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ON HOLD- When you grow up in Kinglsey your only goal is to get out.. leave as quickly as you can. No matter how. But I have my bestfriends. It's always been us three. But when feelings come to light will they all be able to handle the situation. If one falls will they all? Or maybe someone better will come along? MxFxM MxF Trigger Warning ⚠️ Mature Content 🚫🔞

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Ava's Pov - 13 years old

Why is this my life? Why me? What did I do?
I'm the child, not the goddamn parent! It's unfair and I hate it!
I push through the front door into my horrible little 'home' which is basically a one bedroom basement apartment. Just me and my so called crazy ass mother.

You have the boys..

I do! They're all I need. What would I do without them. Keegan and Cameron..
I love them both immeasurable, it's always been us three since we were five years old and I really don't want anything to change. Yet it is. Drastically..
"Muuuum! I'm back!" I call out through the darkness locking up the door before walking down the stairs. I hold my breath hoping that she's in a good mood. Hopefully she isn't off with the fairy's again. Will she take her meds.. No. So, I'm stuck with her until.. I have no idea at this point.
"Where the hell have you been!?" She asks looking me over in the dimly lit open space. Great she's drunk..
"School, obviously mum.. I'm hungry" I tell her dropping my bag on the beat up chair that I'd love to burn one day.
"You left me.. and.. and.. went to fucking school? You know they're watching us.. you! Are you crazy Ava!?" The way she started off all innocent then blew up on me.. I sigh heavily clenching my jaw wanting to run far, far away. From here.. from her.
"Yes mother. I need an education at the very least. Godsake. Just go sit over there and relax OK. I'll make dinner" I tell her and she scoffs crossing her arms..

Here we go..

"You don't need shit Ava! You need to listen to me.. They're coming OK. I can hear them everywhere, they're planning something" she says looking over her shoulder and screaming something unintelligible before storming over to the other chair and picking up her drink. Great..
Dropping my head back, I count to ten and breathe out slowly before moving over to the bedroom with my school bag.
"You just.. just.. STOP! STOP!" She suddenly yells out and I already know she's not talking to me..

Yeah same shit, different day..

"I'm going out mum, I'll be back later, I think" I tell her pulling my coat on and she just waves me off staring at the box TV and whispering over her shoulder.
Shaking my head as I sigh, I pull out my little phone Keegan got me and head up the stairs texting the boys to see if they're done too.
I unlock the front door and swing it open to see them walking towards my house.
"Hey Kee. Hey Cam" I call out pushing my phone back into my coat pocket shutting the door behind me and locking it back up.
"What took you so long cupcake?" Keegan asks grabbing my hand and dragging me down the street towards our spot.. the park. I sigh shaking my head.
"Usual shit Kee, I need out ASAP. All of us do!" I tell him seriously as I feel Cam link his fingers with mine making me smile. We've done this for as long as I can remember. He doesn't like to talk much but that's just him. Cam holding my hand is alot for him too. He's not one for touching anyone so when he reaches out, I grab it and hold on because I know he needs it. Needs me. Yet recently when he does it, I get a crazy rush of butterflies and I start to feel my face heat up. Oh god.
"We will cupcake, don't you worry about that" Keegan says wrapping his arm over my shoulder pulling me in and I smile biting the inside of my cheek as I lean into him. Is it weird that I get the exact same feeling with him too..
Kee needs me just as much as Cam does. I need them both just as much too.

"OK soo, we're we staying tonight?" I ask looking between them as I swing a little on the swing set in-between them. I get lost looking at Keegan's peircing green eyes as they glow at me through the darkness with his short dark brown hair and naturally tanned skin, he's just.. beautiful.. If I think this now.. Damn it!
Then I turn to see Cam with his bright blue eyes suddenly fixed on me and I know his jet black hair is a little longer hiding behind his hoodie yet still equally beautiful.

This can't be happening..

