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It was the summer break after Johnny died and Dally doesn’t know how to cope with it. Could a certain red head help him? Read “Cruel Summer” to find out. ⚠️warning if you’re uncomfortable with mentions of suicidal thoughts.

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Fever dream high (Cherry)

Marcia told me there was gonna be a party at Bucks tonight. I didnt know if I wanted to go. Ever since the incidents like the deaths and the rumble, everyone has been just one comunity. It was strange, but it felt right. This would be the first greaser/soc party. I figured Dallas would probably be there since hes always hanging around bucks. I turned back to my conversation with Marcia "yeah, ill be there". I got into a light blue dress that went up to my knees. I didn't intend to meet guys or drink, I was just there to have a good time with my best friend, Marcia. I got there, my heels clunking on the steps as I walked. I knocked and buck opened the door. "Another chick" buck growled "welcome in..." he extended his arm into the house where I saw people dancing and drinking and making out. I started to question 'why am I here?!'. I was just sitting there for a while, holding a drink that some random person gave me. I looked around 'I dont know anybody here... should I just leave?' I was waiting for Marcia for almost an hour sitting in the same spot. I started to wonder if Dally was here. I went up to buck, "whatdaya need sweetheart?" buck growled "Is Dally here?" I asked in a small voice. "hes upstairs" buck pointed up the stairs, "thanks" I said and walked up the stairs slowley. I heard banging and yelling behind one of the doors, the rest were dark and quiet. I walked up to the door and knocked "Dally?... are you in there?..." I asked a little scared. He open the door quickley, he was shirtless with sweat all over his face. "a-are you ok..?" my voice trembled when I saw his face, he looked terrible, completely out of shape. "Yeah...Im fine, Red. Whadaya want?" he said with a sour face and ran his hand over his face to wipe away the sweat. "uhh, nothing, I just wanted to see how you were doing,...and I dont know anybody at the party downstairs" I chuckled nervously. "Come in" Dally said and opened the door wider to let me come in. I hesitated for a minute, but then slowley walked in. There were clothes and beer cans trashed around the room everywhere! Even some blood on the carpet and on the bed sheets. "D-dally...are you doing okay?" I stammered. "Im fine, Red, why?" he threw his arms up and I saw deep cuts on both of his wrists. "DALLY!!!!" I screamed, "have you been cutting yourself??!!" I asked really worridly for him as I grabed his wrists to get a better look. He jerked his wrists away from my hands "No! I just had an accident with my switch blade..." he lied...I could see right past his eyes, I was so scared for him. I could tell he was just about to cry right in front of me, then he did. He gave in and started sobbing "what does it matter anymore?...Johnnys dead! and theres no reason for me to live. screw this goddamned town, this goddamned fucked up town! I hate It here, too much has happened. I dont know why I moved here in the first place, and maybe if I didnt, I wouldnt know johnny, or the gang, and I wouldnt be greving over all this shit! I dont know what to do with myelf anymore..." He sobbed and sniffed. I was so suprised by everything he said. I never knew how much he cared for Johnny. A couple tears rolled down my face silently, my mouth slightly a gape. I walked towards him slowly and embraced him. Thats when I started sobbing too, "Dally, Im so sorry,...I dont even think theres anything I can say to you to make you feel better right now except..." I look into his eyes, "I love you. I care about you, so please dont do this to yourself!" I sobbed before continuing "So if youre not living for you, or anyone else, could you atleast live for me?" I said in a small quietier voice. He had tears in his eyes as I spoke. He cupped my face in his hands, and kissed me passionatly. My arms wrapped around his neck and kissed him deaper. His lips gently but passionatly brushed across mine. His arms wrapped around my waist tightly, as his mouth moved to my neck and I let out a whimper "Dally," I said breathlessly "will you live for me?". "Youre the only person left for me to care about, Cherry, I love you." He said in his hot, deep voice that I love. I smiled "I love you too" and I continued kissing him.

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