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a story from the famous Author the late Hans Christian Anderson, is about an Emperor that was subjected to vanity and was so rich that he cared so much about the clothes he wore than the people in the town's protection, as he did put money into getting soldiers and guards. Then came some weavers, but in all reality were swindlers that made clothing for the emperor that it was material that was invisible to the eye. Then as clothes where maid, it came time for the parade to start as the emperor wore the clothes that no one can see. The emperor with his new clothes, all the while the people in the city men, women and children saw the emperor wear the clothes as it took little boy by the name of Ronald and his sister Leah pointing out to everyone as the boy said to them, "The Emperor is naked," as that was how the emperor was walking the streets of the parade.

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Once lived an Emperor.

One time lived and Emperor that had a love, interest and liking of new clothing that he has spent every dime of his money on them. He never bothered on spending it on soldiers, either did he take any interest in going to a theatre. The only time the emperor had went anywhere was to show off and display to everyone the new clothing that he had worn. Having a different new suit every day, most kings in his position could find themselves sitting with council, but the emperor, however, would choose to sit in his wardrobe.

Things would change for the emperor as Two men that called themselves weavers had arrived in town to see the emperor. Now coming to the town, and seeing the emperor, one of them had said to him, "Thy emperor we're glad to pay you this visit, and to mention that we know how to weave the most beautiful colors and patterns of clothing, but there however, thy emperor, one should know," as the emperor said to him, "and what is that, that I myself should know weaver?" as the weaver said to him, "that the clothing from this wonderful cloth and material would be invisible to everyone who is not fit for such a task like mine, who was plain in character."

"This clothing in itself must be the most magnificent clothing!" thought the ever so vain Emperor. "If I for one had a suit like that, I would have to search for men in my kingdom who would be unsuitable for their own job, for I would tell any man rather they be wise, or foolish that I would need for this clothing to be woven for me this instant. Giving a large payment of money to the weavers, they got started right away on making the clothing.

Now setting up the two looms the pretended weavers did. They then got right to work diligently and in haste, but in all seriousness the men have done nothing. Both asking for the finest silk and the purest of gold thread, the two weavers both put the material in their knapsacks, the pretenders still continued to work on the nonexistent looms all the way tile the late night.

"I'm quite curious as to know how the weavers getting through with making my new clothing," said the emperor he thought and said to himself. Coming back to his remembrance of the very simpleton, or one unequipped for such a job would be incompetent to see the cloth, he started to have concerns about the clothing he's going to wear. The emperor being very sure, being safe he thought, he would rather send someone to bring him the news about the progress of the weavers, and the work they've done on the new material. All the people in the kingdom had heard of the wonderful and lovely clothing as all were very anxious to learn of either how wise or foolish their neighbors could be.

"I decided to send my ever so faithful old wise man to the weavers," finally said the emperor. "He would be ever so willing and able to observe how the clothing look. He is a man of knowledge, for no person can be well qualified for such a task as him.

The faithful old wise man went in the hall where he saw the good for nothing thieves were working with all their strength at their vain looms. "What is the meaning of all this I see?" the old man thought, with his eyes open in shock. "There is not one bit of thread on this loom," as he saw the weavers at work. "What purpose doth this serves? not seeing one thread?" said the old man, surprise and shocked at the same time. "I have a hard time searching for the least bit of thread coming from the looms," as he thought it and never said it out loud.

Working on the invisible cloth on the loom, the thieves who posed as weavers said, "come nearer to the looms." Then as one of the weavers came to it, the other weaver asked, "would this cloth be pleasing to the emperor?" as both took notice of the cloth. "Aren't the colors of this cloth beautiful," said the other weaver, all the time they looked at the empty frames. Making an observation of what was going on did the poor wise old man do, witnessing with his own eyes. Looking on he did not see nothing on the loom, for one reason and one reason only as it was a good one and that was the fact that there was nothing to see at all that is visible to the eye.

"What is this!" thought the old man again. "No way I could be that much of a fool? Never could I have thought to myself that I'm so, or can't it be so that I might be unsuitable for this job? neither the emperor shouldn't know that too. I would never say a word that I don't see anything.

"Well sir, you had never mention how pleased you are with the cloth," said the weaver still pretending to work.

"How excellent is this!" replied to the older wise man with his spectacles making a close observation of the loom. "Looking upon the pattern, and the colors of it, I say yes, for the emperor without any delay, tell him how beautiful I think it is."

"We must be obligated to you," said the thieves, as they went onto naming the many colors which are described in the pattern of the pretended stuff. The old wise man who kept on listening to the words the swindlers said, as he would have to report them the emperor. The thieves asked for more material of silk and gold saying that it was necessary for completing what they had already started. One more time the men have put in all that was given to them right in their knapsacks. The both of them put in more effort working harder than ever to the empty looms that showed nothing.

The emperor then sent forth another man from his court to see how the weavers were getting through with his clothing, he was more anxious and curious than ever before wanting to know if the clothes are ready to wear. It was the same task with this gentleman as was with the wise old man. He at first looked closer focusing his attention at the looms on every side. He saw nothing at all but empty frames.

"Doth not the clothes here appear beautiful to you, as it does to lord the wise man?" asked the thieves of the emperor's second advisor.

