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Cherry Valance gets abused by her boyfriend, Bob Sheldon. She hasn’t told anyone, except Dallas Winston. Dallas is the only one who understands her. After Cherry and Dallas share a kiss in the breakfast parlor, they begin to have an understanding for each other. What will happen if Bob finds out Cherry told Dallas about the abuse, and what if he finds out their secretly seeing each other behind Bobs back? Read “blueberry pancakes” to find out. ⚠️warning: if you are uncomfortable with abuse, I recommend not reading this fic. Ty😘

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Breakfast parlor (Cherry)

Bob was drunk, again. So I decided to go to the breakfast parlor to get some pancakes. As I got there and they seated me, I was sitting alone, again. I always go here when bobs drunk to take my mind off him and question my life decisions. I was sitting there fiddling with my fork, when the waitress came up to me "ready to order?" she said as she sighed from the long days shes obviously had. "yes, ill have the blueberry pancakes with whip cream and syrup on the side, please." I said as politely as posible. "alrightly, anything else?" she asked looking at her note pad. "no, thats all, thanks" I smiled and she went off to the next table. As I watched her walk away, I noticed who she was serving at the next table, two words, Dallas Winston. I rolled my eyes, 'Of course he was flirting with the waitress,' I thought. 'Was I feeling jelousy? no, couldn't be, hes dallas winston, the toughest guy in town. Hes only goes for sluts, I hope he dont think im a slut'. I was snapped out of my daze when dallas winson was walking towards my table with a stupid smirk on his face. "Hey, Red. Whatdaya doing here?" he said sitting down next to me in my booth with a cigarette in his mouth. "Get lost, hood." I snared under my breath. "what'd you say to me?" he asked with irritaion in his tone. I didn't answer and turned away with my arms crossed. "goddamn" he cursed as he flicked his used cigarette to the back of my head. My jaw dropped at his childish action. "You bitch!" I yelled and splashed my water in his face. "The fuck, Cherry! I jus wanna talk to ya" he yelled back. I ran to the bathroom to cry. I looked at myself in the mirror and saw my makeup start to run. I put my face in my hands and sobbed, "I hate that son of a bitch!" I pounded my fist on the counter. I cleaned up my face and peaked my head through the door to see if he was gone. All I saw was the waitress cleaning the water I spilled on Dallas. I walked out silently and sat back down at my booth. Then I realize that Dallas is still here, hes sitting silently at his booth having a smoke. The waitress comes with two trays of pancakes and sets one at Dallas' table and the other at mine. I start poking at my pancakes. I couldn't seem to get Dallas outta my head. 'I mean, hes kinda cute' one side of the head thought, but the other disagreed, 'Are you joking? hes a greaser! A total rebel, you could never fall in love with him!'. I sighed looking down at my plate, when I looked up, Dallas Winston was walking towards my booth. He looked at me then sighed and looked down, "im sorry" he looked back into my eyes "can I sit with ya?". I listen to my gut, and nod slowley. He gets his pancakes from his table and sets them on my table. I can't help but notice he also ordered blueberry pancakes. He sighs before he starts talking, "first off, im sorry, I was bein and asshole, and you have valid points if you refuse to forgive me..." Dallas looked at me with really sorry eyes, I couldn't resist. "I forgive you..." I say in a low whisper. He gave a slight smile, but I knew he had more to say. "Cherry..." he took my hand in his, "why havent you been at school lately?". I froze. My hand was dead frozen in his. I looked him straight in his eyes, and lied to him. "umm, ive been sick with that cold thats been going around...". He ran his fingers through my hair and said "Cherry, I can be sincere if I wanted to, and I know somethings going on with you..." "Im fine Dallas!" I yelled and he looked at the marks on my arms as I stood up. "Cherry!..." he grabbed my arms to have a closer look and looked straight into my eyes again, "Who did this to you?!" he yelled. I jerked my arms away from him, "No one! I did it to myself!" I lied again. He grabbed me by the shoulders "Cherry... dont lie to me. Who... did this... to you?!" he said gentler and more comforting. I closed my eyes and sighed before sobbing. "It was Bob... he beats me when hes drunk..." I let out a loud sob before continuing "hes a real bitch sometimes and... I wanna breakup with him..." I snifle, "but he wont let me. He grabs my arms...and sqeazes and hits until I give in and try to pretend nothing happened..." I stared back in his eyes and I could feel my mascara running. He gives me a hug, and I cant help but think it feels so right. "im gonna beat up that son of a bitch for ya" Dallas sobbed, I never in my life thought id live to see the day where dallas winston crys. I started crying too. "Have you told anyone else about it?" he asks. "If I did, hed beat me up again..." I still had tears in my eyes, and in that moment, I just wanted to stay in Dallas Winstons arms forever. We both released our grip from the hug, and looked in each others eyes. In that moment, we did the unthinkable, we both leaned in for a kiss. As our lips met, it was so comforting. His lips were soft, warm, and sweet....sweet, I thought of that for a minute trying to figure out the sweet taste. Sweet like blueberry pancakes.

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