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Candy Bell gets a new job at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria as a side job since she’s currently struggling in terms of income. She, however, eventually finds two men—her new coworkers—that end up bringing love and lust into her world. [ THIS IS A FANFIC! NOTHING IS SUPPORTED IN THIS FANFIC UNLESS STATED OTHERWISE BY THE AUTHOR! ] [ I DO NOT OWN FNAF OR FIVE NIGHTS OF FLIRTING! ALL CHARACTERS ARE FROM THE REBORNICA AU EXCEPT MY OWN (CANDY BELL)! ] [ COVER IS ONLY TEMPORARY AND WILL BE REPLACED LATER ON! ]

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Chapter 1: Job Hunting

I sighed.

Work wasn’t getting me anywhere. I was still making minimum wage—which, considering tons of jobs, is a blessing in disguise, but it wasn’t enough to live off of—so I was scrolling through the local town’s newspaper to see if there were any online jobs I could do or if any nearby were desperate for employees.

Nothing much was listed, however…

Just my luck…

I kick back in my chair and cross my arms in a comfortable position behind my head and stare at the ceiling as I contemplate everything. Nothing has been going my way recently, yet I hesitate on this job that, in hindsight, isn’t even that hard?

I twitch my eyebrow, groan, and reopen the newspaper to the page I was looking at previously. I sipped some of my now-lukewarm coffee, feeling the bags under my eyes craving a sense of closure to all of this. I decided that—since we’re now in the digital age of smartphones and the Internet—I would look up some information on the place before I even began calling the number listed on the paper for an interview.

I knew about the place since I was a kid. I would continuously beg and plead for my parents to let me go have fun and enjoy the atmosphere of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. Eventually, my grandparents were the ones that gave in and planned a surprise party where they blindfolded me the whole time until we got there.

“What’s the surprise, Momma?!” I asked excitedly. My grandma always felt more like a parent in my eyes, so I couldn’t help but refer to her that way. My parents weren’t the nicest out of the bunch…

“You’ll see, dear!” I could hear in her voice that she was smiling.

That day…that was the day I saw..


The blindfold came off and I saw my grandpa sitting at one of the party tables! The other kids there were brought by their parents or grandparents, obviously personally invited by my Momma (Grandma).

A man wearing a yellow rabbit suit was standing in the corner near Foxy’s Pirate Cove, but no one seemed to really take an interest in him, so I shrugged it off and ran to be with the other kids at the table. “Thank you, Momma! Thank you, Papa!” I gave them both a kiss on the cheek and hugged them tightly. They were my entire world. Especially since my parents couldn’t be there for me.

I kick back. I need to stop remembering…

But it’s hard. It’s hard to not remember when it’s been burned into your brain to the point you can never forget—it’s horrifying. I could never forget what happened at that old pizzeria, and the fact it’s still around astounds me. It goes to show that things aren’t really paid attention to in the grand scheme of things, even by the police. I, however, will never overlook that fateful day where the yellow rabbit began to haunt every single one of my dreams. Even now, I still have them—it’s a consistent reminder that I could have done more to help those poor people..

“Hello, dear,” said my grandma in her tender, loving voice as she walked into my space and rested her hand on my shoulder. “Are you looking for another job, sweetie?” I nodded, to which she smiled. “You’ve always been a hard worker, y’know? You’ve made me and your grandpa very proud, Candy-cane!

I giggled. Candy-cane was a nickname I got from them when I was only a little munchkin.

“Awe, thanks, Momma,” I smiled. “I’m working extra hard! I need to be able to make ends meet, haha. It’s pretty difficult!” I sighed and let my grin falter, but my grandma lifted my chin to meet her eyes, her warm, brown irises staring into mine.

“Hon, don’t hesitate to ask for help, okay? We’re always here for you.”

I felt my heart melt. “I know, I know.” Then I continued, “But it would help you and Papa pay for the house, so I’m willing to do it!” I knew my grandma was smiling when I said that—I could tell she was proud of me, and it made me truly happy.

Should I really work the night shift at Freddy’s? Should I tell her?

The thoughts ran through my mind, but I ultimately decided I would settle that for another time. Right now, the love of my grandma was enough—there was no need to bring up the pizzeria and get her all worried about me. It would lessen my chances of working there. She knew what happened to those kids years ago, so for her to just take this lightly? That wasn’t going to happen.

I kissed her on the cheek and she pecked my forehead. “Well, did you schedule an interview with anyone?”

I shook my head. “Not so far, I’m still deciding whether or not this one is a good idea.” I didn’t explicitly tell her—I just wanted her to think it was like any other big-decision job. “I mean, the Peanut-Ring Casino is hiring, but I don’t really want to be around alcoholics and other types of weirdos.” She listened to me intently. I continued, clearing my throat, “But I think I found one that might suit me. It’s a night shift position at a restaurant arcade in town. They apparently have issues with break-ins? It’s pretty weird.”

“Jesus, well, I know you’ll catch those people! You’re wonderful, darling. You’ve always caught on to small details!” Her smile then softened. “Still, will you be safe..?”


“Of course!”

God damn…

The reassurance seemed to brighten her eyes, however, and she embraced me. She truly cared about me and my well-being... It made me extremely happy..

“Well, if you say so, dear!” Grandma started to pick something up off my bed—I believe it was something related to laundry—to throw into the hamper. “Oh! And don’t forget!” I looked her way, seeing her warm grin. “I’ll always love and appreciate you, hon.” And, with that, she shut the door, giving me time to think on this awfully hard decision.


I park my car in the parking lot around midnight, the cold air brushing against my face as i step outside my vehicle. The feeling of someone watching me was stronger than ever. Even so, I attempted to ignore it—it wasn’t worth my time or worry.

I step forward to take in the view of the pizzeria.

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