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It’s the year 3104 after the fall of the Old Civilization, and the System called William. He has to reach the Inner Castle and discover the fate he must overcome. Should he doubt and reject his mission and the System will terminate him, as it always does with disobedient subjects. Will he survive the journey and change the course of history?

Post-apocalyptique Interdit aux moins de 21 ans.

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The Blind Way

The moment William watched the amazing lightning, he asked himself if he was prepared for the changes that were arising. He was a thirty-year-old soldier whom the DEA System had called, or as it was known, the Dominions of Earth Analysis System. He knew what it meant, yet it sounded like fantasy to him. The message demanded something from him that wouldn’t fit quite well in his aristocratic, moneymaker, and stubborn family. Sure, he was rich, and the opportunities awaited him as prostitutes sought their bread every day, but those things now appeared to be meaningless, useless for the purpose of his caller. He accepted without much hesitation; something in his heart made him trust what he listened to as if he had been expecting the call all his life. Still, he didn’t know how to reach the Inner Castle, but he had to figure it out at all costs, for there dwelled the answers to his operation.

Therefore, before his family members realized the call he had received, he departed to the Valley of Silence, the only clue the DEA System gave to him. His homeland, Ur-Gamun, was one of the seventeen cities that compound the Ur-Blashen Country, an island that was very important in the society, thanks to its strategic position in the Caribbean Sea. In the past, the island housed two nations that in ancient times were in conflict, but later figured out how to live together in the same territory. That was before the activation of the DEA System, one thousand sixty-nine years ago. After the initiation, the island became Ur-Blashen, the "prototype city" in whose likeness the rest of the cities on Earth had to become. Since then, Ur-Blashen has become famous for the strong presence of the DEA System units, especially the test grounds of the mechanical and combined armies.

In that land, William was born, and he was proud, as any young man should be. They were the first engineers to be chosen for the analysts’ jobs in the DEA Headquarters, and so, the pride of the Ur-Blashens had no end. Even though, there was one single task that nobody, not even the Ur-Blashens, liked to help with: the call mission. All Earth citizens knew what it meant, and anybody wanted to be in those shoes: he who was called, had the responsibility to fulfill a mission, a fate, as it was known, that the DEA System would assign especially for that person, considering his behavior and his abilities. Most of the time, the fate was very… unpleasant to comply with, but essential for the subsistence of the System, and in consequence, the maintenance of modern society´s pace.

William doesn’t know the details of his mission; nobody does until the Inner Castle is visited. Only then you would know the fate you have to overcome, and you would be given the strength to fulfill the task. The call has a burden only the brave ones were meant to deal with, and of course, the families of those folks weren’t quite happy with the assignment. That’s why William left his home: he wouldn’t give explanations; he wouldn’t listen to reasons. It was a call of duty, and he wouldn’t run away. With this in mind, William marched toward the frontier of Ur-Gamun, in order to reach the Holy Wilds, the plains that separate Ur-Gamun from the Valley of Silence.

“William? What are you doing so late? It’s going to rain, go to your home”.

“Sorry, old John, I have something to do in the early morning, so I have to go now”, he said to the man of seventy years old, whose grey hair fell up to his shoulders, hiding the long scar that a wolf of the Wilds did him.

“Are you sure about this? The Wilds aren’t safe at this hour”.

“I know, I know, but I must. It's… urgent”, William answered with a bit of annoyance. He was aware that the DEA System didn’t protect The Wilds in the same way as it did with the human cities. That management was a response to global warming, and thanks to the Conservation Protocol, the beauty and health of the planet were quickly restored, five hundred years ago.

“Well, it’s up to you. I already have an idea of what are you up to. You have so much haste... But don’t worry, I’ll be discrete”.

“It’s the last we can do for the System. Now, if I may”.

“Of course”.

The delay caused by that talk was quickly forgotten. Now in the Holy Wilds, even at night, its glorious proportions were difficult to hide: the green grass illuminated by the full moon, the fresh air that perfumed the whole area; the song of the crickets and the lights of the fireflies were the charms that distracted William from his military rush. Still, the storm was close, and nobody knew how much time would have to pass before the tempest flooded the land with its terrific power. The hurricane was predicted to arrive on Friday, but the influence of its winds was already felt across Ur-Gamun. That was one of the reasons why William was so urged: once the rainstorm had touched the earth, it would be impossible to get to the Valley of Silence. He had to continue no matter the obstacle, for the honor of his family, and his neck, were at risk: should he fail in his mission the System would terminate him, as it always does with disobedient subjects. And this wasn't going to be his last day.

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