"Don't mind" Cam murmured and I nod knowing he'd rather stay anywhere than his so called home.
We rarely stay apart now days as well. Between my mums schizophrenia, Keegan's lack of a parent and Cameron's consistent abuse. It's best we stay together as much as possible. But it's not always that easy.
He suddenly shakes his head, putting it down as he continues to rock on the swing. We NEVER stay at his uncles house. Cam doesn't let us. I hate when he has no choice though. I can never go to sleep with what could be happening to him. All I can think about is him and praying that he's OK. He never is..
"Well no one's at mine cupcake" Kee says and I nod. Nothing knew there, his mum flies in drops of multiple bombs for a couple weeks then leaves for months at a time. No contact.
"We have to go school though, it's our only way out Kee. You know this" I tell him honestly and he sighs shaking his head. He hates school, always has. Yet he's smart as hell.
"Well, it's either one of your two's. Obviously. Choose before he changes his mind" Cam says from beside me and a shiver runs through me. I HATE his uncle!
"My house, just so I can check on my mum" I tell them rolling my eyes and they both nod. They're understanding. It's her mental health, it's not her fault. Yet it doesn't stop me from feeling and being neglected. She chose not to continue the help herself and not take her meds. Not me!
"At least it's the last week of school. Then we're out for abit. It's gotta be better than this" I say jumping off the swing and looking around the isolated park. Alcohol bottles and needles all over. The shit kids have to see is a joke. We need out!
"Four years and we're gone" Cam whispers grabbing my hand and I give it a little squeeze. He needs out more than all of us.
"I promise.. I'll get us out. I'll get you out" I hear Kee say and I take in his words. They wouldn't leave me here.
"One day boys.." I whisper more to myself hoping and praying that we can get out together. Kingsley isn't the place to live. Ever!
Kee links my other fingers and we make our way back to my house hoping my mum's just chilled. Please..

Creeping down the stairs hoping to find her asleep when I hear another voice come from the living area and sigh hanging my head. Great.. her alcoholic friend no doubt has joined the crazy den.
Kee squeezes my hand offering me support like he always does as we walk into them.
I try just pulling them along straight to the bedroom to get away from them but clearly my mother has other ideas..
"Ava! Where have you been?" She questions me looking between us all, she smiles at the boys like she always does before scowling back at me. You can't fool my boys mother.
"Out, I told you earlier. We're back now anyways" I tell her turning on my heel to walk away but she tsks at me making me bite the inside of my cheek. Goddammit! I turn and look back to her.
"And you're all staying here.. again?" She questions flicking the ash from her cigarette before tilting her head to the side.
"Yes mum, can we just go?" I ask her hoping to be left alone.
"Don't speak to your mother like that!" Some man I've never seen spits at me and I raise my brows at him surprised, but I feel Kee and Cam pull me behind them.
"Aww look at them, coming to her defence. Stupid little twats" he grunts and stubs out his cigarette a little to hard before standing and swaying.. a lot.
How much has he drank? Jeez.
Doing a quick scan around the room and there's multiple empty bottles laying around and he's just looking the boys over clenching his fists. No, no, no!
"Leave them be Gary" mum tells him and he waves her off not taking his eyes from us.
"You're a brat, plain and simple" he accuses like he knows me.
"Don't speak to Ava like that!" Kee warns him and I can feel him shaking as he grips my hand tighter.
As tall as Kee and Cam are, they're only fourteen, he's at least in his thirties. Yet, he's scrawny and pathetic. I have faith in my boys!
"Or fucking what? Shut the fuck up!" He spits towards Kee and I pull on Keegan's hand to try calm him down. He gets way to angry when it comes to me.
"Gary!" My mum yells standing up and pulling on his arm.
"Leave the kids alone, have a hit of this instead. You need it" my mum tries to reason handing him a pipe and I refrain from rolling my eyes and wishing that we just went to Keegan's instead.
"You need to be taught a lesson you little shit!" he growls at Kee stepping forward towards us and I try pull Keegan back but he lets go off my hand and grabs something from his pocket and everything suddenly goes crazy..
I'm pushed back away by both of the boys and I see them both holding blades. Oh shit!
"Kee, Cam.. I'm OK, we can just leave and go to yours" I say to them trying to de-escalate the situation but Gary suddenly lunges at them off balance and I watch as Kee swing his hand at a disorientated Gary slicing his chest and I see the blood trickle. Oh god.
"YOU FUCKINGGG... YOU.. YOU..." He stammers and swings his arm making Kee duck and Gary wobbles on his drunken legs trying to go for Cam now but Cams to quick.
"Muuuum! Sort your friend!" I yell at her looking between the boys praying they don't get hurt. I wouldn't be able to handle it.
"Gary! Gary! Fucking pack it in!" my mum yells at him trying to grab at him but he back hands her sending her drunken self backwards as she screams louder. This isn't working. Shit! Do something Ava.
I run over to the kitchen and grab the biggest knife I can find in this shitty place and move back over to them.
"STOP! GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM THEM!" I demand raising my voice holding the knife tightly in my grasp ready to use it if I have to. If he comes at me it's going in his fucking throat.
"AVA! NOOOO!" My mum screams from the floor holding her face trying to pull herself up.
Gary sets his sights on me and I can feel my heart pounding in my chest like it's ready to burst out.
The closer he gets I lift my arm ready to use it but he's suddenly dropping to his knee's as I see the boys behind him and they instantly put there knifes into either side of his neck. I stand there completely frozen as I watch the blood squirt out of him and I grip the knife tighter when I see my mum coming closer.
"What did you fucking do?" She wails dropping towards him and I'm shocked even more. He was going to attack me and she's more concerned over him. The boys yank out their knives and in an instant they're at my side holding me. I just stand there.. unsure.. frozen They just.. just..

