both say at the same time.

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