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Jaden Elliot Cromwell is a bastard. A son of a bitch. Probably the worst of them all. But even with all his flaws, he's hers. If she was poison, he was ready to take it all and die for her. Lilian Eve Madison is perfect. She has the best grades, the best friends, and goes to the best parties. But that is until the night comes when they're together. Only then can she forget what perfection is all about and be with her sinner.

Romance Romance jeune adulte Tout public.

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"If you continue to be like this, I'll just leave you know?"

I feel his grip tighter around my throat the minute I end up saying those words.

"What did you just say to me, Lilian?"

I giggle and spread my legs wider to feel him against me. I hear him gasp in response.

"I should have tied your legs", I hear him grumble in a whisper.

"Yes, you probably should".

He attacks my mouth, taking my breath away and all I can do is feel. He kisses me like he's angry and can't wait to take it out on me. And I'm thrilled to be on this side of this anger. And all I wanted was to be in this moment forever. But I knew that tomorrow everything was about to change.

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