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Clothes shopping with Lee gets steamy when she begins to throw in light exhibitionism into our outing... This is an Erotic Fan Fiction story based on 'LeeAnn Star' who is Content Creator on 'X' (Formely Twitter). Please support her work as enthusiastically as you would mine ❤️

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Dressing & Undressing

In an unexpected turn of events, 'LeeAnn Star' (who I will refer to as 'Lee' throughout the story), one of my favorite content creators, actually agreed to fly me out to her state for one week to hang out! As a young guy in this day and age, that's a rarity for a woman as beautiful as her to do for a male fan. But you won't EVER hear me complain about taking up a sex woman's offer to be flown out by airplane on what felt like a date. Unfortunately for me, though, it actually wasn't.

Lee was an 'Only Fans' gal, and while that wasn't a bad thing in the sense of her profession, it was for my hopes of getting anything physical like a kiss or something of that nature. However, my favorite creator would do something so unexpected that I thought for sure that she and I would get into trouble for what we did. But Lee and I got away with it.

In the afternoon hours, Lee and I would go to the mall and enter a 'Victoria Secret'. I could still remember the giddiness all over her face as she walked into the store in her blue stiletto heels. As for myself, my eyes would be glued to that phat, juicy booty of hers that jiggled and swayed around as she moved forward, in some cases getting weird looks from other women from my constant staring. And Lee knew that I admired her body like that, so much so that she would let the back of her mid thigh high blue dress shoot up as she walked to the dress section and allowed me to see her matching colored g-string thong. So f**king hot.

"THERE!" She yelled out excitedly upon spotting a beautiful black & blue dress and snatching it off the rack while also jiggling her big butt around in front of me, making my heart race like mad.

"I REALLY like this one! Imma head into the fitting room, babe. Wait over there on the bench while I get this off me..."

"Kay." I replied casually before turning around, walking to the wooden bench across the section, and sat my backside down onto it.

As I watched Lee step into the dressing room to change dresses after handing me her purse, I first looked down at my shoe covered feet before turning my gaze back up at the dressing room again. However, my face turned bright red with arousal when I saw that the blue curtain had NOT then pulled across the entrance, and to my delight, my eyes got to see my favorite content creator slowly take off her beautiful blue dress. My manhood began to throb in my pants, the sight of her large breasts being completely free of a bra and her pointy nipples exposed for me to ogle over. And the best part, it appeared that Lee was none the wiser to the fact that the curtain to the dressing room was not closed and almost by reflex, I immediately took out my smartphone and began recording her jusy as she moved to take off her panties. However, that's when it all started.

Right as I saw her underwear fall down onto the floor and around her ankles, Lee would suddenly look up and over at me with a shocked facial expression from inside the dressing room, causing me to nearly drop my phone! I then immediately assumed that I was in big trouble as I expected her to shut the curtain quickly, get dressed, and scold me for what I was doing. But that was my imagination and definitely not the reality that would play out for me.

"You dirty boy." I saw Lee mouth over to me before biting down on her lower lip as she would then slowly run both hands all along her now completely naked and sexy body.

"I bet you wanna see me touch myself, do you? Well..."

As I continued to record when I was seeing Lee do to herself with my smartphone, I couldn't have been more in awe even if I wanted to be. The beautiful naked woman's left and right hands moved all along her silky, smooth looking body as if they were my own, caressing her breasts, butt, and womanhood with each of them. However, the index & middle fingers of her right hand would waste zero time and slip into her intimate part while also making a moaning face to my camera! And the fact that a little bit of drool exited out of her mouth to hand from her lower lip made the sight of Lee fingering herself so much hotter.

"OH YEAH!" She mouthed over to me, my mind making it sound as if she shouted it over for the entire store to hear.


It was too much for me now. Lee was now masturbating her womanhood to orgasm for the camera of my smartphone and in public. And to make matters worse, I wanted to do the same and touch myself to climax as well! But I knew I couldn't reach into my pants, pull out my cock, and start stroking it. Being the big brain young man that I was, though, I placed Lee's purse on top of my lap in a horizontal position and used the palm of my free hand to rub the tip of my manhood over my pants to achieve climax, all while I continued to record my favorite content creator trying to do the exact same.

"I'm gonna cum..." She mouthed out over to me twice before her left hand shot up to her face, slapped onto her mouth and her upper body hunched over forward as she had came with a vengeance.

As soon as I saw her do that, I came in my pants. My entire body jolted and shivered where I sat, savoring the fact that Lee and I got off in public together and without anybody in the 'Victoria Secret' noticing. After we both came down from our orgasms and regained composure, she would shut the curtain and get dressed in the beautiful black & blue dress that was taken off from the clothes rack earlier. After she came out of the dressing room and with her left hand behind her back, Lee would motion me over herself with a 'Come Hither' gesture while smiling deviously.And after doing so, she leaned her face forward and stopped near my left ear.

"A gift." Lee whispered to me before making a kissing sound with her luscious lips, feeling her left hand rustling around in my right pants pocket.

I then watched on in heart pounding arousal as Lee did a seductive about-face with her entire and walked back into dressing room, my manhood growing erect upon seeing her big nude butt being flashed to me all the while. After seeing the curtain close shut again as well, I would put both hands into the pockets of my pants before letting out a sigh of yearning. However, my eyes widened as I felt a different kind of fabric on my right hand in the corresponding pocket of my pants! As I pulled my hand out and opened it, too, I began to feel lightheaded from the sudden increase in arousal from my eyes seeing a pair of damp blue g-string thong panties resting in my palm.

"Lee is so f**king hot..." I thought to myself.

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Natalia Courtney Natalia Courtney
That was really good. I liked how you worded everything and it was put together really well. Good job!
April 02, 2024, 14:31

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