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Nicholas goes to Water Mountain for deployment. There he meets Joel, Maria, Ester and his old friend. During the first couple days there the rapture happens. Nicholas and his group didn't get raptured. So they escape. Read this book to find out what awaits them in their adventure.

Action Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans.

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Journal Entry: A Beginning to an End

“Wake up!” The drill sergeant yelled.

Everyone quickly got up, got their military gear and left.

My team followed our drill instructor. I talked with my friend, Adam. I met him during the first day of boot camp. His short hair is black as obsidian and his eyes are green like mine.

He is a bit taller than me. He is also a year older than me.

“How do you feel about the fact that this is our last day of boot camp, Nicholas?” Adam asked.

“Happy, it's what I've been waiting for. What about you?” I asked Adam.

“It's definitely going to feel weird. I gotten used to getting yelled by a drill instructor.” Adam added.

That made me chuckle.

We were going to do simulated casualties today. The goal of the event is for each fire team to maneuver across the area with all casualties and gear intact. During the event drill instructors designate certain recruits as casualties if they fail to conceal themselves during their approach. I had to help with transporting one casualty. I did well at doing so.

Later we moved into the woods. Me and my squad had to navigate a series of obstacles as a team. Some people had difficulties but we eventually got through it.

After a while it was time for Core Values. Core Values are sessions when we share personal stories. Some people talked about how the marines impacted them, changed them, and ect.

As day two winds down all that stands between me becoming a marine and becoming officially a marine is a nine-mile hike to the parade deck.

We sang songs as we walked back.

Then it was time to have the Graduation ceremony. It was beautiful. I felt so honored that I could be one of the people graduating. I got my eagle globe and anchor emblem. That will be something I will never want to lose.

After the ceremony Mom and Dad came to talk to me.

“We are so proud of you son.” Dad brought out.

“You’re like our little soldier.” Mom mentioned.

“Mom. I’m not a child.” I stated.

“You will always be my child.” Mom insisted.

“So how was boot camp?” Dad asked.

“It was really hard. It’s physically and mentally demanding. After every day of boot camp I just wanted to go straight to sleep.” I revealed.

“That sucks.” Mom commented.

“At least you get a ten day break now.” Dad said.

“Then I have School of Infantry.” I added.

“You can tell us about it in the car.” Dad said.

We drove home.

When we walked in our tiny modern house the lights were turned off. But they were turned back on. People jumped out. Some hid behind counters and the sofa.

“Surprise!” They yelled.

“I did not expect to have a surprise party.” I commented.

“We just wanted to congratulate you on becoming a marine.” Mom added.

“Aww, thank you all.” I said.

“Let’s party!” Dad yelled.

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