"I for one sir, am not that stupid!" thought the man. "Maybe the problem is, is that I am not good enough for the good job that I've done!" which is very odd I must say, as no one must know anything about it."

Even the clothes that he hath praised, he could not see it. Declaring that he was happy and satisfied with both colors and patterns. "I present to you your new Imperial your majesty," the swindler said to the emperor when he returned to him. "The clothing that the weavers are preparing for the emperor is extraordinarily and magnificent in its beauty." said weaver, seeing it.

The whole city has talked, after the news had come out of the splendid cloth, which was ordered by the emperor to be woven.

The emperor after waiting for so long after a long wait, had wished to finally see the costly material while is still remained in the loom. Taking many officers of the court along with two honest men who had already took a liking of the cloth. Soon as they saw the emperor coming, they proceeded onward to working in hast as ever before even though they still did not pass one single thread through the looms.

"No one couldn't deny that the work is absolutely magnificent?" said the two officers of the crown, already mentioned. "Your Majesty if only you would please view it for yourself!" isn't it a splendid design! What glorious color I have seen" all the while at the same time they then pointed to the empty frames; for they imagine every person could see the most exquisite piece of workmanship.

"How could this be?" said the emperor to himself. "I don't see a thing! This however is indeed a terrible affair! am I really a simpleton or am I plainly not good enough to be the emperor? which could be the worst thing that could happen, oh! the clothing is pretty charming," said the emperor out aloud, "this in itself has gotten my approval." Smiling most graciously, the emperor looked really close not see the empty looms. There was no way that he could say that he could not see what those two advisors had all the praise for. Everyone with the emperor now had to strain his or her eyes hoping and discovering something on the looms but could not see or notice anything like the others there. The emperor in no way could he not see with his eyes what the two of his advisors had admired, worshiped and praised that much. Everyone along with the emperor had started straining his or her eyes, hoping to find out something on the looms of itself, but have not seen as much as the other person.

They all of a sudden declared nevertheless, "Oh, how beautiful is this," as the advisors, advised his royal Majesty to now possess new clothes made from the fine material for the parade that has been planned yet to come. "Oh, how Magnificent! how charming! and how excellent!" called the people on every side. While everyone was very cheerful, the emperor was pleased. The emperor then presented the weavers with an emblem of an order of Knighthood. The one night before, the thieves sat up before the day in which the parade was to be taken place. Sixteen lights they have burned, as they might see how anxious everyone was, as they wanted to know when the emperor's new suit was going to be finished. They now pretend to roll the clothing off the looms. They then proceeded to cut nothing with their scissors and sewed with needles with no thread that is not seen with one's eyes. "See!" They cried out, at last.

"The emperor's new clothes are now prepared, for his Majesty to wear!"

Now with all the grandees of his court, the emperor came to the weavers. The thieves now raising their arm, they now acted like they were holding something up. "Here are the trousers of yours, your Majesty! here is the scarf! The entire suit is as light as a feather; one might fancy that one hath nothing on, as he dresses in it."

"Yes indeed!" all the courtiers said, although not of them couldn't see anything that is of a special cloth.

The emperor then got undress striping down until he wore nothing bare from head to toe for the fitting of the new clothes, as the thieves now pretended to put the non-existent clothing. The emperor appearing to have no clothing on, naked, turned around from side to side before the looking glass of the mirror.

"How Splendid and wonderful doth thy Majesty looks in his new clothes, and how well doth thy clothing fit him!" everyone said out loud. "What a lovely design! and how lovely are thy colors! this indeed is the royalist of robes!"

"I am now ready," said the emperor, as he appeared to be his very own handsome suit.

The lord of the bedchambers, the ones who have to carry the trainer of his Majesty. The trainer had fell about to the ground, as they had lifted up the very end of the mantle. Then they pretended to carry the make-believe mantel as they by no means want to appear to be fools, or ones that are not fit for their jobs.

Then as the Parade where the people all gathered, anxious to see the new clothes of the emperor, The emperor walked his high canopy in the midst of the procession, through the streets of his capital. The people that all attended the parade stood by, while those at the window cried out, "How beautiful and Magnificent are the train there to carry the mantel; and how gracefully the scarf hangs!" No in the crowd would even admit these admired clothes no one could see, for in doing so, he would have to say that he was some type of simpleton, or too unfit for his job.

"The emperor is naked, he's walking with no clothes on, and both his schlong and scrotum is showing," said a young child with his sister. "Yes, I could see the same thing too," said his sister. "Everyone out here listen to the voice of the little child!" said the children's father out loud. What the boy and his sister said was whispered from ear to ear amongst every man and woman in the crowd. "He hath no clothes on, and is naked," at last cried out everyone outside at the parade. The emperor now both embarrassed and upset, for he knew that the people were indeed right. He then bravely walked on, with his face now red knew that the procession must go on now! even though the men in the crowd looked on in great shock as the women looked on in admiration as everyone looked upon the emperor's nakedness and both laughed and pointed, as the emperor's privates are now seen by everyone both his schlong and scrotum and the bareness of his chiseled buttock. The Lord of the trainers, even though in all reality, knew there was no trainer to hold went along with it, looked at the emperor's buttocks and giggled to, as the emperor walked continued to walk on naked for all to see.

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