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Paul tries to live his life peacefully, without problems or distractions, but all that changes when his wife is kidnapped. Now he must do everything possible to recover her and stop the people behind everything.

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The kidnapping.

I never understood why in life there should be people with so much hatred or envy. What I am about to tell happened to me; I am a married man and I have a beautiful 6 year old girl called Emma, ​​my wife is Rose, and I am Paul. I am a businessman and I give credits to the people who need it most, I am not the owner, I do not have the best position, but I am a good employee who fulfills his purposes. I will never be able to forget what those guys did to me, I almost lost my family because of their ego. It all started one spring afternoon, the day was sunny and we had taken our daughter to the park, since one of her friends was celebrating her birthday there, but I had a feeling that things were not going well, I felt that something was about to happen, since Everything was very calm, the children were playing with their parents, others had brought their toys and others their pets, but this still smelled very bad to me. My relationship with Rose was declining a little since a few days ago we received a letter telling us that they were going to evict us from our house if we did not pay what was owed, there were only arguments between us, and nothing more; I have never raised my hand to try to hit her, since I always saw that as very unmanly, my respect for her was very high, and I even less wanted to lose her for something so stupid.
From one moment to the next I received a call, it was a man who told me that something was about to happen to me, that if I didn't give him what he wanted, he would take away what I loved most in this world, my look became terrifying, But I still got up the courage and told him that I wouldn't do any of that, and that he shouldn't mess with me because I would never get what I wanted. The only thing he responded was that he was making a serious mistake and then he cut the call. Rose approaches me and tells me that they had sent her a message from the bank, they were asking for the money she owed for 2 years, this caused an argument between us, I told her that I was already thinking about how to fix that issue, but she was It got tired of me telling him that every day. She took our daughter by the arm and gently told her that it was time to go home. She began to walk away. I called her but she didn't want to turn around, until suddenly I saw a black truck approaching at full speed. I yelled at Rose to try to get her attention, but she still didn't want to hear me. Unfortunately, I saw how those people stopped in front of her and grabbed her. I started running as fast as possible. I heard her scream and call me, but these guys were faster than me. I was so close, I tried to catch the person who put Rose into the truck, but he hit me, he told me that if I didn't do what they wanted they would kill her, Emma luckily stayed by my side, what hurt me was that she They were going to take Rose, I got frustrated and angry. My phone rings again, it was the guy from before who told me that if I didn't give him what he wanted, he would be able to kill my wife, and if I didn't understand that, they would go after my daughter, I couldn't let them do that , so I just chose to give them what they asked for.
—Go back to your house and wait for my call— said the voice behind the phone and quickly hung up without being able to respond. Everyone saw what happened, several came up to ask me if I was okay, one of them was a friend of the family, I asked him just one thing, that he take care of Emma, ​​since I wouldn't know how to explain what had just happened. She was scared and crying for her mother, I gave her a big hug and told her that she shouldn't worry about anything, that I would go look for her mother, Henry's wife, Susie arrived along with her daughter Samantha, I looked at them both and I told them that I was going to rescue Rose, that they would be doing me a huge favor by taking care of Emma
—Take the girls to the car— Henry asked his wife. Then he looked at me and said —. If you need anything, call this number— I thanked him and then left. What hurt me the most were two things, leaving my daughter and not being able to prevent Rose from being taken away, now was the right time to be able to get what I needed most, and nothing would prevent me from getting Rose back, even if it was the last thing I make. That same night after arriving home, I immediately received a call from that guy, I decided to talk quickly before he does it first.
—If they touch a single hair of Rose, I will take care of murdering them myself.
—Don't worry about that. If you do things right, she will live at the end of the day—then he went on to give me details —The first thing I want you to do is infiltrate the police department. There are some files there that are dated 06-12-2015.
—And what is that file about? But instead of answering, he told me to do that and Rose would come back to me safely.
I knew it wouldn't be easy, but I had to do it, before hanging up he told me to check my mailbox, that there he was going to see some papers so that I can enter the station, I did what he told me and there I saw some false documents, apparently he was already inside the offices, he just had to wait until the next day to enter.
That night I couldn't sleep very well, since I was thinking about her and her condition, I imagined her very scared, not knowing what to do, poor Rose, what did I get her into?

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Pablo E. Arnau No seré un gran novelista, no seré un estupendo literario, pero de algo estoy seguro, se siente tan bien darle vida a lo que se esconde dentro de mí mente

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