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Planet Sirk, a planet full of acrobatic experts and Duovo Witch casters known as the 'Nahati Race'. Being the aerial professionals and spell binders that they are, though, it would come as a shock to the world when Emily Benoit, famous daughter of the Trapeze group known as 'Benoit Four', tragically lost her life in a performance stunt gone wrong. Even though she had indeed died from her injuries and was pronounced dead on the scene that very same day, the deceased young woman would somehow get right back up and finish the Carnival show, much to the audience's and the entire world's horror! Now dawning the nickname of "Fanm Mouri," the young undead woman proceeds to live life stuck at the age of 21 years old... For two decades. This depressing life would lead to the planet moving on without her and for it to change dramatically in the process... Part of the SARTAM universe as well as a standalone story.

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So much time had passed for the entirety of Planet Sirk and the Nahati race, but not for me, Fanm Mouri also formely known as 'Emily Benoit'. I "died" many years ago in a trapeze mishap where I naively assumed that I could pull off four midair somersaults like I had during done the circus rehearsals so many times before. But when the time came to impress the crowd of attendees with my purely original stunt, though, my anxiety had gotten the best of me and caused me to miss the crucial grab, the end result being myself falling hundreds of feet down to the cold hard ground, and supposedly dying on impact. The circus crowd, as well as my performer mother, father, and older brother, witnessed all of it before the death of Emily Benoit of the 'Benoit Four' had gone global.

But that was when the people of Planet Sirk would lose all of their collective minds as I awoke from what felt to me like a short blackout. Though the bones in each of my arms and legs were definitely broken, I felt zero pain when I moved them around and eventually worked to snap all of them back into place! My skin tone, which was originally a milk chocolate brown kind of color, had changed to a fair shade of green as well! However, this unorthodox miracle would then frighten everyone near me as they assumed that I was what was referred to as a 'Duovo Witch'.

In the early days of the Nahati Race, Duovo magic was considered evil and malicious as it had only been used to harm the innocent. So when the scientists of Sirk had begun studying my undead body to get very concrete answers as to how I was up and about, even they came to the conclusion that my life was a Duovo spell of some sort!

My body's nervous system was turned off, with no way for me to feel any physical pain whatsoever. The scientists also discovered that each of my limps can move after being separated, my arms and legs immediately wanting to return to reattach themselves to me again. But this, as well as even more saddening knowledge, had only made my life even harder going forward. My undead body could no longer age as it had been in the perpetual state of appearing like a 21 year old. I couldn't continue on with college anymore since I was a literal freakshow, and many fans of the Benoit Four would stop watching my trapeze routine due to my newfound recklessness courtesy of my immortal body. All I thought in my extremely depressed state of mind was to run away from home and abandoning my father, mother, and big brother without saying a word to them, go to the town's nearby cemetery, dig myself 6 feet deep into the dirt, and sleep there for what felt to me like 20 minutes. In reality, though, it was actually 20 long years.

In the present time, I found myself wanting to go back to my home and apologize for leaving my family in the way that I did, only to return to a disheveled home stained with dried blood blood all over the ceiling, floors, and walls. Every single room had it as well: the living room, the kitchen, bathrooms, all bedrooms, including my own. But when I made it to my parent's master bedroom and entered their closet, I was met with the most traumatizing sight that would etch itself into my mind forever more.

Lying on the closet floor in a pile of body parts was the severed heads on my dad, mom, and older brother. Their eyes seem to have been removed, with each of their facial expressions locked in the form of a silent scream. The entire floor was also drenched in wet blue blood as I fell down onto my bare knees into it before sobbing out of my glowing orange eyes. Someone had murdered them, and I wasn't there.

"This is my fault... This is all my fault..." I repeated tearfully to myself out loud, hitting myself in the forehead with my right hand and feeling absolutely no pain whatsoever.

While I couldn't feel physical pain, I was able to feel it emotionally. Twenty years of being gone from my family and my decision to leave led to their deaths. I should've never left them. This was all my fault. At least, that was what I assumed until looking up and seeing something written in dry blue blood on the closet wall. It was a painted message that was written blue blood as well as in the Sirk language: Nahati Celroe.

"Po yo te tèlman bon gou, men li pa t ase. Nou bezwen plis." It read out to me, my mind immediately going to the Manjè Po gang and how they write their messages in graffiti.

I was beyond terrified now. My family was not only murdered but they were also cannibalized! Racked with guilt as well as fear, I immediately ran out of my decrepit household and out into the neighborhood streets in tears, only to soon realize the horrid reality of where I was now. I was deep in Manjè Po gang territory. My lovely hometown of Cité Loseli had transformed into a gang ridden hellscape, with tons of graffiti, corpses, and destruction as far as my glowing orange eyes could see. I was in 'Lanfè', the Nahati Celroe word for 'Hell'.

"WHERE AM I!?" I would shout out very loudly into the gloomy daytime sky in an extreme rage, not giving a fout about who would possibly hear it.

That would prove to be a grave mistake on my part, with no pun intended. Right after screaming at the top of my undead lungs, the sound of tires screeching could be heard by my ears before I looked down and saw a very ricketu looking pickup truck speeding its way toward me! To make matters far worse, there were not only male gang members but also female ones as well, each of them brandishing various BBQ tools like meat tenderizer and large two prong forks. They were definitely Manjè Po.

"Gen youn! Ann kenbe l epi sove l pou manje midi ak dine!" A young man in the back of the pickup truck and in the Sirkian language, causing me to panic before breaking out into a full sprint in the opposite direction of the oncoming vehicle.

He would then jump off of the pickup truck and stand there with a menacing stare at me, licking his lips while a raggedy looking woman lept off the back of the idle vehicle as well. She and him would both lick the sides of their mouth while looking over at me before brandishing their meat forks and tenderizers. It was obvious to me what they wanted: Me.

"Well, well, well. If it isn't Fanm Mouri, the undead Duovo Witch. From the looks of you, it seems that you've been taking a dirt nap. A twenty year long one at that..." The young raggedy looking man said out loud, spinning his large meat tenderizer in his right hand.

"Ya got that right, Cyril!" The woman would say shortly afterward, constantly tossing her meat fork into her left and right hands while smiling deviously at me.

"And I can't wait to chain the green b*tch up, strip her clothing off, and gnaw on her breast meat. My favorite part of the female body..."

"Mine too, Cindy. Mine, too. Especially after getting to taste the breast meat of Edeline Benoit..." Cyril had replied to the raggedy looking woman before he and her broke out into a full sprint toward me, with their blue bloody BBQ utensils swinging around in each of their respective arms as they ran.

(What happened to my hometown of Cité Loseli?)

(How did the Manjè Po take over and kill my family?)

(What do I do now?)

These three questions would circulate in my undead head while I desperately ran away from the pursuing male and female cannibals, completely unsure of my fate with each step I took to escape Cyril and Cindy trying to capture me. I had very little time to grieve at the fact that my mother was eaten, possibly alive, by those two cannibals who were chasing me. To make my already hostile situation so much worse, the pickup truck full of men and women would rev up its engine and speed up after me as well.

"I really am in hell..."

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