They saved you! God knows what he would of done to you!

I blink a few times as my mother's sobbing brings me back and I drop the knife to the floor and wrap each arm around my boys.

They saved me.

It's been a little while since what happened and it took me a long time to settle my mother. My boys.. did just killed her 'friend' after all. She wanted to call an ambulance. I focused real quick then. I wasn't about to let that happen. He was already dead anyways. Ambulance ment police. Not like they'd even care anyways. Just another murder in Kingsley.. just another day in the cesspit. But we needed a plan. Mum was fuming and wanted her friend back. That wasn't going to happen either way. He was gone and I wasn't about to loose mine. Everyone knows she's 'crazy' what's another voice, another delusion.. Either.. she's lying.. or she did it. I love my boys more than anyone. I'm about to show that too. I can live without my mother. I can't live without them. I won't.
"Cupcake?" Keegan says coming over to me as I stare at the bloodied body still on the floor.
"Hmm" I say dragging my eyes up to see his beautiful green ones. Troubled but still bright.
"Are you OK?" He asks reaching for my hand and I shrug unsure before he pulls me into his arms and wraps me up tightly as I hear him breathing me in. Smelling my coconut fragrant hair. It weirdly makes me smile. Yet that isn't the first time he's done that either.
"We need a plan.. a story.. something Kee. You're not.." I stop and shake my head against his chest as I hold him tighter, squeezing my eyes shut not being able to say the words to him. They just can't.
"I'm not going anywhere, cupcake. I'd never leave you.. we'd never leave you" he whispers into my hair and pulls back a little to look down at me.
"We'll sort it. I know a guy" he says and I raise my brows up at him.
"Unless you wanna carry him out?" He asks amusement shining in his eyes and I shove his shoulder not in the mood for his jokes.
"Very funny, he's not really that big though" I say and he nods.
"Crackheads normally aren't" he mumbles turning as Cam walks over.
"Cam?" I whipser peeking around at him as Kee steps back and Cam looks at me like he's fighting with himself. I can see his mind going crazy in his eyes. See.. now, Kee, I totally get. He has that violent streak in him to do anything and not bat an eye. It's just how he's always been. Even when we were little he was always getting into fights. That hasn't changed. But Cam, he's quiet, reserved. I wasn't expecting that from him. Not that it changes anything.
He suddenly wraps his arms around me and holds me as tight as Kee did, but he repeatedly whispers how sorry he is. That he didn't want me to see that side of him. But he couldn't let Gary hurt me.
"It's OK Cam, you don't need to apologise" I tell him as I squeeze him to me.
"He was gonna hurt you Ava.. I couldn't let that happen.. ever" he says quietly as he looks down at me and I smile up at him.
"He's on his way" Keegan says walking back to us and I raise my brow at him.
"Who?" I ask and he smirks that cocky grin of his that makes the butterflies swarm happily. Godsake!
"His uncle" Cam whispers in my ear and I feel him shiver at his words. I hate it. All of our lives are shit but we have eachother and that's all that matters.
I hear my mum muttering nonsense to the space next to her like she's talking to someone. Sighing I look back to the boys.
"If I have to choose between you two and her.. There is no competition" I tell them and run my hand through my long wavy hair. Let's get this over with.

But one things for sure. I know that they'd always keep me safe. They'd never hurt me.

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