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An adventure to an hunted house, Adina follows her friends on a summer break adventure or rather a death venture

Horreur Horreur Adolescente Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans.

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Banjis home

Summer time in LA and school was on vacation , every kid in LA had already started planning their summer except from adina a young girl in her Early 16 , she's averaged in height , has a very unique sky blue eyes and a black short hair

Adina lives with her aunt , Ava who isn't married and has no kids

Adina, Ava Called her

What are u doing in my room , she asked her aunt ava

Ava sat on Adina's bed and was holding a dildo in her hands it was long thick and black , Ava looked at adina and asked what she was doing with it

Adina couldn't say a word so she just stood there looking at her aunt

I won't ask this question again adina , what are you doing with this , you stupid cunt , ava screamed

Nothing , adina replied in a low tone

Ava was already angry cause she didn't understand why this was in Adina's room , at Least she can get her self a boyfriend rather than using this , what are you doing with this adina , ava asked the same question again and again she kept on screaming asking the question

I am a lesbian that's why, adina said in a loud voice interrupting Ava

Ava was surprised and also not surprised at same time,

The house went silent for a while , Ava and adina just stood in the room looking at each other , a loud horn from a car outside disrupted their death glare

It was Adina's bestfriend Mia, hey adina got no plans dis summer, she said from inside dey car

After hearing this adina quickly got some of her stuffs and her dildo , she took few clothes and stuffed them in a small bag as she stormed out of the house

Adina adina where do you think you are going to , ava screamed while following her from behind

Adina said nothing till she got to the car, at Least I would be away from you for some while , she said

Adina if that car drives away do not come back to my house , ava said

The car drove off , adina did not even turn back to look at her aunt

After a long drive adina decided to ask her friend where she was taking her to

We are going to banjis house , mia replied with a smirk on her face

The banji? I thought the house was locked and prohibited to people

Nobody has to know , mia said

But that is trespassing , look I just had a fight with my aunt she found out , Adina said

Oh my God , she found out that you are a fucking lesbian we are going to have a party mia said with excitement

They drove out of town , very far from Adina's house and city , they finally arrived at their destination

The so called banjis house was located under the popular Pasadena's "sucide bridge "

History has it that this bridge was created in 1913 and recorded it's first sucide jump in 1919

Adina wasn't so cool about this but if it meant she would be away from her aunt and be with friends she was ready to take the risk

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